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humans (11974) 11974
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cost-benefit analysis (7605) 7605
index medicus (7285) 7285
female (5765) 5765
male (5113) 5113
middle aged (4289) 4289
aged (3712) 3712
adult (3498) 3498
quality of life (3240) 3240
cost-effectiveness (2967) 2967
health care sciences & services (2416) 2416
analysis (2140) 2140
markov chains (2137) 2137
treatment outcome (1843) 1843
mortality (1796) 1796
health (1688) 1688
quality-of-life (1666) 1666
cost analysis (1656) 1656
health policy & services (1618) 1618
health care costs (1594) 1594
economics (1549) 1549
models, economic (1471) 1471
public, environmental & occupational health (1438) 1438
adolescent (1408) 1408
aged, 80 and over (1391) 1391
medicine, general & internal (1320) 1320
cost of illness (1248) 1248
research (1248) 1248
united states (1207) 1207
cost-effectiveness analysis (1187) 1187
public health (1178) 1178
studies (1162) 1162
risk factors (1154) 1154
disease (1104) 1104
decision support techniques (1100) 1100
health status (1086) 1086
health economics (1085) 1085
young adult (1049) 1049
surgery (1042) 1042
united kingdom (995) 995
medicine & public health (967) 967
health policy (965) 965
care and treatment (953) 953
health aspects (951) 951
prevention (935) 935
risk (915) 915
child (905) 905
life expectancy (901) 901
medical care, cost of (900) 900
cancer (899) 899
internal medicine (893) 893
surveys and questionnaires (862) 862
abridged index medicus (850) 850
prevalence (841) 841
time factors (839) 839
patients (803) 803
economic aspects (800) 800
oncology (798) 798
management (788) 788
outcomes (774) 774
quality adjusted life years (770) 770
research article (758) 758
therapy (751) 751
decision making (730) 730
health care expenditures (727) 727
population (716) 716
cost benefit analysis (702) 702
epidemiology (690) 690
medicine (675) 675
sensitivity analysis (670) 670
care (659) 659
sensitivity and specificity (638) 638
pharmacology & pharmacy (636) 636
clinical trials (629) 629
united-states (628) 628
public health, environmental and occupational health (627) 627
impact (619) 619
models, econometric (614) 614
costs (613) 613
drug costs (608) 608
computer simulation (582) 582
randomized controlled trials as topic (578) 578
child, preschool (576) 576
age factors (575) 575
article (569) 569
economic evaluation (551) 551
usage (549) 549
cost effectiveness (546) 546
health care economics and organizations (536) 536
cohort studies (535) 535
survival (535) 535
utility (529) 529
risk assessment (520) 520
health care (513) 513
infant (512) 512
survival analysis (511) 511
diagnosis (510) 510
economic-evaluation (509) 509
medical research (508) 508
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Library Location Library Location
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Gerstein Science - Stacks (29) 29
Collection Dvlpm't (Acquisitions) - Closed Orders (3) 3
Robarts - Stacks (3) 3
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 2nd Floor (3) 3
Trinity College (John W Graham) - Stacks (3) 3
UofT at Mississauga - Stacks (3) 3
Collection Dvlpm't (Acquisitions) - Vendor file (2) 2
Online Resources - Online (2) 2
St. Augustine's Seminary - Stacks (2) 2
Gerstein Science - Missing (1) 1
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation - Stacks (1) 1
Humber River Regional Hospital - Church Stacks (1) 1
Lakeridge Health Sciences - Oshawa (1) 1
Law (Bora Laskin) - Stacks (1) 1
Markham Stouffville Hospital - Stacks (1) 1
OISE - Stacks (1) 1
Providence Healthcare - Stacks (1) 1
Regis College - Stacks (1) 1
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 3rd Floor (1) 1
UofT at Scarborough - Stacks (1) 1
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Language Language
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English (13721) 13721
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Spanish (105) 105
German (80) 80
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French (47) 47
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Swedish (22) 22
Danish (19) 19
Norwegian (18) 18
Italian (16) 16
Dutch (12) 12
Russian (12) 12
Korean (11) 11
Hungarian (7) 7
Polish (6) 6
Czech (4) 4
Croatian (3) 3
Hebrew (3) 3
Finnish (2) 2
Icelandic (2) 2
Irish (1) 1
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by Murray, Christopher J L, Prof and Vos, Theo, Prof and Lozano, Rafael, Prof and Naghavi, Mohsen, PhD and Flaxman, Abraham D, PhD and Michaud, Catherine, MD and Ezzati, Majid, Prof and Shibuya, Kenji, Prof and Salomon, Joshua A, Prof and Abdalla, Safa, MBBS and Aboyans, Victor, Prof and Abraham, Jerry, MPH and Ackerman, Ilana, PhD and Aggarwal, Rakesh, Prof and Ahn, Stephanie Y, MPH and Ali, Mohammed K, MBChB and AlMazroa, Mohammad A, MD and Alvarado, Miriam, BA and Anderson, H Ross, Prof and Anderson, Laurie M, PhD and Andrews, Kathryn G, MPH and Atkinson, Charles, BS and Baddour, Larry M, Prof and Bahalim, Adil N, MEng and Barker-Collo, Suzanne, PhD and Barrero, Lope H, ScD and Bartels, David H, BA and Basáñez, Maria-Gloria, Prof and Baxter, Amanda, MPH and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Benjamin, Emelia J, Prof and Bennett, Derrick, PhD and Bernabé, Eduardo, PhD and Bhalla, Kavi, PhD and Bhandari, Bishal, MSc and Bikbov, Boris, MD and Abdulhak, Aref Bin, MD and Birbeck, Gretchen, Prof and Black, James A, MPhil and Blencowe, Hannah, MBChB and Blore, Jed D, PhD and Blyth, Fiona, PhD and Bolliger, Ian, AB and Bonaventure, Audrey, MD and Boufous, Soufiane, PhD and Bourne, Rupert, Prof and Boussinesq, Michel, MD and Braithwaite, Tasanee, BMBCh and Brayne, Carol, Prof and Bridgett, Lisa, PhD and Brooker, Simon, Prof and Brooks, Peter, Prof and Brugha, Traolach S, Prof and Bryan-Hancock, Claire, BPsych and Bucello, Chiara, BPsyc and Buchbinder, Rachelle, Prof and Buckle, Geoffrey, MPH and Budke, Christine M, PhD and Burch, Michael, MD and Burney, Peter, Prof and Burstein, Roy, BA and Calabria, Bianca, BPsych and Campbell, Benjamin, BA and Canter, Charles E, Prof and Carabin, Hélène, Prof and Carapetis, Jonathan, Prof and Carmona, Loreto, MD and Cella, Claudia, PharmChemD and Charlson, Fiona, MPH and Chen, Honglei, PhD and Cheng, Andrew Tai-Ann, Prof and Chou, David, BA and Chugh, Sumeet S, Prof and Coffeng, Luc E, MD and Colan, Steven D, Prof and Colquhoun, Samantha, MPH and Colson, K Ellicott, BA and Condon, John, PhD and Connor, Myles D, PhD and Cooper, Leslie T, Prof and Corriere, Matthew, MD and Cortinovis, Monica, BiotechD and de Vaccaro, Karen Courville, MD and Couser, William, Prof and Cowie, Benjamin C, MBBS and Criqui, Michael H, Prof and Cross, Marita, PhD and Dabhadkar, Kaustubh C, MBBS and Dahiya, Manu, BDS and Dahodwala, Nabila, MD and Damsere-Derry, James, MPH and Danaei, Goodarz, MD and Davis, Adrian, Prof and Leo, Diego De, Prof and Degenhardt, Louisa, Prof and Dellavalle, Robert, MD and Delossantos, Allyne, BS and Denenberg, Julie, MA and Derrett, Sarah, PhD and Des Jarlais, Don C, PhD and ...
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Journal Article
by Kassebaum, Nicholas J and Arora, Megha and Barber, Ryan M and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Brown, Jonathan and Carter, Austin and Casey, Daniel C and Charlson, Fiona J and Coggeshall, Megan and Cornaby, Leslie and Dandona, Lalit and Dicker, Daniel J and Erskine, Holly E and Ferrari, Alize J and Fitzmaurice, Christina and Foreman, Kyle and Forouzanfar, Mohammad H and Gething, Peter W and Goldberg, Ellen M and Graetz, Nicholas and Haagsma, Juanita A and Hay, Simon I and Johnson, Catherine O and Kemmer, Laura and Khalil, Ibrahim A and Kinfu, Yohannes and Kutz, Michael J and Kyu, Hmwe H and Leung, Janni and Liang, Xiaofeng and Lim, Stephen S and Lozano, Rafael and Mensah, George A and Mikesell, Joe and Mokdad, Ali H and Mooney, Meghan D and Naghavi, Mohsen and Nguyen, Grant and Nsoesie, Elaine and Pigott, David M and Pinho, Christine and Rankin, Zane and Reinig, Nikolas and Salomon, Joshua A and Sorensen, Reed J D and Stanaway, Jeffrey and Teeple, Stephanie and Troeger, Chris and Truelsen, Thomas and VanderZanden, Amelia and Wagner, Joseph A and Zhou, Maigeng and Zoeckler, Leo and Abate, Kalkidan Hassen and Abbas, Kaja M and Abd-Allah, Foad and Abubakar, Ibrahim and Abu-Raddad, Laith J and Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen M E and Achoki, Tom and Ackerman, Ilana N and Adebiyi, Akindele Olupelumi and Adedeji, Isaac Akinkunmi and Adsuar, José C and Afanvi, Kossivi Agbelenko and Afshin, Ashkan and Agardh, Emilie Elisabet and Agarwal, Arnav and Agarwal, Sanjay Kumar and Ahmed, Muktar Beshir and Kiadaliri, Aliasghar Ahmad and Akseer, Nadia and Al-Aly, Ziyad and Alam, Khurshid and Alam, Noore K M and Aldhahri, Saleh Fahed and Alegretti, Miguel Angel and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw and Alexander, Lily T and Ali, Raghib and Alkerwi, Ala'a and Alla, François and Allebeck, Peter and Alsharif, Ubai and Altirkawi, Khalid A and Martin, Elena Alvarez and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amare, Azmeraw T and Amberbir, Alemayehu and Amini, Heresh and Ammar, Walid and Amrock, Stephen Marc and Anderson, Gregory M and Anderson, Benjamin O and Artaman, Al and Asayesh, Hamid and Asghar, Rana Jawad and Awasthi, Ashish and Quintanilla, Beatriz Paulina Ayala and Azzopardi, Peter and ... and GBD 2015 DALYs and HALE Collaborators and GBD 2015 DALY & HALE and Högskolan Dalarna and Akademin Utbildning, hälsa och samhälle and Medicinsk vetenskap
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Journal Article
by Cassini, Alessandro and Högberg, Liselotte Diaz and Plachouras, Diamantis and Quattrocchi, Annalisa and Hoxha, Ana and Simonsen, Gunnar Skov and Colomb-Cotinat, Mélanie and Kretzschmar, Mirjam E and Devleesschauwer, Brecht and Cecchini, Michele and Ouakrim, Driss Ait and Oliveira, Tiago Cravo and Struelens, Marc J and Suetens, Carl and Monnet, Dominique L and Strauss, Reinhild and Mertens, Karl and Struyf, Thomas and Catry, Boudewijn and Latour, Katrien and Ivanov, Ivan N and Dobreva, Elina G and Tambic Andraševic, Arjana and Soprek, Silvija and Budimir, Ana and Paphitou, Niki and Žemlicková, Helena and Schytte Olsen, Stefan and Wolff Sönksen, Ute and Märtin, Pille and Ivanova, Marina and Lyytikäinen, Outi and Jalava, Jari and Coignard, Bruno and Eckmanns, Tim and Abu Sin, Muna and Haller, Sebastian and Daikos, George L and Gikas, Achilleas and Tsiodras, Sotirios and Kontopidou, Flora and Tóth, Ákos and Hajdu, Ágnes and Guólaugsson, Ólafur and Kristinsson, Karl G and Murchan, Stephen and Burns, Karen and Pezzotti, Patrizio and Gagliotti, Carlo and Dumpis, Uga and Liuimiene, Agne and Perrin, Monique and Borg, Michael A and de Greeff, Sabine C and Monen, Jos CM and Koek, Mayke BG and Elstrøm, Petter and Zabicka, Dorota and Deptula, Aleksander and Hryniewicz, Waleria and Caniça, Manuela and Nogueira, Paulo Jorge and Fernandes, Paulo André and Manageiro, Vera and Popescu, Gabriel A and Serban, Roxana I and Schréterová, Eva and Litvová, Slavka and Štefkovicová, Mária and Kolman, Jana and Klavs, Irena and Korošec, Aleš and Aracil, Belén and Asensio, Angel and Pérez-Vázquez, María and Billström, Hanna and Larsson, Sofie and Reilly, Jacqui S and Johnson, Alan and Hopkins, Susan and Burden of AMR Collaborative Group and Burden Amr Collaborative Grp
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 01/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 56 - 66
Journal Article
Journal Article