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high energy physics (198) 198
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high energy physics - phenomenology (161) 161
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neutrino mass (157) 157
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dark matter (144) 144
double-beta decay (143) 143
instruments & instrumentation (141) 141
high energy physics - experiment (138) 138
neutrino (135) 135
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fermions (133) 133
nuclei (132) 132
elementary particles (131) 131
phenomenology (130) 130
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rest mass (126) 126
half-life (123) 123
isotopes (123) 123
sensitivity (122) 122
bolometers (119) 119
massless particles (108) 108
matrix elements (108) 108
nuclear science & technology (105) 105
nuclear matrix (101) 101
neutrino oscillation (96) 96
energy resolution (91) 91
physics - high energy physics - phenomenology (91) 91
even-even nuclei (89) 89
intermediate mass nuclei (89) 89
germanium 76 (88) 88
xenon (88) 88
astrophysics (85) 85
stable isotopes (84) 84
radioaktiver zerfall (81) 81
beta-strahlung (80) 80
nuclear structure (78) 78
double-beta decay: (76) 76
random phase approximation (76) 76
bolometer (75) 75
crystals (75) 75
[phys.nexp]physics [physics]/nuclear experiment [nucl-ex] (74) 74
standard model (74) 74
nuclear theory (72) 72
[phys.phys.phys-ins-det]physics [physics]/physics [physics]/instrumentation and detectors [physics.ins-det] (70) 70
mathematical models (68) 68
nuclear physics (64) 64
double-beta decay detectors (63) 63
particle identification (61) 61
searching (61) 61
molybdenum 100 (60) 60
nonluminous matter (59) 59
physics, multidisciplinary (59) 59
tellurium 130 (59) 59
underground (57) 57
shell models (55) 55
neutrons (53) 53
nuclear matrix elements (53) 53
radioisotopes (53) 53
neutrinoless double-beta decay (52) 52
solar neutrinos (51) 51
analysis (50) 50
cosmology (50) 50
electrons (49) 49
low background (49) 49
neutrino detection (49) 49
nuclear physics, heavy ions, hadrons (47) 47
symmetry (47) 47
physics - nuclear experiment (46) 46
excited states (45) 45
lepton number (45) 45
correlations (44) 44
germanium (44) 44
physics, general (44) 44
cryogenics (43) 43
gamow-teller rules (43) 43
interactions (42) 42
nucleons (42) 42
radioactivity (41) 41
calcium 48 (40) 40
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Nuclear physics. A, ISSN 0375-9474, 2009, Volume 818, Issue 3, pp. 139 - 151
Journal Article
Nuclear physics. A, ISSN 0375-9474, 02/2018, Volume 970, pp. 379 - 387
Journal Article
by Aalbers, J and Agostini, F and Alfonsi, M and Amaro, F.D and Amsler, C and Aprile, E and Arazi, L and Arneodo, F and Barrow, P and Baudis, L and Benabderrahmane, M.L and Berger, T and Beskers, B and Breskin, A and Breur, P.A and Brown, A and Brown, E and Bruenner, S and Bruno, G and Budnik, R and Butikofer, L and Calven, J and Cardoso, J.M.R and Cichon, D and Coderre, D and Colijn, A.P and Conrad, J and Cussonneau, J.P and Decowski, M.P and Diglio, S and Drexlin, G and Duchovni, E and Erdal, E and Eurin, G and Ferella, A and Fieguth, A and Fulgione, W and Gallo Rosso, A and Di Gangi, P and Di Giovanni, A and Galloway, M and Garbini, M and Geis, C and Glueck, F and Grandi, L and Greene, Z and Grignon, C and Hasterok, C and Hannen, V and Hogenbirk, E and Howlett, J and Hilk, D and Hils, C and James, A and Kaminsky, B and Kazama, S and Kilminster, B and Kish, A and Krauss, L.M and Landsman, H and Lang, R.F and Lin, Q and Linde, F.L and Lindemann, S and Lindner, M and Lopes, J.A.M and Undagoitia, Marrodan T and Masbou, J and Massoli, F.V and Mayani, D and Messina, M and Micheneau, K and Molinario, A and Mora, K.D and Morteau, E and Murra, M and Naganoma, J and Newstead, J.L and Ni, K and Oberlack, U and Pakarha, P and Pelssers, B and De Perio, P and Persiani, R and Piastra, F and Piro, M.C and Plante, G and Rauch, L and Reichard, S and Rizzo, A and Rupp, N and Dos Santos, J.M.F and Sartorelli, G and Scheibelhut, M and Schindler, S and Schumann, M and Schreiner, J and Lavina, L. Scotto and Selvi, M and Shagin, P and ... and DARWIN Collaboration
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 11/2016, Volume 2016, Issue 11, pp. 17 - 17
Journal Article
by Arnold, R and Augier, C and Barabash, A.S and Basharina-Freshville, A and Blondel, S and Blot, S and Bongrand, M and Boursette, D and Breier, R and Brudanin, V and Busto, J and Caffrey, A.J and Calvez, S and Cascella, M and Cerna, C and Cesar, J.P and Chapon, A and Chauveau, E and Chopra, A and Dawson, L and Duchesneau, D and Durand, D and Egorov, V and Eurin, G and Evans, J.J and Fajt, L and Filosofov, D and Flack, R and Garrido, X and Girard-Carillo, C and Gómez, H and Guillon, B and Guzowski, P and Hodák, R and Huber, A and Hubert, P and Hugon, C and Jullian, S and Klimenko, A and Kochetov, O and Konovalov, S.I and Kovalenko, V and Lalanne, D and Lang, K and Lemière, Y and Le Noblet, T and Liptak, Z and Liu, X.R and Loaiza, P and Lutter, G and Macko, M and Macolino, C and Mamedov, F and Marquet, C and Mauger, F and Minotti, A and Morgan, B and Mott, J and Nemchenok, I and Nomachi, M and Nova, F and Nowacki, F and Ohsumi, H and Oliviéro, G and Pahlka, R.B and Palusova, V and Patrick, C and Perrot, F and Pin, A and Piquemal, F and Povinec, P and Přidal, P and Ramachers, Y.A and Remoto, A and Reyss, J.L and Richards, B and Riddle, C.L and Rukhadze, E and Saakyan, R and Salazar, R and Sarazin, X and Sedgbeer, J and Shitov, Yu and Simard, L and Šimkovic, F and Smetana, A and Smolek, K and Smolnikov, A and Söldner-Rembold, S and Soulé, B and Štekl, I and Suhonen, J and Sutton, C.S and Szklarz, G and Tedjditi, H and Thomas, J and Timkin, V and Torre, S and Tretyak, Vl.I and Tretyak, V.I and ... and NEMO-3 Collaboration
Nuclear physics. A, ISSN 0375-9474, 04/2020, Volume 996, p. 121701
Journal Article
International journal of mass spectrometry, ISSN 1387-3806, 03/2015, Volume 379, Issue C, pp. 110 - 120
Journal Article
by Alduino, C and Alessandria, F and Alfonso, K and Andreotti, E and Arnaboldi, C and Avignone, F.T and Azzolini, O and Balata, M and Bandac, I and Banks, T.I and Bari, G and Barucci, M and Beeman, J.W and Bellini, F and Benato, G and Bersani, A and Biare, D and Biassoni, M and Bragazzi, F and Branca, A and Brofferio, C and Bryant, A and Buccheri, A and Bucci, C and Bulfon, C and Camacho, A and Caminata, A and Canonica, L and Cao, X.G and Capelli, S and Capodiferro, M and Cappelli, L and Cardani, L and Cariello, M and Carniti, P and Carrettoni, M and Casali, N and Cassina, L and Cereseto, R and Ceruti, G and Chiarini, A and Chiesa, D and Chott, N and Clemenza, M and Conventi, D and Copello, S and Cosmelli, C and Cremonesi, O and Crescentini, C and Creswick, R.J and Cushman, J.S and D'Addabbo, A and D'Aguanno, D and Dafinei, I and Datskov, V and Davis, C.J and Del Corso, F and Dell'Oro, S and Deninno, M.M and Di Domizio, S and Di Vacri, M.L and Di Paolo, L and Drobizhev, A and Ejzak, L and Faccini, R and Fang, D.Q and Faverzani, M and Ferri, E and Ferroni, F and Fiorini, E and Franceschi, M.A and Freedman, S.J and Fujikawa, B.K and Gaigher, R and Giachero, A and Gironi, L and Giuliani, A and Gladstone, L and Goett, J and Gorla, P and Gotti, C and Guandalini, C and Guerzoni, M and Gutierrez, T.D and Haller, E.E and Han, K and Hansen, E.V and Heeger, K.M and Hennings-Yeomans, R and Hickerson, K.P and Huang, H.Z and Iannone, M and Ioannucci, L and Kadel, R and Keppel, G and Kogler, L and Kolomensky, Yu. G and Leder, A and Ligi, C and Lim, K.E and ...
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2018, Volume 120, Issue 13, p. 1
Journal Article
by Adams, D. Q and Alduino, C and Alfonso, K and Avignone, F. T and Azzolini, O and Bari, G and Bellini, F and Benato, G and Biassoni, M and Branca, A and Brofferio, C and Bucci, C and Caminata, A and Campani, A and Canonica, L and Cao, X. G and Capelli, S and Cappelli, L and Cardani, L and Carniti, P and Casali, N and Chiesa, D and Chott, N and Clemenza, M and Copello, S and Cosmelli, C and Cremonesi, O and Creswick, R. J and D’Addabbo, A and D’Aguanno, D and Dafinei, I and Davis, C. J and Dell’Oro, S and Di Domizio, S and Dompè, V and Fang, D. Q and Fantini, G and Faverzani, M and Ferri, E and Ferroni, F and Fiorini, E and Franceschi, M. A and Freedman, S. J and Fujikawa, B. K and Giachero, A and Gironi, L and Giuliani, A and Gorla, P and Gotti, C and Gutierrez, T. D and Han, K and Heeger, K. M and Huang, R. G and Huang, H. Z and Johnston, J and Keppel, G and Kolomensky, Yu. G and Ligi, C and Ma, Y. G and Ma, L and Marini, L and Maruyama, R. H and Mei, Y and Moggi, N and Morganti, S and Napolitano, T and Nastasi, M and Nikkel, J and Nones, C and Norman, E. B and Novati, V and Nucciotti, A and Nutini, I and O’Donnell, T and Ouellet, J. L and Pagliarone, C. E and Pagnanini, L and Pallavicini, M and Pattavina, L and Pavan, M and Pessina, G and Pettinacci, V and Pira, C and Pirro, S and Pozzi, S and Previtali, E and Puiu, A and Rosenfeld, C and Rusconi, C and Sakai, M and Sangiorgio, S and Schmidt, B and Scielzo, N. D and Sharma, V and Singh, V and Sisti, M and Speller, D and Surukuchi, P. T and Taffarello, L and Terranova, F and ... and CUORE Collaboration and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 03/2020, Volume 124, Issue 12
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Albert, J.B and Anton, G and Badhrees, I and Barbeau, P.S and Bayerlein, R and Beck, D and Belov, V and Breidenbach, M and Brunner, T and Cao, G.F and Cen, W.R and Chambers, C and Cleveland, B and Coon, M and Craycraft, A and Cree, W and Daniels, T and Danilov, M and Daugherty, S.J and Daughhetee, J and Davis, J and Delaquis, S and Der Mesrobian-Kabakian, A and Devoe, R and Didberidze, T and Dilling, J and Dolgolenko, A and Dolinski, M.J and Fairbank, W and Farine, J and Feyzbakhsh, S and Fierlinger, P and Fudenberg, D and Gornea, R and Graham, K and Gratta, G and Hall, C and Hansen, E.V and Hoessl, J and Hufschmidt, P and Hughes, M and Jamil, A and Jewell, M.J and Johnson, A and Johnston, S and Karelin, A and Kaufman, L.J and Koffas, T and Kravitz, S and Krücken, R and Kuchenkov, A and Kumar, K.S and Lan, Y and Leonard, D.S and Li, G.S and Li, S and Licciardi, C and Lin, Y.H and Maclellan, R and Michel, T and Mong, B and Moore, D and Murray, K and Nelson, R and Njoya, O and Odian, A and Ostrovskiy, I and Piepke, A and Pocar, A and Retière, F and Rowson, P.C and Russell, J.J and Schmidt, S and Schubert, A and Sinclair, D and Stekhanov, V and Tarka, M and Tolba, T and Tsang, R and Vogel, P and Vuilleumier, J.-L and Wagenpfeil, M and Waite, A and Walton, T and Weber, M and Wen, L.J and Wichoski, U and Wrede, G and Yang, L and Yen, Y.-R and Zeldovich, O. Ya and Zettlemoyer, J and Ziegler, T and EXO-200 Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2018, Volume 120, Issue 7, pp. 072701 - 072701
Journal Article
Physical review. C, ISSN 2469-9985, 08/2019, Volume 100, Issue 2
Journal Article