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, french novelist, playwright, journalist, literary critic, political activist, and philosopher, and one of the most influential intellectuals of the twentieth century (1) 1
, spanish philosopher and novelist ‐ many years at harvard university (1) 1
aesthetic contemplation is an induced dream (1) 1
ambiguous concept of aesthetic education referring not to an education in the fine arts but to his interest in an ideal humanity that can be achieved only through beauty and art (1) 1
edward william said, literary and cultural theorist (1) 1
ferdinand de saussure, french theorist and professor of linguistics at university of geneva (1) 1
george santayana, spanish born american philosopher (1) 1
in spinoza, this is “god,” in fichte the “i” (1) 1
leo strauss ‐ german émigré, political philosopher and historian of political thought (1) 1
santayana, george (1) 1
sartre, jean‐paul (1) 1
schelling, friedrich wilhelm joseph von (1) 1
schopenhauer combining a kantian account of aesthetic experience with an aristotelian account of its objects (1) 1
screen ‐ most important journal of film criticism in english (1) 1
skin ‐ largest organ and outermost covering of human body (1) 1
socialist realism ‐ achieved predominance in russia from 1930 to 1956 (1) 1
sociology of knowledge ‐ understanding knowledge in disciplines of thought examining sociohistorical origins (1) 1
south asian studies ‐ north american and european academy's approach to scholarship in history, economics, linguistics and social sciences (1) 1
structuralism ‐ approaching and analyzing cultural activity objectively as a science (1) 1
the key philosophical thought of the system of transcendental idealism ‐ that philosophy has to come to terms with a ground of reflexive thinking which transcends it (1) 1
the sense of beauty has a more important place in life than aesthetic theory has ever taken in philosophy (1) 1
‐ german idealist philosopher (1) 1
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