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by Adrián-Martínez, S and Ageron, M and Aharonian, F and Aiello, S and Albert, A and Ameli, F and Anassontzis, E and Andre, M and Androulakis, G and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Ardid, M and Avgitas, T and Barbarino, G and Barbarito, E and Baret, B and Barrios-Martí, J and Belhorma, B and Belias, A and Berbee, E and Berg, A van den and Bertin, V and Beurthey, S and Beveren, V van and Beverini, N and Biagi, S and Biagioni, A and Billault, M and Bondì, M and Bormuth, R and Bouhadef, B and Bourlis, G and Bourret, S and Boutonnet, C and Bouwhuis, M and Bozza, C and Bruijn, R and Brunner, J and Buis, E and Busto, J and Cacopardo, G and Caillat, L and Calamai, M and Calvo, D and Capone, A and Caramete, L and Cecchini, S and Celli, S and Champion, C and Moursli, R Cherkaoui El and Cherubini, S and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Classen, L and Cocimano, R and Coelho, J A B and Coleiro, A and Colonges, S and Coniglione, R and Cordelli, M and Cosquer, A and Coyle, P and Creusot, A and Cuttone, G and D’Amico, A and De Bonis, G and De Rosa, G and De Sio, C and Di Capua, F and Di Palma, I and García, A F Díaz and Distefano, C and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti-Hasankiadeh, Q and Drakopoulou, E and Drouhin, D and Drury, L and Durocher, M and Eberl, T and Eichie, S and Eijk, D van and Bojaddaini, I El and Khayati, N El and Elsaesser, D and Enzenhöfer, A and Fassi, F and Favali, P and Fermani, P and Ferrara, G and Filippidis, C and Frascadore, G and Fusco, L A and Gal, T and Galatà, S and Garufi, F and Gay, P and Gebyehu, M and Giordano, V and Gizani, N and ...
Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics, ISSN 1361-6471, 08/2016, Volume 43, Issue 8, p. 084001
Journal Article
by Aartsen, M.G and Abbasi, R and Abdou, Y and Ackermann, M and Adams, J and Aguilar, J.A and Ahlers, M and Altmann, D and Auffenberg, J and Bai, X and Baker, M and Barwick, S.W and Baum, V and Bay, R and Beatty, J.J and Bechet, S and Becker Tjus, J and Becker, K.-H and Benabderrahmane, M.L and BenZvi, S and Berghaus, P and Berley, D and Bernardini, E and Bernhard, A and Bertrand, D and Besson, D.Z and Binder, G and Bindig, D and Bissok, M and Blaufuss, E and Blumenthal, J and Boersma, D.J and Bohaichuk, S and Bohm, C and Bose, D and Böser, S and Botner, O and Brayeur, L and Bretz, H.-P and Brown, A.M and Bruijn, R and Brunner, J and Carson, M and Casey, J and Casier, M and Chirkin, D and Christov, A and Christy, B and Clark, K and Clevermann, F and Coenders, S and Cohen, S and Cowen, D.F and Cruz Silva, A.H and Danninger, M and Daughhetee, J and Davis, J.C and Day, M and De Clercq, C and De Ridder, S and Desiati, P and De Vries, K.D and De With, M and DeYoung, T and Díaz-Vélez, J.C and Dunkman, M and Eagan, R and Eberhardt, B and Eichmann, B and Eisch, J and Ellsworth, R.W and Euler, S and Evenson, P.A and Fadiran, O and Fazely, A.R and Fedynitch, A and Feintzeig, J and Feusels, T and Filimonov, K and Finley, C and Fischer-Wasels, T and Flis, S and Franckowiak, A and Frantzen, K and Fuchs, T and Gaisser, T.K and Gallagher, J and Gerhardt, L and Gladstone, L and Glüsenkamp, T and Goldschmidt, A and Golup, G and Gonzalez, J.G and Goodman, J.A and Góra, D and Grandmont, D.T and Grant, D and Groß, A and Ha, C and Haj Ismail, A and ... and unav and IceCube Collaboration
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2013, Volume 342, Issue 6161, pp. 1242856 - 1242856
We report on results of an all-sky search for high-energy neutrino events interacting within the IceCube neutrino detector conducted between May 2010 and May 2012... 
RESEARCH ARTICLE SUMMARY | Atmospherics | Neutrinos | Muons | Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Astrophysics | Research | Properties
Journal Article
by An, Fengpeng and An, Guangpeng and An, Qi and Antonelli, Vito and Baussan, Eric and Beacom, John and Bezrukov, Leonid and Blyth, Simon and Brugnera, Riccardo and Avanzini, Margherita Buizza and Busto, Jose and Cabrera, Anatael and Cai, Hao and Cai, Xiao and Cammi, Antonio and Cao, Guofu and Cao, Jun and Chang, Yun and Chen, Shaomin and Chen, Shenjian and Chen, Yixue and Chiesa, Davide and Clemenza, Massimiliano and Clerbaux, Barbara and Conrad, Janet and D’Angelo, Davide and Kerret, Hervé De and Deng, Zhi and Deng, Ziyan and Ding, Yayun and Djurcic, Zelimir and Dornic, Damien and Dracos, Marcos and Drapier, Olivier and Dusini, Stefano and Dye, Stephen and Enqvist, Timo and Fan, Donghua and Fang, Jian and Favart, Laurent and Ford, Richard and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Gan, Haonan and Garfagnini, Alberto and Giammarchi, Marco and Gonchar, Maxim and Gong, Guanghua and Gong, Hui and Gonin, Michel and Grassi, Marco and Grewing, Christian and Guan, Mengyun and Guarino, Vic and Guo, Gang and Guo, Wanlei and Guo, Xin-Heng and Hagner, Caren and Han, Ran and He, Miao and Heng, Yuekun and Hsiung, Yee and Hu, Jun and Hu, Shouyang and Hu, Tao and Huang, Hanxiong and Huang, Xingtao and Huo, Lei and Ioannisian, Ara and Jeitler, Manfred and Ji, Xiangdong and Jiang, Xiaoshan and Jollet, Cécile and Kang, Li and Karagounis, Michael and Kazarian, Narine and Krumshteyn, Zinovy and Kruth, Andre and Kuusiniemi, Pasi and Lachenmaier, Tobias and Leitner, Rupert and Li, Chao and Li, Jiaxing and Li, Weidong and Li, Weiguo and Li, Xiaomei and Li, Xiaonan and Li, Yi and Li, Yufeng and Li, Zhi-Bing and Liang, Hao and Lin, Guey-Lin and Lin, Tao and Lin, Yen-Hsun and Ling, Jiajie and Lippi, Ivano and Liu, Dawei and Liu, Hongbang and Liu, Hu and Liu, Jianglai and Liu, Jianli and ... and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics, ISSN 1361-6471, 03/2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp. 030401 - 30588
The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO), a 20 kton multipurpose underground liquid scintillator detector, was proposed with the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy (MH... 
neutrino physics | large scintillator detectors | neutrino astronomy | reactor neutrino experiments | Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Supernovae | Energy resolution | Searching | Neutrinos | Detectors | Antineutrinos | Bursting | Atmospherics | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | neutrino | liquid | detector | scintillator
Journal Article
by Adrián-Martínez, S and Al Samarai, I and Albert, A and André, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Astraatmadja, T and Aubert, J.-J and Baret, B and Basa, S and Bertin, V and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Bogazzi, C and Bou-Cabo, M and Bouhou, B and Bouwhuis, M.C and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Capone, A and Cârloganu, C and Carr, J and Cecchini, S and Charif, Z and Charvis, Ph and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Coniglione, R and Core, L and Costantini, H and Coyle, P and Creusot, A and Curtil, C and De Bonis, G and Decowski, M.P and Dekeyser, I and Deschamps, A and Distefano, C and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti, Q and Drouhin, D and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Enzenhöfer, A and Ernenwein, J.-P and Escoffier, S and Fehn, K and Fermani, P and Ferri, M and Ferry, S and Flaminio, V and Folger, F and Fritsch, U and Fuda, J.-L and Galatà, S and Gay, P and Geyer, K and Giacomelli, G and Giordano, V and Gleixner, A and Gómez-González, J.P and Graf, K and Guillard, G and Hallewell, G and Hamal, M and van Haren, H and Heijboer, A.J and Hello, Y and Hernández-Rey, J.J and Herold, B and Hößl, J and Hsu, C.C and de Jong, M and Kadler, M and Kalekin, O and Kappes, A and Katz, U and Kavatsyuk, O and Kooijman, P and Kopper, C and Kouchner, A and Kreykenbohm, I and Kulikovskiy, V and Lahmann, R and Lambard, G and Larosa, G and Lattuada, D and Lefèvre, D and Lim, G and Lo Presti, D and Loehner, H and Loucatos, S and Louis, F and Mangano, S and Marcelin, M and Margiotta, A and Martínez-Mora, J.A and ... and ANTARES Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 08/2012, Volume 714, Issue 2-5, pp. 224 - 230
Journal Article