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Townsville bulletin (Townsville, Qld.), ISSN 1327-4317, 09/2006
The death toll for cassowaries since Cyclone Larry struck in March has now soared to close to 20, according to Tully-based vet Graham Lauridsen... 
Lauridsen, Graham
Newspaper Article
Townsville bulletin (Townsville, Qld.), ISSN 1327-4317, 10/2007
"There is a possibly it is a virus, but at this stage we're not really certain. That certainly would fit the symptoms," Dr [Graham Lauridsen] said... 
Lauridsen, Graham | Moore, Les
Newspaper Article
PM - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 02/2011
.... Many streets have been cleaned but there's still piles of debris on the footpaths and around homes. [Graham Lauridsen... 
Hughes, David | Gillard, Julia | Lauridsen, Graham | Binnie, Kerrin | Colvin, Mark
Newspaper Article
Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, 03/2013
... high school wrestling championships. The Cowichan girls compiled 34 points in the tournament, second only to Alberni's leading 39. Carson Graham broke a deadlock... 
Lauridsen, Hannah | More, St Thomas
Newspaper Article
Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, 06/2012
"We had some strengths they didn't expect,'' said [Tony Healy]. "They studied our semifinal win over Rockridge very closely.'' "We have sat down with the kids,... 
Healy, Tony | Glass, Ron | Dobson, Noah | Lauridsen, Kieran | Murdy, Tim
Newspaper Article
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