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06/1725, Volume 1
Book Review
The Gentleman's Magazine: and historical chronicle, Jan. 1736-Dec. 1833, ISSN 2043-3026, 02/1756, Volume 26, pp. 73 - 76
land, lies in latitude 55d 24m north, and longitude 1d 20m west from London; it is situated on the north side of a hill, near the river Aln or Ale, over which... 
Journal Article
London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer, 1747-1783, ISSN 2043-4049, 02/1757, Volume 26, pp. 89 - 89
Journal Article
10. The builder's companion, and workman's general assistant
: Demonstrating, after the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the plan to the ornamental finish; illustrated with a greater number of useful and familiar examples than any work of that kind hitherto published; with clear and ample instructions, annexed to each subject or number, on the same plate; being not only useful but necessary to all masons, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, joiners, and others concerned in the several branches of building, &c. Also, the figure, description, and use of a new-invented joint-rule, to calculated as to render easy the drawing of any figure, architrave, frize, cornice, or moulding, that can be required to any given scale. The whole correctly engraven on seventy-seven folio copper-plates, from the designs of William Pain the subjects herein chiefly consist of, I. Of foundations, walls, and their diminutions, fitness of chimneys, and proportion of light to rooms, with the due scantlings of timber to be cut for building, &c. II. Great variety of geometrical, elliptic, and polygon figures, with rules for their formation. Centering of all sorts, for groinds, brick and stone arches, &c. both circular and splay'd, also with circular sofits in a circular wall: many examples for glewing and vaneering, niches, &c. with rules for tracing the cover of curve-line roofs, piers, vases, pedestals for sun-dials, busts, &c. and their most suitable proportions. III. General directions for framing floors and partitions, truss-roofs, &c. and methods to find the length and backing of hips, strait or curve lines to any pitch, square or bevel. IV. Of stair-cases, variously constructed; the methods of working ramp and twist-rails-profils of stairs to shew the manner of setting carriages for the steps, also the framing of string-boards and rails, and likewise of fixing them. V. The five orders of architecture from Palladin, with the rule for gauging flutes and fillets on a diminish'd column, by a method extremely easy, and intirely new. VI. Doors, windows, frontispieces, chimney-pieces, cornices, mouldings, &c. truly proportion'd, in a plain and genteel taste. VII. Sacred ornaments, viz. altar-pieces, pulpits, monuments, &c. VIII. Gothic architecture, being a various collection of columns, entablatures, arches, doors, windows, chimney-pieces, and other decorations in that prevailing taste-and it may be noted of these, as of all the foregoing examples, that they are immediately adapted to workmen, and may be executed by the meanest capacity
Web Resource
Newcastle general magazine, 1748-1760, ISSN 2043-5274, 07/1759, pp. 373 - 378
Journal Article
Newcastle general magazine, 1748-1760, ISSN 2043-5274, 07/1759, pp. 373 - 378
Journal Article
The Royal magazine, ISSN 2043-5924, 01/1763, Volume 8, pp. 16 - 20
LEAVING the Savoy, we passed down the Strand, and turned up Southampton-street into Covent Garden, a very large square, and famous for its green-market. It has... 
Journal Article
London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer, 1747-1783, ISSN 2043-4049, 01/1767, Volume 36, pp. 7 - 8
THIS seat is sometimes called Stourhead, from its being near the head of the river so named. 
Journal Article
London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer, 1747-1783, ISSN 2043-4049, 01/1768, Volume 37, pp. 30 - 34
ern Counties of England and Wales, in several Letters to a Friend, we shall give some extracts from that performance, and at present the writer's description... 
Journal Article
18. The builder's companion
: and workman's general assistant; demonstrating, After the most easy and practical Method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the plan to the ornamental finish; Illustrated with a greater Number of useful and familiar Examples than any Work of that Kind hitherto published; With Clear and ample Instructions annexed to each Subject or Number, on the same Plate, with Estimates of Materials and Workmanship; Being not only useful to all Masons, Bricklayers, Plasterers, Carpenters, Joiners, and others concerned in the several Branches of Building, &c. but also necessary for Gentlemen, who will be hereby enabled to know the exact Expence of any Building, Alteration, or Repair. The whole correctly engraved on 92 folio copper-plates, containing upwards of seven hundred designs on the following Subjects, &c. 1. Of Foundations, Walls, and their Diminutions, Fitness of Chimneys, and Proportion of Light to Rooms, with the due Scantlings of Timber to be cut for Buildings, &c. II. Great Variety of Geometrical, Elliptic, and Polygon Figures, with Rules for their Formation, centering of all Sorts for Groins, Brick and Stone Arches, &c. both circular and splayed, also with circular Soflits in a circular Wall; many Examples for Gluing and Vancering Niches, &c. with Rules for tracing the Cover of Curve-Line Roofs, Piers, Vases, Pedestals for Sun-Dials, Busts, &c. and their must suitable Proportions. III. General Directions for framing Floors and Partitions Truss-Roofs, &c. and Methods to find the Length and Backing of Hips, straight or curve Lines to any Pitch, Square, or Bevel. IV. Of Stair-Cases, variously constructed; the Methods of working Ramp and Twist Rails; Profits of Stairs to shew the Manner of setting Carriages for the Steps; also the Framing of String-Boards and Rails, and likewise of fixing them. V. The Five Orders of Architecture from Palladio, with the Rule for gauging Flutes and Fillets on a diminished Column, by a Method extremely easy, and entirely new. VI. Doors, Windows, Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Cornices, Mouldings, &c. truly proportioned, in a plain and genteel Taste. Vii. Sacred Ornaments, viz. Altar-Pieces, Pulpits, &c. Viii. Gothic Architecture, being a various Collection of Columns, Entablatures, Arches, Doors, Windows, Chimney-Pieces, and other Decorations in that prevailing Taste-And it may be noted of these, as of all the foregoing Examples, that they are immediately adapted to Workmen, and may be executed by the meanest Capacity. IX. Plans and Elevations of elegant Buildings Green-Houses, Hot-Houses, Temples, Seats for Gardens, Parks, &c. By William Pain, Architect and Joiner
1769, The third edition, with many improvements and additions by the author.
Web Resource
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