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by Anisovich, A.V and Hicks, K and Klempt, E and Nikonov, V.A and Sarantsev, A and Tang, W and Adikaram, D and Akbar, Z and Amaryan, M.J and Anefalos Pereira, S and Badui, R.A and Ball, J and Battaglieri, M and Batourine, V and Bedlinskiy, I and Biselli, A.S and Briscoe, W.J and Burkert, V.D and Carman, D.S and Celentano, A and Chandavar, S and Chetry, T and Ciullo, G and Clark, L and Cole, P.L and Compton, N and Contalbrigo, M and Crede, V and D'Angelo, A and Dashyan, N and De Vita, R and De Sanctis, E and Deur, A and Djalali, C and Dugger, M and Dupre, R and Egiyan, H and El Alaoui, A and El Fassi, L and Eugenio, P and Fanchini, E and Fedotov, G and Filippi, A and Fleming, J.A and Gevorgyan, N and Ghandilyan, Y and Giovanetti, K.L and Girod, F.X and Gleason, C and Gothe, R.W and Griffioen, K.A and Guo, L and Hanretty, C and Harrison, N and Hattawy, M and Holtrop, M and Hughes, S.M and Ilieva, Y and Ireland, D.G and Ishkhanov, B.S and Isupov, E.L and Jenkins, D and Jiang, H and Jo, H.S and Joosten, S and Keller, D and Khachatryan, G and Khandaker, M and Kim, W and Klein, F.J and Kubarovsky, V and Lanza, L and Lenisa, P and Livingston, K and MacGregor, I.J.D and Markov, N and McKinnon, B and Meyer, C.A and Mirazita, M and Mokeev, V and Montgomery, R.A and Movsisyan, A and Munevar, E and Munoz Camacho, C and Murdoch, G and Nadel-Turonski, P and Net, L.A and Ni, A and Niccolai, S and Niculescu, I and Osipenko, M and Ostrovidov, A.I and Paolone, M and Paremuzyan, R and Park, K and Pasyuk, E and Peng, P and Phelps, W and Pisano, S and Pogorelko, O and ... and CLAS Collaboration and George Washington Univ., Washington, DC (United States) and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 08/2017, Volume 771, pp. 142 - 150
Journal Article
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