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2012, Methods in molecular biology, ISBN 1617795062, Volume 838., xi, 386
by Northcott, Paul A and Shih, David J. H and Peacock, John and Garzia, Livia and Sorana Morrissy, A and Zichner, Thomas and Stútz, Adrian M and Korshunov, Andrey and Reimand, Júri and Schumacher, Steven E and Beroukhim, Rameen and Ellison, David W and Marshall, Christian R and Lionel, Anath C and MacK, Stephen and Dubuc, Adrian and Yao, Yuan and Ramaswamy, Vijay and Luu, Betty and Rolider, Adi and Cavalli, Florence M. G and Wang, Xin and Remke, Marc and Wu, Xiaochong and Chiu, Readman Y. B and Chu, Andy and Chuah, Eric and Corbett, Richard D and Hoad, Gemma R and Jackman, Shaun D and Li, Yisu and Lo, Allan and Mungall, Karen L and Ming Nip, Ka and Qian, Jenny Q and Raymond, Anthony G. J and Thiessen, Nina and Varhol, Richard J and Birol, Inanc and Moore, Richard A and Mungall, Andrew J and Holt, Robert and Kawauchi, Daisuke and Roussel, Martine F and Kool, Marcel and Jones, David T. W and Witt, Hendrick and Fernandez-L, Africa and Kenney, Anna M and Wechsler-Reya, Robert J and Dirks, Peter and Aviv, Tzvi and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A and Perek-Polnik, Marta and Haberler, Christine C and Delattre, Olivier and Reynaud, Stéphanie S and Doz, François F and Pernet-Fattet, Sarah S and Cho, Byung-Kyu and Kim, Seung-Ki and Wang, Kyu-Chang and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Eberhart, Charles G and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle and Jouvet, Anne and Pollack, Ian F and Fan, Xing and Muraszko, Karin M and Yancey Gillespie, G and Di Rocco, Concezio and Massimi, Luca and Michiels, Erna M. C and Kloosterhof, Nanne K and French, Pim J and Kros, Johan M and Olson, James M and Ellenbogen, Richard G and Zitterbart, Karel and Kren, Leos and Thompson, Reid C and Cooper, Michael K and Lach, Boleslaw and McLendon, Roger E and Bigner, Darell D and Fontebasso, Adam and Albrecht, Steffen and Jabado, Nada and Lindsey, Janet C and Bailey, Simon and Gupta, Nalin and Weiss, William A and Bognár, László and Klekner, Almos and Van Meter, Timothy E and Kumabe, Toshihiro and Tominaga, Teiji and Elbabaa, Samer K and Leonard, Jeffrey R and Rubin, Joshua B and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 08/2012, Volume 487, Issue 7409, pp. 49 - 56
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Mills, Ryan E and Walter, Klaudia and Stewart, Chip and Handsaker, Robert E and Chen, Ken and Alkan, Can and Abyzov, Alexej and Yoon, Seungtai Chris and Ye, Kai and Cheetham, R. Keira and Chinwalla, Asif and Conrad, Donald F and Fu, Yutao and Grubert, Fabian and Hajirasouliha, Iman and Hormozdiari, Fereydoun and Iakoucheva, Lilia M and Iqbal, Zamin and Kang, Shuli and Kidd, Jeffrey M and Konkel, Miriam K and Korn, Joshua and Khurana, Ekta and Kural, Deniz and Lam, Hugo Y. K and Leng, Jing and Li, Ruiqiang and Li, Yingrui and Lin, Chang-Yun and Luo, Ruibang and Mu, Xinmeng Jasmine and Nemesh, James and Peckham, Heather E and Rausch, Tobias and Scally, Aylwyn and Shi, Xinghua and Stromberg, Michael P and Sütz, Adrian M and Urban, Alexander Eckehart and Walker, Jerilyn A and Wu, Jiantao and Zhang, Yujun and Zhang, Zhengdong D and Batzer, Mark A and Ding, Li and Marth, Gabor T and McVean, Gil and Sebat, Jonathan and Snyder, Michael and Wang, Jun and Ye, Kenny and Eichler, Evan E and Gerstein, Mark B and Hurles, Matthew E and Lee, Charles and McCarroll, Steven A and Korbel, Jan O and Collins, Francis S and Altshuler, D.L and Durbin, R.M and Abecasis, G.R and Bentley, D.R and Chakravarti, A and Clark, A.G and De La Vega, F.M and Donnelly, P and Egholm, M and Flicek, P and Gabriel, S.B and Gibbs, R.A and Knoppers, B.M and Lander, E.S and Lehrach, H and Mardis, E.R and McVean, G.A and Nickerson, D.A and Peltonen, L and Schafer, A.J and Sherry, S.T and Wilson, R.K and Deiros, D and Metzker, M and Muzny, D and Reid, J and Wheeler, D and Li, J and Jian, M and Li, G and Liang, H and Tian, G and Wang, B and Wang, W and Yang, H and Zhang, X and Zheng, H and Ambrogio, L and Bloom, T and Cibulskis, K and Fennell, T.J and Jaffe, D.B and ... and 1000 Genomes Project
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 02/2011, Volume 470, Issue 7332, pp. 59 - 65
Journal Article
by Altshuler, David M and Durbin, Richard M and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Bentley, David R and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Clark, Andrew G and Donnelly, Peter and Eichler, Evan E and Flicek, Paul and Gabriel, Stacey B and Gibbs, Richard A and Green, Eric D and Hurles, Matthew E and Knoppers, Bartha M and Korbel, Jan O and Lander, Eric S and Lee, Charles and Lehrach, Hans and Mardis, Elaine R and Marth, Gabor T and McVean, Gil A and Nickerson, Deborah A and Schmidt, Jeanette P and Sherry, Stephen T and Wang, Jun and Wilson, Richard K and Dinh, Huyen and Kovar, Christie and Lee, Sandra and Lewis, Lora and Muzny, Donna and Reid, Jeff and Wang, Min and Fang, Xiaodong and Guo, Xiaosen and Jian, Min and Jiang, Hui and Jin, Xin and Li, Guoqing and Li, Jingxiang and Li, Yingrui and Li, Zhuo and Liu, Xiao and Lu, Yao and Ma, Xuedi and Su, Zhe and Tai, Shuaishuai and Tang, Meifang and Wang, Bo and Wang, Guangbiao and Wu, Honglong and Wu, Renhua and Yin, Ye and Zhang, Wenwei and Zhao, Jiao and Zhao, Meiru and Zheng, Xiaole and Zhou, Yan and Gupta, Namrata and Clarke, Laura and Leinonen, Rasko and Smith, Richard E and Zheng-Bradley, Xiangqun and Grocock, Russell and Humphray, Sean and James, Terena and Kingsbury, Zoya and Sudbrak, Ralf and Albrecht, Marcus W and Amstislavskiy, Vyacheslav S and Borodina, Tatiana A and Lienhard, Matthias and Mertes, Florian and Sultan, Marc and Timmermann, Bernd and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Fulton, Lucinda and Fulton, Robert and Weinstock, George M and Balasubramaniam, Senduran and Burton, John and Danecek, Petr and Keane, Thomas M and Kolb-Kokocinski, Anja and McCarthy, Shane and Stalker, James and Quail, Michael and Davies, Christopher J and Gollub, Jeremy and Webster, Teresa and Wong, Brant and Zhan, Yiping and Auton, Adam and Yu, Fuli and Bainbridge, Matthew and Challis, Danny and Evani, Uday S and Lu, James and Nagaswamy, Uma and Sabo, Aniko and ... and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2012, Volume 491, Issue 7422, pp. 56 - 65