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invariance principles (82) 82
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lattice (78) 78
quark model (76) 76
strange mesons (74) 74
charm particles (73) 73
d mesons (73) 73
kaons minus (71) 71
strange particles (71) 71
charmed mesons (69) 69
quantum field theory (69) 69
b quarks (68) 68
pair production (67) 67
pions (67) 67
pions neutral (66) 66
lhcb (65) 65
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postulated particles (62) 62
unified gauge models (62) 62
matrices (61) 61
anti-b neutral mesons (60) 60
physics, multidisciplinary (60) 60
time dependence (60) 60
supersymmetry (58) 58
composite models (57) 57
beauty mesons (56) 56
particle interactions (55) 55
fermilab tevatron (54) 54
mixing (54) 54
nuclear experiment (54) 54
particle identification (54) 54
experimental results (53) 53
hep-ex (53) 53
kaons neutral short-lived (53) 53
fermilab collider detector (52) 52
unified-field theories (52) 52
[phys.hphe]physics [physics]/high energy physics - phenomenology [hep-ph] (49) 49
j psi-3097 mesons (49) 49
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by Abdesselam, A and Aihara, H and Asner, D. M and Aushev, T and Bakich, A. M and Behera, P and Bhardwaj, V and Bonvicini, G and Browder, T. E and Cervenkov, D and Chen, A and Cheon, B. G and Cho, K and Choi, Y and Cinabro, D and Dalseno, J and Danilov, M and Dolezal, Z and Drutskoy, A and Epifanov, D and Farhat, H and Fast, J. E and Ferber, T and Fulsom, B. G and Gaur, V and Gabyshev, N and Gillard, R and Goldenzweig, P and Golob, B and Hara, T and Hayasaka, K and Hayashii, H and Iijima, T and Itoh, R and Iwasaki, Y and Julius, T and Kang, K. H and Kato, E and Kawasaki, T and Kim, J. B and Kim, K. T and Kim, M. J and Kim, S. H and Kinoshita, K and Korpar, S and Krizan, P and Krokovny, P and Kuhr, T and Lange, J. S and Li, L and Gioi, L. Li and Libby, J and Liventsev, D and Lukin, P and Masuda, M and Matvienko, D and Miyabayashi, K and Mizuk, R and Moll, A and Mori, T and Nakano, E and Nakao, M and Nanut, T and Olsen, S. L and Pakhlov, P and Pakhlova, G and Park, H and Petric, M and Pulvermacher, C and Ribezl, E and Rostomyan, A and Sanuki, T and Schnell, G and Schwanda, C and Semmler, D and Seong, I. S and Sevior, M. E and Shebalin, V and Shwartz, B and Simon, F and Sohn, Y. -S and Staric, M and Tanida, K and Trabelsi, K and Uchida, M and Uehara, S and Uno, S and Van Hulse, C and Vanhoefer, P and Varner, G and Wagner, M. N and Wang, M. -Z and Watanabe, Y and Williams, K. M and Won, E and Yelton, J and Yook, Y and Yuan, C. Z and Zhulanov, V and Zupanc, A and Belle Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 05/2016, Volume 116, Issue 21, pp. 212001 - 212001
Journal Article
by Adeva, B and Akar, S and Alkhazov, G and Artuso, M and Babuschkin, I and Baldini, W and Baranov, A and Baszczyk, M and Batozskaya, V and Battista, V and Bellee, V and Bettler, M.-O and Bondar, A and Borisyak, M and Boubdir, M and Buytaert, J and Cadeddu, S and Gomez, M Calvo and Costa Sobral, C M and Da Cunha Marinho, F and Dall’Occo, E and Dendek, A and Derkach, D and Dujany, G and Egede, U and Ely, S and Falabella, A and Farry, S and Fitzpatrick, C and Fiutowski, T and Frei, C and Fu, J and Gallorini, S and Gersabeck, M and Ghez, Ph and Gianì, S and Gizdov, K and Harnew, N and Henrard, P and Henry, L and Hicheur, A and Hombach, C and Humair, T and Jiang, F and Kandybei, S and Kelsey, M and Kenzie, M and Khairullin, E and Kucewicz, W and Kurek, K and Kvaratskheliya, T and Loh, D and Martinez, M Lucio and Luo, H and Maguire, K and Malinin, A and Manca, G and Maratas, J and Marino, P and Santos, D Martinez and Mazurov, A and McCarthy, J and Mountain, R and Nakada, T and Nandi, A and Pappagallo, M and Parker, W and Patel, M and Petridis, K and Piucci, A and Pomery, G J and Popov, A and Price, J D and Ratnikov, F and Raven, G and Richards, S and Rihl, M and Saitta, B and Santovetti, E and Satriano, C and Schubiger, M and Seyfert, P and Shapoval, I and Smith, E and Smith, J and Smith, M and Souza De Paula, B and Sridharan, S and Stahl, M and Sun, L and van Tilburg, J and Vacca, C and Vorobyev, V and Wallace, R and Websdale, D and Wilkinson, M and Williams, M and Zavertyaev, M and Zhang, L and Zheng, Y and The LHCb collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 03/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 03/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Asano, Y and Bakich, A.M and Behari, S and Beiline, D and Bondar, A and Browder, T.E and Browder, T.E and Chang, P and Chang, P and Chao, Y and Chen, K.-F and Choi, S.-K and Dragic, J and Dragic, J and Eiges, V and Fukushima, M and Garmash, A and Gershon, T.J and Gershon, T.J and Haba, J and Hara, K and Heenan, E.M and Higuchi, I and Hoshina, K and Huang, H.-C and Igarashi, Y and Huang, H.-C and Ikeda, H and Iijima, T and Ikeda, K and Ishikawa, A and Ishino, H and Itoh, R and Kagan, R and Jones, M and Kang, J.S and Kim, D.W and Kim, S.K and Kobayashi, S and Kumar, S and Kurihara, E and Kurihara, E and Lee, M.H and Liventsev, D and Lu, R.-S and Lin, Y.-S and Matsubara, T and Matsumoto, S and Matsui, S and Matsumoto, S and Matsumoto, T and Moorhead, G.F and Murakami, A and Mori, S and Nakazawa, H and Nakano, E and Neichi, K and Nishida, S and Neichi, K and Ohshima, Y and Okazaki, T and Ozaki, H and Okuno, S and Pakhlov, P and Park, C.S and Park, H and Park, H and Piilonen, L.E and Rodriguez, J.L and Prebys, E and Sakai, Y and Satpathy, A and Semenov, S and Schrenk, S and Sevior, M.E and Semenov, S and Settai, Y and Shwartz, B and Sidorov, A and Sugi, A and Suzuki, S and Takasaki, F and Tanaka, M and Teramoto, Y and Uehara, S and Trabelsi, K and Ueno, K and Uno, S and Ushiroda, Y and Wang, J.G and Wang, C.H and Yamanaka, T and Yokoyama, M and Yusa, Y and Zhang, C.C and Zhang, J and Zhang, C.C and Zhang, J and Žontar, D and Zheng, Y and Belle Collaborat and Belle Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2001, Volume 87, Issue 9, pp. 918021 - 918027
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 04/2016, Volume 273-275, pp. 1631 - 1637
Journal Article
by Albrow, M. G and Antos, J and Apollinari, G and Bauer, G and Bolla, G and Brau, B and Budagov, J and Burkett, K and Buzatu, A and Canepa, A and Catastini, P and Cauz, D and Cho, K and Cordelli, M and Culbertson, R and De Barbaro, P and Deng, J and Derwent, P. F and Di Giovanni, G. P and Eusebi, R and Fedorko, W. T and Feild, R. G and Fernandez, J. P and Garberson, F and Gerberich, H and Glagolev, V and Gomez, G and Gonzalez, O and Grosso-Pilcher, C and Hahn, S. R and Happacher, F and Hara, K and Hidas, D and Hsu, S. -C and Husemann, U and Incandela, J and Iori, M and Jayatilaka, B and Jones, M and Kamon, T and Kato, Y and Kim, J. E and Klimenko, S and Kruse, M and Kubo, T and Lammel, S and Lander, R. L and Lath, A and Lin, C. S and Lyons, L and Lytken, E and Mack, P and Makhoul, K and Malde, S and Malik, S and Manca, G and Marino, C. P and Martin, A and Martinez, M and Martinez-Ballarin, R and Mattson, M. E and Mazzanti, P and Mehtala, P and Miller, R and Mitra, A and Nakano, I and Necula, V and Neubauer, M. S and Norniella, O and Oh, S. H and Pagliarone, C and Paus, C and Pitts, K and Proudfoot, J and Ristori, L and Russ, J and Rusu, V and Saarikko, H and Seidel, S and Shapiro, M. D and Shears, T and Slaunwhite, J and Sorin, V and Denis, R. St and Sukhanov, A and Sun, H and Takashima, R and Tomura, T and Vidal, M and Vogel, M and Volpi, G and Wagner, J and Waters, D and Whitehouse, B and Yao, W. M and Yeh, G. P and Yoh, J and Zanello, L and Zanetti, A and Zucchelli, S and CDF Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2008, Volume 100, Issue 8, pp. 082001 - 082001
Journal Article
by Button-Shafer, J and Gritsan, A.V and Gritsan, A.V and Kadyk, J and Kadyk, J and Kerth, L.T and Lynch, G and Meyer, A.B and Oddone, P.J and Perazzo, A and Pripstein, M and Shelkov, V.G and Watson, N.K and Deppermann, T and Peters, K and Dyce, N and Wilson, F.F and Blinov, V.E and Bukin, D.A and Arisaka, K and Buchanan, C and Branson, J.G and Raven, G and Dahmes, B and Dorfan, D.E and Grillo, A.A and Heusch, C.A and Johnson, R.P and Schumm, B.A and Ryd, A and Sen, S and Brandt, T and Müller-Pfefferkorn, R and Otto, S and Bernet, R and Muheim, F and Zallo, A and Lo Vetere, M and Santroni, A and Fischer, P.-A and Lepeltier, V and Valassi, A and Wright, D.M and Fry, J.R and George, M and Nash, J.A and Vidal, P.B and Cowan, G and Brown, D and Allison, J and Boyd, J.T and Roberts, D.A and Schieck, J.R and Blaylock, G and Willocq, S and Brau, B and Reidy, J and Nief, J.Y and Zacek, V and Nicholson, H and Sutton, C.S and Paolucci, P and Dorigo, A and Morandin, M and Guo, Q.H and Batignani, G and Paoloni, E and Rama, M and Rizzo, G and Schaffner, S.F and del Re, D and Mazzoni, M.A and Piredda, G and Christ, S and Adye, T and Aleksan, R and de Domenico, G and Emery, S and Ganzhur, S.F and Hamel de Monchenault, G and Mayer, B and Yèche, C and Zito, M and Boyarski, A.M and Kocian, M.L and Muller, D.R and Perl, M and Va'vra, J and Wisniewski, W.J and Wright, D.H and Meyer, T.I and Bugg, W and Lou, X.C and Gamba, D and Vuagnin, G and Panvini, R.S and Kowalewski, R and Nielsen, J and Scott, I.J and Yu, Z and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2001, Volume 87, Issue 9, pp. 918011 - 918018
Journal Article
Annual review of nuclear and particle science, ISSN 0163-8998, 11/2010, Volume 60, pp. 645 - 677
Journal Article
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Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 05/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 25
Journal Article