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alterra - biodiversiteit en beleid (59) 59
alterra - biodiversity and policy (59) 59
biodiversiteit en beleid (59) 59
biodiversity and policy (59) 59
science & technology (21) 21
life sciences & biomedicine (19) 19
environmental sciences & ecology (18) 18
bos- en natuurbeleid (15) 15
forest and nature conservation policy (15) 15
leerstoelgroep bos- en natuurbeleid (15) 15
wass (15) 15
wimek (14) 14
ecology (13) 13
biodiversity (12) 12
environmental sciences (11) 11
pe&rc (11) 11
environmental studies (9) 9
land use (9) 9
aardobservatie en omgevingsinformatica (7) 7
alterra - earth informatics (7) 7
earth informatics (7) 7
earth observation and environmental informatics (7) 7
ecosystem services (7) 7
ecosystems (7) 7
physical sciences (7) 7
sustainable development (7) 7
alterra - duurzaam bodemgebruik (6) 6
alterra - sustainable soil management (6) 6
analysis (6) 6
climate change (6) 6
duurzaam bodembeheer (6) 6
duurzaam bodemgebruik (6) 6
social sciences (6) 6
sustainable soil management (6) 6
sustainable soil use (6) 6
alterra - spatial knowledge systems (5) 5
biological diversity (5) 5
geography (5) 5
life sciences (5) 5
science & technology - other topics (5) 5
spatial knowledge systems (5) 5
applied spatial research (4) 4
biometris (4) 4
environmental systems analysis (4) 4
environmental systems analysis group (4) 4
geography, physical (4) 4
land use planning (4) 4
landgebruiksplanning (4) 4
landscape (4) 4
leerstoelgroep landgebruiksplanning (4) 4
leerstoelgroep milieusysteemanalyse (4) 4
milieusysteemanalyse (4) 4
nature conservation (4) 4
physical geography (4) 4
science (4) 4
alterra - regional development and spatial use (3) 3
alterra - regionale ontwikkeling en ruimtegebruik (3) 3
biodiversity & conservation (3) 3
biodiversity and ecology (3) 3
biodiversity conservation (3) 3
biologi (3) 3
biological sciences (3) 3
bodemgeografie en landschap (3) 3
case studies (3) 3
ekologi (3) 3
environmental changes (3) 3
farming systems ecology (3) 3
forestry (3) 3
global temperature changes (3) 3
governance (3) 3
green & sustainable science & technology (3) 3
green economy and landuse (3) 3
groene economie en ruimte (3) 3
landscape ecology (3) 3
leerstoelgroep farming systems ecology (3) 3
lei green economy and landuse (3) 3
lei groene economie en ruimte (3) 3
natural sciences (3) 3
naturvetenskap (3) 3
regional development and spatial use (3) 3
regionale ontwikkeling en ruimtegebruik (3) 3
research (3) 3
soil geography and landscape (3) 3
urbanization (3) 3
[sde.be]environmental sciences/biodiversity and ecology (2) 2
abandonment (2) 2
afforestation (2) 2
agriculture (2) 2
agro multi functioneel landgebruik (2) 2
air pollution (2) 2
alterra - centrum landschap (2) 2
alterra - governance (2) 2
alterra - vegetatie, bos- en landschapsecologie (2) 2
alterra - vegetation, forest and landscape ecology (2) 2
animals (2) 2
bestuurskunde (2) 2
biology and life sciences (2) 2
citizens (2) 2
cl - ecological models and monitoring (2) 2
cl - ecologische modellen en monitoring (2) 2
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Journal Article
by Dick, Jan and Turkelboom, Francis and Woods, Helen and Iniesta-Arandia, Irene and Primmer, Eeva and Saarela, Sanna-Riikka and Bezák, Peter and Mederly, Peter and Leone, Michael and Verheyden, Wim and Kelemen, Eszter and Hauck, Jennifer and Andrews, Chris and Antunes, Paula and Aszalós, Réka and Baró, Francesc and Barton, David N and Berry, Pam and Bugter, Rob and Carvalho, Laurence and Czúcz, Bálint and Dunford, Rob and Garcia Blanco, Gemma and Geamănă, Nicoleta and Giucă, Relu and Grizzetti, Bruna and Izakovičová, Zita and Kertész, Miklós and Kopperoinen, Leena and Langemeyer, Johannes and Montenegro Lapola, David and Liquete, Camino and Luque, Sandra and Martínez Pastur, Guillermo and Martin-Lopez, Berta and Mukhopadhyay, Raktima and Niemela, Jari and Odee, David and Peri, Pablo Luis and Pinho, Patricia and Patrício-Roberto, Gleiciani Bürger and Preda, Elena and Priess, Joerg and Röckmann, Christine and Santos, Rui and Silaghi, Diana and Smith, Ron and Vădineanu, Angheluţă and van der Wal, Jan Tjalling and Arany, Ildikó and Badea, Ovidiu and Bela, Györgyi and Boros, Emil and Bucur, Magdalena and Blumentrath, Stefan and Calvache, Marta and Carmen, Esther and Clemente, Pedro and Fernandes, João and Ferraz, Diogo and Fongar, Claudia and García-Llorente, Marina and Gómez-Baggethun, Erik and Gundersen, Vegard and Haavardsholm, Oscar and Kalóczkai, Ágnes and Khalalwe, Thalma and Kiss, Gabriella and Köhler, Berit and Lazányi, Orsolya and Lellei-Kovács, Eszter and Lichungu, Rael and Lindhjem, Henrik and Magare, Charles and Mustajoki, Jyri and Ndege, Charles and Nowell, Megan and Nuss Girona, Sergi and Ochieng, John and Often, Anders and Palomo, Ignacio and Pataki, György and Reinvang, Rasmus and Rusch, Graciela and Saarikoski, Heli and Smith, Alison and Soy Massoni, Emma and Stange, Erik and Vågnes Traaholt, Nora and Vári, Ágnes and Verweij, Peter and Vikström, Suvi and Yli-Pelkonen, Vesa and Zulian, Grazia
Ecosystem services, ISSN 2212-0416, 02/2018, Volume 29, Issue part C, pp. 552 - 565
Journal Article
by Chng, Charlotte W T and Gao, Di and Jung, Martin and Kirkpatrick, Lucinda and Arroyo-Roíguez, Víctor and Barrico, Lurdes and Bartolommei, Paola and Batáry, Péter and Beja, Peo and Berg, Åke and Bernard, Henry and Berry, Nicholas J and Böhning-Gaese, Katrin and Borges, Sérgio H and Brunet, Jörg and Bugter, Rob and Buscardo, Erika and Cardoso, Peo and Castro-Luna, Alejano A and Chapman, Kim Alan and Connop, Stuart P and Cunningham, Saul A and de Sassi, Claudio and Dorn, Silvia and Dumont, Bertrand and Esler, Karen J and Fayle, Tom M and Fiera, Cristina and Fırıncıoğlu, Hüseyin K and Fraser, Lauchlan H and Freire, Geraldo B and Fukuda, Daisuke and García, Karla P and Gilbert, Benjamin and Gove, Aaron D and Grogan, James and Gutiérrez-Lamus, Doris L and Haarmeyer, Daniela H and Hashim, Nor R and Herrera, James P and Herrmann, Farina and Herzog, Felix and Ishida, Hiroaki and Ishitani, Masahiro and Jolli, Virat and Kati, Vassiliki and Kirby, Kathryn R and Koivula, Matti and Kone, Mouhamadou and Krauss, Jochen and Kumar, Ajith and Kurz, David J and Lavelle, Patrick and Le Féon, Violette and Lentini, Pia E and Litchwark, Simon A and Liu, Yunhui and Lövei, Gabor L and Maeto, Kaoru and Malonza, Patrick K and Marshall, E J P and Martínez, Eliana and Mazimpaka, Vicente and Medina, Rafael and Munira, A Nur and Nakamura, Akihiro and Neuschulz, Eike L and Noreika, Norbertas and Norton, David A and Persson, Anna S and Pillsbury, Finn C and Pineda, Eduardo and Pino, Joan and Pizarro-Araya, Jaime and Poggio, Santiago L and Pons, Pere and Poveda, Katja and Ramirez-Pinilla, Martha P and Ranganathan, Jai and Rasmussen, Claus and Reis, Yana T and Robinson, Richard and Roth, Dana S and Rousseau, Laurent and Sam, Katerina and Shochat, Eyal and Siebert, Stefan J and Stefanescu, Constanti and Strauch, Ayron M and Turner, Edgar C and Tylianakis, Jason M and Verdú, José R and Watling, James I and Wiafe, Edward D and Wunderle, Joseph M and Yamaura, Yuichi and Yoshikura, Satoko and Zaitsev, Aney S and Mace, Georgina M and Purvis, Andy
Ecology and evolution, ISSN 2045-7758, 01/2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 145 - 188
Journal Article