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by Abhayasinghe, D.K and Abramowicz, H and Adam, L and Adorni, S and Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A and Akimov, A.V and Alderweireldt, S and Aleksa, M and Alexa, C and Alhroob, M and Allen, B.W and Alonso, A and Alonso, F and Amelung, C and Angelidakis, S and Angerami, A and Annovi, A and Arguin, J-F and Argyropoulos, S and Arrubarrena Tame, Z.P and Atkin, R.J and Avolio, G and Azoulay, A.M and Backman, F and Baker, O.K and Bakshi Gupta, D and Barak, L and Barbe, W.M and Barbour, G and Barreiro, F and Bates, R.L and Bauce, M and Bauer, K.T and Beacham, J.B and Beddall, A and Bedognetti, M and Behera, A and Behr, J.K and Bell, A.S and Bellos, P and Benekos, N and Benjamin, D.P and Berger, N and Bergmann, B and Bergsten, L.J and Bernardi, G and Bernius, C and Berta, P and Bi, R and Biswal, J.P and Biswas, D and Bitadze, A and Bittrich, C and Blocker, C and Bold, T and Bonilla, J.S and Booth, C.D and Borecka-Bielska, H.M and Borisov, A and Borissov, G and Boudreau, J and Brau, J.E and Brendlinger, K and Brenner, L and Briglin, D.L and Brock, R and Brooijmans, G and Brooks, W.K and Bruni, G and Bruni, L.S and Buat, Q and Buzykaev, A.R and Calace, N and Calafiura, P and Calderini, G and Calfayan, P and Callea, G and Campana, S and Cao, T and Carney, R.M.D and Casper, D.W and Castro, N.F and Catinaccio, A and Caudron, J and Chapman, J.D and Charman, T.P and Chelstowska, M.A and Cheplakov, A and Cherkaoui El Moursli, R and Chomont, A.R and Chow, Y.S and Chu, M.C and Clark, A and Clark, M.R and Coniavitis, E and Corradi, M and Cowley, J.W and Crépé-Renaudin, S and Cristinziani, M and Darbo, G and ... and The ATLAS Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and The Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH (United States) and ATLAS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 02/2020, Volume 801, Issue C, p. 135145
A search for non-resonant Higgs boson pair production, as predicted by the Standard Model, is presented, where one of the Higgs bosons decays via the H... 
PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
by Erö, J and König, A and Rad, N and Strauss, J and Waltenberger, W and Wittmann, J and Wulz, C.-E and Chekhovsky, V and Van Haevermaet, H and Abu Zeid, S and Lowette, S and Olbrechts, A and Karapostoli, G and Luetic, J and Maerschalk, T and Marinov, A and Randle-conde, A and Seva, T and Vander Velde, C and Zenoni, F and Khvastunov, I and Poyraz, D and Roskas, C and Komm, M and Mertens, A and Beliy, N and Aldá Júnior, W.L and Correa Martins Junior, M and Hensel, C and Moraes, A and Da Silveira, G.G and De Jesus Damiao, D and Mora Herrera, C and Ahuja, S and Bernardes, C.A and Stoykova, S and Dimitrov, A and Pavlov, B and Liao, H and Chen, G and Avila, C and Cabrera, A and Lelas, D and Antunovic, Z and Kovac, M and Brigljevic, V and Susa, T and Rykaczewski, H and Elgammal, S and Kadastik, M and Eerola, P and Voutilainen, M and Lampén, T and Besancon, M and Antropov, I and Cadamuro, L and Jo, M and Regnard, S and Sauvan, J.B and Sirois, Y and Stahl Leiton, A.G and Andrea, J and Bloch, D and Chanon, N and Conte, E and Coubez, X and Goerlach, U and Tonon, N and Bernet, C and Chierici, R and Depasse, P and El Mamouni, H and Fay, J and Gascon, S and Laktineh, I.B and Lethuillier, M and Perries, S and Popov, A and Toriashvili, T and Beranek, S and Albert, A and Endres, M and Hamer, M and Hoepfner, K and Meyer, A and Mukherjee, S and Thüer, S and Kress, T and Nehrkorn, A and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Beernaert, K and Behnke, O and Bermúdez Martínez, A and Bin Anuar, A.A and Borras, K and Botta, V and Diez Pardos, C and Hauk, J and Korol, I and Raspereza, A and ... and The CMS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2018, Volume 778, Issue C, pp. 101 - 127
A search for the production of Higgs boson pairs in proton–proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 13TeV is presented, using a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35.9fb... 
CMS | Higgs | Higgs boson pair production | Physics
Journal Article
by Tumasyan, A and Asilar, E and Bergauer, T and Brandstetter, J and Spanring, M and Spitzbart, D and Waltenberger, W and Wulz, C. -E and Van Mechelen, P and Abu Zeid, S and Flouris, G and Lontkovskyi, D and Moreels, L and Van Doninck, W and Van Parijs, I and Beghin, D and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Thomas, L and Vander Velde, C and Vermassen, B and Giammanco, A and Magitteri, A and Piotrzkowski, K and Correa Martins Junior, M and Moraes, A and Rebello Teles, P and De Oliveira Martins, C and Fonseca De Souza, S and Malbouisson, H and Santoro, A and Sznajder, A and Gregores, E. M and Padula, S. S and Aleksandrov, A and Rodozov, M and Gao, X and Chen, G. M and Chen, H. S and Chen, M and Chen, Y and Liao, H and Zhang, S and Chen, G and Li, J and González Hernández, C. F and Kadija, K and Ather, M. W and Kolosova, M and Mavromanolakis, G and Nicolaou, C and Razis, P. A and Finger, M and Heikkilä, J. K and Lassila-Perini, K and Lehti, S and Ferri, F and Malcles, J and Busson, P and Nguyen, M and Zabi, A and Fontaine, J. -C and Jansová, M and Van Hove, P and Chierici, R and Contardo, D and Depasse, P and Lagarde, F and Lattaud, H and Lethuillier, M and Mirabito, L and Popov, A and Tsamalaidze, Z and Albert, A and Fischer, R and Ghosh, S and Hebbeker, T and Reithler, H and Thüer, S and Flügge, G and Müller, T and Nowack, A and Stahl, A and Beernaert, K and Behnke, O and Bertsche, D and De Wit, A and Gallo, E and Grados Luyando, J. M and Haranko, M and Leonard, J and Lohmann, W and Meyer, M and Missiroli, M and Pflitsch, S. K and Pitzl, D and Raspereza, A and Shevchenko, R and Turkot, O and Wichmann, K and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 04/2019, Volume 792, Issue C
Differential Higgs boson (H) production cross sections are sensitive probes for physics beyond the standard model... 
PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Differential cross sections | Combination | Higgs boson coupling modifiers
Journal Article
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 02/2018, Volume 777, pp. 294 - 297
Journal Article
by Ambrogi, F and Flechl, M and Ghete, V. M and Jeitler, M and Krammer, N and Kratschmer, I and Liko, D and Mikulec, I and Rad, N and Schofbeck, R and Spitzbart, D and Waltenberger, W and Wulz, C. -E and Zarucki, M and Janssen, X and Van Haevermaet, H and Blekman, F and D'Hondt, J and Python, Q and Van Doninck, W and Van Mulders, R and Bilin, B and Fasanella, G and Thomas, L and Cornelis, T and Zaganidis, N and Brochet, S and Caputo, C and Piotrzkowski, K and Saggio, A and Alves, F. L and Alves, G. A and Silva, G. Correia and Moraes, A and Belchior Batista Das Chagas, E and Melo De Almeida, M and Mundim, L and Santoro, A and Torres Da Silva De Araujo, F and Calligaris, L and Novaes, S. F and Padul, S. S and Misheva, M and Sultanov, G and Chen, H. S and Chen, Y and Shaheen, S. M and Li, J and Li, L and Wang, Y and Carrillo Montoya, C. A and Lelas, D and Puljak, I and Sculac, T and Mavromanolakis, G and Mohamed, A and Bhowmik, S and Ehataht, K and Pekkanen, J and Karimaki, V and Laurila, S and Tuominiemi, J and Ganjour, S and Gras, R and Negro, G and Rander, J and Chariot, C and Ortona, G and Sirois, Y and Collard, C and Gele, D and Goerlach, U and Gadrat, S and Depasse, R and Gascon, S and Lattaud, H and Donckt, M. Vander and Autermann, C and Feld, L and Lipinski, M and Fischer, R and Heidemann, C and Millet, R and Rieger, M and Fluegge, G and Nowack, A and Sert, H and Behrens, U and Bertsche, D and Botta, V and Contreras-Campana, C and Eren, E and Grohsjean, A and Hauk, J and Mankel, R and Raspereza, A and Singh, A and Turkot, O and Walsh, R and Wichmann, K and ...
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 05/2019, Volume 792, pp. 369 - 396
Differential Higgs boson (H) production cross sections are sensitive probes for physics beyond the standard model... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Astronomy & Astrophysics | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 05/2017, Volume 77, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 10
Journal Article
International Journal of Modern Physics A, ISSN 0217-751X, 12/2017, Volume 32, Issue 34, p. 1746002
The SM-like Higgs pair production is discussed in the framework of the general CP-violating two-Higgs-doublet model, where we find that the CP-violating mixing angles can be related to the Higgs self-couplings... 
Theory | CP violation | LHC | Higgs boson | Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Analysis | Collisions (Nuclear physics)
Journal Article
International journal of modern physics. A, Particles and fields, gravitation, cosmology, ISSN 1793-656X, 11/2014, Volume 29, Issue 28, p. 1446012
We review activities in the field of theoretical, phenomenological and experimental studies related to the production of the Higgs boson in central exclusive processes at LHC in models beyond Standard Model... 
Higgs boson | Beyond Standard Model | LHC | Central exclusive production | Forward detectors | Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Physics - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Journal Article