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by El-Helou, SM and Biegner, AK and Bode, S and Ehl, SR and Heeg, M and Maccari, ME and Ritterbusch, H and Speckmann, C and Rusch, S and Scheible, R and Warnatz, K and Atschekzei, F and Beider, R and Ernst, D and Gerschmann, S and Jablonka, A and Mielke, G and Schmidt, RE and Schurmann, G and Sogkas, G and Baumann, UH and Klemann, C and Viemann, D and von Bernuth, H and Kruger, R and Hanitsch, LG and Scheibenbogen, CM and Wittke, K and Albert, MH and Eichinger, A and Hauck, F and Klein, C and Rack-Hoch, A and Sollinger, FM and Avila, A and Borte, M and Borte, S and Fasshauer, M and Hauenherm, A and Kellner, N and Muller, AH and Ulzen, A and Bader, P and Bakhtiar, S and Lee, JY and Hess, U and Schubert, R and Wolke, S and Zielen, S and Ghosh, S and Laws, HJ and Neubert, J and Oommen, PT and Honig, M and Schulz, A and Steinmann, S and Schwarz, K and Duckers, G and Lamers, B and Langemeyer, V and Niehues, T and Shai, S and Graf, D and Muglich, C and Schmalzing, MT and Schwaneck, EC and Tony, HP and Dirks, J and Haase, G and Liese, JG and Morbach, H and Foell, D and Hellige, A and Wittkowski, H and Masjosthusmann, K and Mohr, M and Geberzahn, L and Hedrich, CM and Muller, C and Rosen-Wolff, A and Roesler, J and Zimmermann, A and Behrends, U and Rieber, N and Schauer, U and Handgretinger, R and Holzer, U and Henes, J and Kanz, L and Boesecke, C and Rockstroh, JK and Schwarze-Zander, C and Wasmuth, JC and Dilloo, D and Hulsmann, B and Schonberger, S and Schreiber, S and Zeuner, R and Ankermann, T and von Bismarck, P and ...
FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, ISSN 1664-3224, 07/2019, Volume 10, p. 1272
Introduction: The German PID-NET registry was founded in 2009, serving as the first national registry of patients with primary immunodeficiencies (PID) in... 
CVID | AFRICA | IgG substitution therapy | PID prevalence | European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) | DISORDERS | IMMUNOLOGY | registry for primary immunodeficiency | primary immunodeficiency (PID) | KUWAIT | German PID-NET registry
Journal Article
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