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àrees temàtiques de la upc (26) 26
fusió nuclear (16) 16
nuclear fusion (16) 16
science & technology (16) 16
física (14) 14
energies (13) 13
physics (13) 13
physical sciences (11) 11
energia nuclear (10) 10
física [àrees temàtiques de la upc] (10) 10
fusion (9) 9
fusion reactors (8) 8
demo (7) 7
energies::energia nuclear [àrees temàtiques de la upc] (7) 7
fusió nuclear controlada (7) 7
nuclear reactors (7) 7
technology (7) 7
fusion reactions (6) 6
reactors de fusió (6) 6
analysis (5) 5
mathematical models (5) 5
nuclear experiment (5) 5
nuclear science & technology (5) 5
physics, fluids & plasmas (5) 5
plasma physics (5) 5
reactors nuclears de fusió (5) 5
deuterium (4) 4
energies [àrees temàtiques de la upc] (4) 4
energies::energia nuclear::reactors nuclears de fusió [àrees temàtiques de la upc] (4) 4
fusion power (4) 4
physics, nuclear (4) 4
reactors nuclears (4) 4
reaktor (4) 4
tritium (4) 4
balance of plant (3) 3
controlled fusion (3) 3
deuterons (3) 3
fusionsreaktor (3) 3
helium (3) 3
ifmif (3) 3
lithium (3) 3
neutrons (3) 3
nuclear and high energy physics (3) 3
nuclear physics, heavy ions, hadrons (3) 3
nuclear theory (3) 3
particle and nuclear physics (3) 3
physics, particles & fields (3) 3
plasma (3) 3
plasmas (3) 3
supercritical co2 brayton cycle (3) 3
tokamak devices (3) 3
1 open access (2) 2
114 physics (2) 2
653003 - nuclear theory- nuclear reactions & scattering (2) 2
70 plasma physics and fusion technology (2) 2
accelerator (2) 2
aina (2) 2
astrofísica (2) 2
astrophysical implications (2) 2
asymptotic giant branch (2) 2
asymptotic giant branch stars (2) 2
availability (2) 2
brayton cycle (2) 2
brayton-prozess (2) 2
charged-particle reactions (2) 2
computer simulation (2) 2
condensed matter physics (2) 2
coolants (2) 2
coulomb field (2) 2
cross-sections (2) 2
cyclotron frequency (2) 2
dcll (2) 2
deuterium target (2) 2
deuteron reactions (2) 2
dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3104 (2) 2
dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3106 (2) 2
dwba analysis (2) 2
electric fields (2) 2
energy & fuels (2) 2
exact sciences and technology (2) 2
fi/minedu/virta/openaccess/1 (2) 2
fi/minedu/virta/scienceareas/114 (2) 2
fission (2) 2
fluid dynamics (2) 2
fusion, plasma and space physics (2) 2
fusion, plasma och rymdfysik (2) 2
física nuclear (2) 2
hadrons (2) 2
heating (2) 2
hidrogen (2) 2
hydrogen (2) 2
icrf (2) 2
ion cyclotron radiation (2) 2
isotopes (2) 2
isòtops (2) 2
iter (2) 2
jet plasmas (2) 2
joint european torus (2) 2
kinetics (2) 2
kühlmittel (2) 2
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by Tsinganis, A and Vlastou, R and Schillebeeckx, P and Plompen, A and Heyse, J and Ugec, P and Barbagallo, M and Calviani, M and Berthoumieux, E and Chiaveri, E and Aberle, O and Andrzejewski, J and Audouin, L and Bécares, V and Bacak, M and Balibrea, J and Barros, S and Beinrucker, C and Belloni, F and Billowes, J and Brugger, M and Calviño, F and Cano-Ott, D and Cerutti, F and Cortés, G and Cortés-Giraldo, M.A and Damone, L.A and Deo, K and Diakaki, M and Domingo-Pardo, C and Dressler, R and Dupont, E and Durán, I and Fernández-Domínguez, B and Ferrari, A and Ferreira, P and Finocchiaro, P and Frost, R.J.W and Furman, V and Göbel, K and Gómez-Hornillos, M.B and Gonçalves, I.F and González, E and Goverdovski, A and Griesmayer, E and Gunsing, F and Hernández-Prieto, A and Jericha, E and Käppeler, F and Kadi, Y and Katabuchi, T and Kavrigin, P and Ketlerov, V and Khryachkov, V and Kimura, A and Kivel, N and Leal-Cidoncha, E and Lederer, C and Leeb, H and Lerendegui-Marco, J and Licata, M and Meo, S. Lo and Losito, R and Martínez, T and Mastromarco, M and Matteucci, F and Mendoza, E and Mengoni, A and Milazzo, P.M and Montesano, S and Nolte, R and Palomo-Pinto, F.R and Paradela, C and Pavlik, A and Perkowski, J and Porras, J.I and Quesada, J.M and Rauscher, T and Reifarth, R and Riego-Perez, A and Robles, M and Rubbia, C and Ryan, J.A and Sabaté-Gilarte, M and Saxena, A and Schumann, D and Sedyshev, P and Smith, A.G and Tagliente, G and Tain, J.L and Tassan-Got, L and Valenta, S and Vannini, G and Ventura, A and Vlachoudis, V and Wallner, A and Warren, S and Weigand, M and Weiss, C and Wright, T
EPJ Web of Conferences, ISSN 2101-6275, 09/2017, Volume 146, p. 04030
Conference Proceeding
by Aho-Mantila, L and Alper, B and Appelbee, C and Asztalos, O and Baumane, L and Bertalot, L and Birkenmeier, G and Blackburn, J and Bolshakova, I and Bonnin, X and Bowman, C and Brennan, D and Brett, A and Cecconello, M and Cecil, E and Chang, C.S and Coenen, J.W and Conka, D and Coster, D and Cruz, N and Czarnecka, A and De Dominici, G and Dittmar, T and Doerner, R.P and Dumont, R and Dunne, M and Edappala, P.V and Edwards, A.M and Elsmore, C and Ewart, G and Frigione, D and Fuchs, V and Gál, K and Geiger, B and Ghani, Z and Giacomelli, L and Giegerich, T and Glöggler, S and Gohil, P and Griph, S and Groth, M and Hacquin, S and Hager, R and Heinola, K and Higginson, W and Hornung, G and Kantor, A and Klepper, C and Knipe, S and Kocsis, G and Kollo, Z and Lascas Neto, E and aszy ska, E and Leggate, H.J and Lerche, E and Lescinskis, A and Li, Y and Macheta, P and Maingi, R and Marcenko, N and Marin, M and Mayoral, M.L and McCormack, O and Medley, S and Mertens, Ph and Meyer, H and Militello, F and Mosher, S and Nespoli, F and Neu, R and Noterdaeme, J.M and Nowak, S and Odupitan, T and Passeri, M and Pereira, R and Pericoli, V and Petravich, G and Predebon, I and Ragona, R and Rasmussen, J.J and Scott, S.D and Sommariva, C and Sonato, P and Stallard, J and Stamp, M.F and Stancar, Z and Staniec, P and Stepanov, I and Testa, D and Tholerus, E and Tyshchenko, M and Valovic, M and Wakeling, B and Weckmann, A and Wheeler, S and Wolfrum, E and Woodley, C and Xue, Y and Zakharov, L and Zwingmann, W and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States)
Nuclear fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 11/2019, Volume 59, Issue 11, p. 112021
Journal Article
Journal Article
2014, ISBN 9789814579759, xiv, 197