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by Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Rabady, D and Rohringer, H and Treberer-Treberspurg, W and De Wolf, E.A and Ochesanu, S and Van De Klundert, M and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Spilbeeck, A and Heracleous, N and Strom, D and Van Doninck, W and Caillol, C and Clerbaux, B and Favart, L and Léonard, A and Wang, J and Zenoni, F and Adler, V and Poyraz, D and Sigamani, M and Strobbe, N and Thyssen, F and Tytgat, M and Caudron, A and Da Silveira, G.G and Delaere, C and Giammanco, A and Popov, A and Beliy, N and Daubie, E and Aldá Júnior, W.L and Aleksandrov, A and Dimitrov, A and Glushkov, I and Chen, G.M and Liu, S and Mao, Y and Gomez, J.P and Brigljevic, V and Attikis, A and Mousa, J and Rykaczewski, H and Bodlak, M and Karimäki, V and Kinnunen, R and Kortelainen, M.J and Tuominen, E and Talvitie, J and Besancon, M and Couderc, F and Denegri, D and Fabbro, B and Ganjour, S and Locci, E and Charlot, C and Filipovic, N and Nguyen, M and Ortona, G and Regnard, S and Sirois, Y and Zabi, A and Fontaine, J.-C and Gelé, D and Goetzmann, C and Skovpen, K and Beaupere, N and Depasse, P and Gouzevitch, M and Ille, B and Kurca, T and Mirabito, L and Perries, S and Ruiz Alvarez, J.D and Beranek, S and Ostapchuk, A and Weber, H and Wittmer, B and Ata, M and Hoepfner, K and Papacz, P and Reithler, H and Sonnenschein, L and Thüer, S and Geisler, M and Kargoll, B and Kress, T and Nugent, I.M and Pistone, C and Pooth, O and Aldaya Martin, M and Asin, I and Cakir, A and Diez Pardos, C and Eichhorn, T and Hempel, M and Kalogeropoulos, A and Karacheban, O and Korol, I and ... and CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and University of Illinois, Chicago, IL (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2015, Volume 115, Issue 1, p. 012301
... (.) range based on correlations among six or more charged particles. The p-Pb data, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35 nb(-1... 
Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology | Correlation | Large Hadron Collider | Anisotropy | Dynamics | Collisions | Luminosity | Charged particles | Dynamical systems | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
by Sirunyan, A.M and Erö, J and Liko, D and Treberer-Treberspurg, W and Bansal, M and Knutsson, A and Ochesanu, S and Lowette, S and Léonard, A and Perniè, L and Wang, J and Adler, V and Benucci, L and Ocampo Rios, A.A and Thyssen, F and Basegmez, S and Favart, D and Forthomme, L and Jez, P and Perrini, L and Pin, A and Caebergs, T and Daubie, E and Aldá Júnior, W.L and Alves, G.A and Dos Reis Martins, T and Chinellato, J and Custódio, A and De Jesus Damiao, D and Mundim, L and Vilela Pereira, A and Dogra, S and Padula, Sandra S and Genchev, V and Marinov, A and Rodozov, M and Tcholakov, V and Dimitrov, A and Glushkov, I and Chen, M and Du, R and Jiang, C.H and Tao, J and Liu, S and Mao, Y and Florez, C and Puljak, I and Antunovic, Z and Kovac, M and Kadija, K and Luetic, J and Mousa, J and Nicolaou, C and Razis, P.A and Assran, Y and Mahmoud, M.A and Kadastik, M and Raidal, M and Voutilainen, M and Lassila-Perini, K and Tuominiemi, J and Talvitie, J and Tuuva, T and Hamel de Monchenault, G and Locci, E and Charlot, C and Filipovic, N and Mastrolorenzo, L and Veelken, C and Yilmaz, Y and Andrea, J and Collard, C and Beauceron, S and Boudoul, G and Gouzevitch, M and Kurca, T and Mirabito, L and Sgandurra, L and Viret, S and Xiao, H and Edelhoff, M and Feld, L and Ostapchuk, A and Ata, M and Millet, P and Cherepanov, V and Flügge, G and Geenen, H and Kuessel, Y and Bergholz, M and Costanza, F and Diez Pardos, C and Dorland, T and Eckstein, D and Geiser, A and Jung, H and Katsas, P and Kleinwort, C and Lange, W and Lohmann, W and ... and CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2015, Volume 742, Issue C, pp. 200 - 224
Journal Article
Theoretical chemistry accounts, ISSN 1432-881X, 05/2002, Volume 107, Issue 5, pp. 291 - 303
... (nondynamic) pair correlation effects in an unspecified way. Slater exchange suffers from a larger SIE and, therefore, covers more nondynamic correlation effects than Becke exchange, which is the reason why exchange–correlation (XC... 
DFT – Self-interaction error – SIC-DFT – Exchange effects – Correlation effects – Long-range correlation | Long-range correlation | DFT | Self-interaction error | Exchange effects | SIC-DFT | Correlation effects | Physical Sciences | Chemistry | Chemistry, Physical | Science & Technology
Journal Article
2003, Lecture notes in physics, ISBN 3540401296, Volume 621, xviii, 392
Processes with long range correlations occur in a wide variety of fields ranging from physics and biology to economics and finance... 
Time-series analysis | Correlation (Statistics) | Diffusion | Statistical physics | Neurosciences | Economic theory | Complex Systems | Neurobiology | Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods | Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems
Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics, ISSN 1098-0121, 12/2015, Volume 92, Issue 22
.... By analyzing a coupled height model description of these systems, we show that they exhibit a classical spin liquid regime at low temperature, in which both intralayer and interlayer correlations... 
Physical Sciences | Materials Science | Technology | Materials Science, Multidisciplinary | Physics, Condensed Matter | Physics | Science & Technology | Physics, Applied | Antiferromagnetism | Interlayers | Condensed matter | Charge | Ising model | Mathematical models | Order disorder | Long range order
Journal Article
Journal of physics. Condensed matter, ISSN 1361-648X, 06/2015, Volume 27, Issue 23, pp. 235301 - 235301
Journal Article
Theoretical and mathematical physics, ISSN 0040-5779, 10/2015, Volume 185, Issue 1, pp. 1383 - 1390
.... This symmetry results in the appearance of long-range rapidity correlations through event-by-event fluctuations of the number and/or type of strings... 
quark–gluon string | Applications of Mathematics | long-range correlation | Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics | Physics | strongly intensive variable | Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics, Mathematical | Science & Technology | Monte Carlo method | Quarks
Journal Article
by CMS Collaboration and Erö, Janos and Ghete, Vasile Mihai and Jeitler, Manfred and Alderweireldt, Sara and Bansal, Sunil and Cornelis, Tom and Knutsson, Albert and Luyckx, Sten and Ochesanu, Silvia and Van Remortel, Nick and Daci, Nadir and Heracleous, Natalie and Lowette, Steven and Maes, Michael and Olbrechts, Annik and Strom, Derek and Villella, Ilaria and Caillol, Cécile and De Lentdecker, Gilles and Dobur, Didar and Favart, Laurent and Thomas, Laurent and Vander Velde, Catherine and Adler, Volker and Costantini, Silvia and Fagot, Alexis and Basegmez, Suzan and Castello, Roberto and Giammanco, Andrea and Beliy, Nikita and Correa Martins Junior, Marcos and Pol, Maria Elena and Carvalho, Wagner and Malbouisson, Helena and Matos Figueiredo, Diego and Sznajder, Andre and De Moraes Gregores, Eduardo and Piperov, Stefan and Bian, Jian-Guo and Plestina, Roko and Tao, Junquan and Wang, Zheng and Liu, Shuai and Zou, Wei and Avila, Carlos and Florez, Carlos and Lelas, Damir and Polic, Dunja and Puljak, Ivica and Kovac, Marko and Luetic, Jelena and Mavromanolakis, Georgios and Nicolaou, Charalambos and Razis, Panos A and Rykaczewski, Hans and Eerola, Paula and Karimäki, Veikko and Lassila-Perini, Kati and Lindén, Tomas and Tuovinen, Esa and Besancon, Marc and Denegri, Daniel and Fabbro, Bernard and Ferri, Federico and Beaudette, Florian and Filipovic, Nicolas and Miné, Philippe and Naranjo, Ivo Nicolas and Sirois, Yves and Brom, Jean-Marie and Conte, Eric and Skovpen, Kirill and Bouvier, Elvire and Contardo, Didier and Mirabito, Laurent and Sordini, Viola and Verdier, Patrice and Autermann, Christian Tobias and Bontenackels, Michael and Lipinski, Martin and Schulte, Jan-Frederik and Heidemann, Carsten Andreas and Hoepfner, Kerstin and Klingebiel, Dennis and Knutzen, Simon and Kreuzer, Peter and Meyer, Arnd and Padeken, Klaas and Reithler, Hans and Sonnenschein, Lars and Thüer, Sebastian and Hoehle, Felix and Bartosik, Nazar and Bethani, Agni and Borras, Kerstin and Campbell, Alan and Choudhury, Somnath and Diez Pardos, Carmen and Eckstein, Doris and ... and CMS Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2015, Volume 12301, Issue 1, pp. 17 Seiten (2015). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.012301 - 012301
Journal Article
Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, ISSN 0148-0227, 07/2007, Volume 112, Issue D14, pp. D14307 - n/a
Total ozone trends are typically studied using linear regression models that assume a first‐order autoregression of the residuals [so‐called AR(1) models]. We... 
constituent transport and chemistry | Middle atmosphere | Persistence, memory, correlations, clustering | Time series analysis | Atmospheric Composition and Structure | Mathematical Geophysics | Spectral analysis | trend | Total ozone | long‐range correlations | Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences | Physical Sciences | Science & Technology
Journal Article
Journal of applied physiology (1985), ISSN 8750-7587, 01/1997, Volume 82, Issue 1, pp. 262 - 269
Fluctuations in the duration of the gait cycle (the stride interval) display fractal dynamics and long-range correlations in healthy young adults... 
Life Sciences (General) | human locomotion | long-range correlations | nonlinear dynamics | power-law scaling | Physiology | Sport Sciences | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Science & Technology | Aging - physiology | Humans | Adult | Female | Male | Aged | Gait - physiology | Huntington Disease - physiopathology
Journal Article