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7000 gev-cms8000 gev-cms (2) 2
[ phys.hexp ] physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (2) 2
branching ratio: ratio: measured (2) 2
breit-wigner (2) 2
cern lhc coll (2) 2
dibaryon (2) 2
experiment (2) 2
experimental results (2) 2
high energy physics - experiment (2) 2
intermediate state: mass (2) 2
lambda/b0 --> lambda/c+ p anti-p pi (2) 2
lambda/b0: hadronic decay (2) 2
mass spectrum: (2) 2
mass: width (2) 2
p p: colliding beams (2) 2
p p: scattering (2) 2
particle physics (2) 2
pentaquark (2) 2
phase space (2) 2
physics (2) 2
sigma/c (2) 2
statistical (2) 2
structure (2) 2
530 physics (1) 1
[mass spectrum] (1) 1
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (1) 1
antiprotons- antisigma particles- lambda particles- protons- sigma plus- zresonances (1) 1
antisigma particles- gev range 01-10- kresonances- lambda particles- protons- sigma plus (1) 1
astronomy & astrophysics (1) 1
colliding beams [p p] (1) 1
diagrams (1) 1
duality (1) 1
hadron-hadron scattering (1) 1
hadronic decay [lambda/b0] (1) 1
hep (1) 1
high energy physics (1) 1
lambda baryons (1) 1
lhc-b (1) 1
lhcb (1) 1
linear momentum (1) 1
mass [intermediate state] (1) 1
mesons, resonance/production of upsilon$sup ++$ in $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ p + anti $xi$$sup +$ + $xi$$sup 0$ interactions above 6.4 gev/c, quark model and duality diagrams for, (1) 1
mesons/interactions $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ 2p + anti $sigma$$sup +$ + $lambda$ + anti p above 14 gev/c, quark model and duality diagrams for z$sub 2$$sup +++$ production in, (1) 1
mesons/interactions $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ p + anti $sigma$$sup +$ + $lambda$ above 5.2 gev/c, quark model and duality diagrams for k$sup ++$ production in, (1) 1
n64250 -physics-particle interactions & properties (1) 1
n64260 -physics-particle interactions & properties (1) 1
nuclear experiment (1) 1
nuclear theory (1) 1
particle physics - phenomenology (1) 1
particle production (1) 1
particles and fields (1) 1
phenomenology (1) 1
physics - high energy physics - experiment (1) 1
physics institute (1) 1
physics, nuclear (1) 1
physics, particles & fields (1) 1
pion-proton interactions (1) 1
pions plus (1) 1
protons/ interactions $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ p + anti $xi$$sup +$ + $xi$$sup 0$ ab (1) 1
protons/interactions $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ 2p + anti $sigma$$sup +$ + $lambda$ + anti p above 14 gev/c, quark model and duality diagrams for z$sub 2$$sup +++$ production in, (1) 1
protons/interactions $pi$$sup +$ + p $yields$ p + anti $sigma$$sup +$ + $lambda$ above 5.2 gev/c, quark model and duality diagrams for k$sup ++$ production in, (1) 1
quark model antiparticles- antixi particles- meson resonances- protons- xi-minus- xi-neutral (1) 1
ratio: measured [branching ratio] (1) 1
scattering [p p] (1) 1
sigma baryons (1) 1
width [mass] (1) 1
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by Aaij, Roel and Adeva, Bernardo and Adinolfi, Marco and Ajaltouni, Ziad and Akar, Simon and Albicocco, Pietro and Albrecht, Johannes and Alessio, Federico and Alexander, Michael and Alfonso Albero, Alejandro and Ali, Suvayu and Alkhazov, Georgy and Alvarez Cartelle, Paula and Alves Jr, Antonio Augusto and Amato, Sandra and Amerio, Silvia and Amhis, Yasmine and An, Liupan and Anderlini, Lucio and Andreassi, Guido and Andreotti, Mirco and Andrews, Jason and Appleby, Robert and Archilli, Flavio and d'Argent, Philippe and Arnau Romeu, Joan and Artamonov, Alexander and Artuso, Marina and Aslanides, Elie and Atzeni, Michele and Auriemma, Giulio and Bachmann, Sebastian and Back, John and Baker, Sophie and Balagura, Vladislav and Baldini, Wander and Baranov, Alexander and Barlow, Roger and Barsuk, Sergey and Barter, William and Baryshnikov, Fedor and Batozskaya, Varvara and Battista, Vincenzo and Bay, Aurelio and Beddow, John and Bedeschi, Franco and Bediaga, Ignacio and Beiter, Andrew and Bel, Lennaert and Beliy, Nikita and Bellee, Violaine and Belloli, Nicoletta and Belous, Konstantin and Belyaev, Ivan and Ben-Haim, Eli and Bencivenni, Giovanni and Benson, Sean and Beranek, Sarah and Berezhnoy, Alexander and Bernet, Roland and Berninghoff, Daniel and Bertholet, Emilie and Bertolin, Alessandro and Betancourt, Christopher and Betti, Federico and Bettler, Marc-Olivier and van Beuzekom, Martinus and Bezshyiko, Iaroslava and Bifani, Simone and Billoir, Pierre and Birnkraut, Alex and Bizzeti, Andrea and Bjørn, Mikkel and Blake, Thomas and Blanc, Frederic and Blusk, Steven and Bocci, Valerio and Boente Garcia, Oscar and Boettcher, Thomas and Bondar, Alexander and Bondar, Nikolay and Borghi, Silvia and Borisyak, Maxim and Borsato, Martino and Bossu, Francesco and Boubdir, Meriem and Bowcock, Themistocles and Bowen, Espen Eie and Bozzi, Concezio and Braun, Svende and Brodski, Michael and Brodzicka, Jolanta and Brundu, Davide and Buchanan, Emma and Burr, Christopher and Bursche, Albert and Buytaert, Jan and Byczynski, Wiktor and Cadeddu, Sandro and Cai, Hao and ...
ISSN 0370-2693, 2018
Journal Article
by LHCb collaboration and Aaij, R and Adeva, B and Adinolfi, M and Ajaltouni, Z and Akar, S and Albicocco, P and Albrecht, J and Alessio, F and Alexander, M and Albero, A. Alfonso and Ali, S and Alkhazov, G and Cartelle, P. Alvarez and AlvesJr, A. A and Amato, S and Amerio, S and Amhis, Y and An, L and Anderlini, L and Andreassi, G and Andreotti, M and Andrews, J. E and Appleby, R. B and Archilli, F and d'Argent, P and Romeu, J. Arnau and Artamonov, A and Artuso, M and Aslanides, E and Atzeni, M and Auriemma, G and Bachmann, S and Back, J. J and Baker, S and Balagura, V and Baldini, W and Baranov, A and Barlow, R. J and Barsuk, S and Barter, W and Baryshnikov, F and Batozskaya, V and Battista, V and Bay, A and Beddow, J and Bedeschi, F and Bediaga, I and Beiter, A and Bel, L. J and Beliy, N and Bellee, V and Belloli, N and Belous, K and Belyaev, I and Ben-Haim, E and Bencivenni, G and Benson, S and Beranek, S and Berezhnoy, A and Bernet, R and Berninghoff, D and Bertholet, E and Bertolin, A and Betancourt, C and Betti, F and Bettler, M. O and van Beuzekom, M and Bezshyiko, Ia and Bifani, S and Billoir, P and Birnkraut, A and Bizzeti, A and Bjørn, M and Blake, T and Blanc, F and Blusk, S and Bocci, V and Garcia, O. Boente and Boettcher, T and Bondar, A and Bondar, N and Borghi, S and Borisyak, M and Borsato, M and Bossu, F and Boubdir, M and Bowcock, T. J. V and Bowen, E and Bozzi, C and Braun, S and Brodski, M and Brodzicka, J and Brundu, D and Buchanan, E and Burr, C and Bursche, A and Buytaert, J and Byczynski, W and Cadeddu, S and ...
Phys. Lett. B 784 (2018) 101-111 The decay $\Lambda_b^0 \to \Lambda_c^+ p \overline{p} \pi^-$ is observed using $pp$ collision data collected with the LHCb... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 1973, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp. 307 - 310
Simple quark model considerations suggest that the least massive oxotic mesons and baryons may occur close to the nucleon-antinucleon and... 
Journal Article
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