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1993, Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, ISBN 031578637X
A microencapsulation system involving coextrusion of a 75:25 HEMA/MMA copolymer with aqueous core solution was modified so that Cytodex$\sp{\rm TM}$ 2 dextran... 
Cellular biology | Biomedical research
1994, Canadian theses, ISBN 0315963514
In order to develop a requisite islet bank for the clinical implementation of an intraperitoneally injectable bioartificial endocrine pancreas,... 
Surgery | Animals | Anatomy & physiology
1994, Canadian theses, ISBN 9780315963153
Early development of several species involves segregation of cytoplasmic components into different regions of the egg. In Xenopus zygotes, a 30$\sp\circ$... 
Cellular biology | Zoology
1993, Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, ISBN 0315834307
An attempt has been made to improve the impact toughness of wood fibre polypropylene composites through resin modification with the use of two impact... 
Materials science
2006, ISBN 9780754650324
What sort of a thing is a philosophical problem? By what criterion of identity do we decide that this is the same problem as that? How do we tell whether... 
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