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forest ecology and forest management (189) 189
leerstoelgroep bosecologie en bosbeheer (189) 189
bosecologie en bosbeheer (188) 188
pe&rc (174) 174
ecology (69) 69
trees (50) 50
forests (38) 38
forestry (36) 36
ecosystems (30) 30
analysis (29) 29
forest management (29) 29
tropical forests (29) 29
forest ecology (26) 26
growth (26) 26
index medicus (26) 26
life sciences (23) 23
climate change (22) 22
biodiversity (21) 21
biomass (21) 21
plant sciences (21) 21
environmental sciences (20) 20
multidisciplinary sciences (20) 20
plants (20) 20
laboratorium voor geo-informatiekunde en remote sensing (19) 19
laboratory of geo-information science and remote sensing (19) 19
productivity (18) 18
carbon (17) 17
tropical forest (17) 17
alterra - vegetatie, bos- en landschapsecologie (16) 16
alterra - vegetation, forest and landscape ecology (16) 16
drought (16) 16
vegetatie, bos- en landschapsecologie (16) 16
vegetation, forest and landscape ecology (16) 16
sustainable forestry (15) 15
biological diversity (14) 14
bos- en natuurbeleid (14) 14
climate (14) 14
forest and nature conservation policy (14) 14
leerstoelgroep bos- en natuurbeleid (14) 14
carbon cycle (13) 13
conservation (13) 13
diversity (13) 13
species (13) 13
climate-change (12) 12
disturbance (12) 12
dynamics (12) 12
leaves (12) 12
patterns (12) 12
research (12) 12
tropical climate (12) 12
biodiversity conservation (11) 11
deforestation (11) 11
forest (11) 11
forests and forestry (11) 11
rain-forest (11) 11
tropical rain forests (11) 11
bodembiologie (10) 10
bodembiologie en biologische bodemkwaliteit (10) 10
chair soil biology and biological soil quality (10) 10
environmental protection (10) 10
functional traits (10) 10
leerstoelgroep bodembiologie en biologische bodemkwaliteit (10) 10
mortality (10) 10
plant growth (10) 10
soil biology (10) 10
soil biology and biological soil quality (10) 10
trees - growth & development (10) 10
wood (10) 10
aboveground biomass (9) 9
carbon sequestration (9) 9
plant ecology (9) 9
research article (9) 9
soils (9) 9
vegetation (9) 9
dendrochronology (8) 8
humans (8) 8
leaf area (8) 8
rain forests (8) 8
remote sensing (8) 8
science (8) 8
wass (8) 8
biometris (7) 7
bolivia (7) 7
climatic changes (7) 7
communities (7) 7
ecosystem (7) 7
evolutionary biology (7) 7
forest trees (7) 7
landscape (7) 7
leerstoelgroep resource ecology (7) 7
logging (7) 7
medicine (7) 7
nature conservation and plant ecology (7) 7
natuurbeheer en plantenecologie (7) 7
plant ecology and nature conservation (7) 7
plant science (7) 7
plantenecologie en natuurbeheer (7) 7
precipitation (7) 7
resource ecology (7) 7
scots pine (7) 7
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Nature Climate Change, ISSN 1758-678X, 2016, Volume 6, Issue 11, pp. 1032 - 1036
Climate change threatens ecosystems worldwide, yet their potential future resilience remains largely unquantified. In recent years many studies have shown that... 
Journal Article
by Liang, Jingjing and Crowther, Thomas W and Picard, Nicolas and Wiser, Susan and Zhou, Mo and Alberti, Giorgio and Schulze, Ernst-Detlef and McGuire, A. David and Bozzato, Fabio and Pretzsch, Hans and de-Miguel, Sergio and Paquette, Alain and Hérault, Bruno and Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael and Barrett, Christopher B and Glick, Henry B and Hengeveld, Geerten M and Nabuurs, Gert-Jan and Pfautsch, Sebastian and Viana, Helder and Vibrans, Alexander C and Ammer, Christian and Schall, Peter and Verbyla, David and Tchebakova, Nadja and Fischer, Markus and Watson, James V and Chen, Han Y. H and Lei, Xiangdong and Schelhaas, Mart-Jan and Lu, Huicui and Gianelle, Damiano and Parfenova, Elena I and Salas, Christian and Lee, Eungul and Lee, Boknam and Kim, Hyun Seok and Bruelheide, Helge and Coomes, David A and Piotto, Daniel and Sunderland, Terry and Schmid, Bernhard and Gourlet-Fleury, Sylvie and Sonké, Bonaventure and Tavani, Rebecca and Zhu, Jun and Brandl, Susanne and Vayreda, Jordi and Kitahara, Fumiaki and Searle, Eric B and Neldner, Victor J and Ngugi, Michael R and Baraloto, Christopher and Frizzera, Lorenzo and Bałazy, Radomir and Oleksyn, Jacek and Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, Tomasz and Bouriaud, Olivier and Bussotti, Filippo and Finér, Leena and Jaroszewicz, Bogdan and Jucker, Tommaso and Valladares, Fernando and Jagodzinski, Anzej M and Peri, Pablo L and Gonmadje, Christelle and Marthy, William and O’Brien, Timothy and Martin, Emanuel H and Marshall, Anew R and Rovero, Francesco and Bitariho, Robert and Niklaus, Pascal A and Alvarez-Loayza, Patricia and Chamuya, Nurdin and Valencia, Renato and Mortier, Frédéric and Wortel, Verginia and Engone-Obiang, Nestor L and Ferreira, Leano V and Odeke, David E and Vasquez, Rodolfo M and Lewis, Simon L and Reich, Peter B
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2016, Volume 354, Issue 6309, pp. aaf8957 - aaf8957
Journal Article
by Levis, C and Costa, F. R. C and Bongers, F and Peña-Claros, M and Clement, C. R and Junqueira, A. B and Neves, E. G and Tamanaha, E. K and Figueiredo, F. O. G and Salomão, R. P and Castilho, C. V and Magnusson, W. E and Phillips, O. L and Guevara, J. E and Sabatier, D and Molino, J.-F and López, D. Cárdenas and Mendoza, A. M and Pitman, N. C. A and Duque, A and Vargas, P. Núñez and Zartman, C. E and Vasquez, R and Anade, A and Camargo, J. L and Feldpausch, T. R and Laurance, S. G. W and Laurance, W. F and Killeen, T. J and Nascimento, H. E. Mendonça and Montero, J. C and Mostacedo, B and Amaral, I. L and Guimarães Vieira, I. C and Brienen, R and Castellanos, H and Terborgh, J and Carim, M. de Jesus Veiga and Guimarães, J. R. da Silva and Coelho, L. de Souza and Matos, F. D. de Almeida and Wittmann, F and Mogollón, H. F and Damasco, G and Dávila, N and García-Villacorta, R and Coronado, E. N. H and Emilio, T and Filho, D. de Anade Lima and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Targhetta, N and Comiskey, J. A and Marimon, B. S and Marimon, B.-H and Neill, D and Alonso, A and Arroyo, L and Carvalho, F. A and de Souza, F. C and Dallmeier, F and Pansonato, M. P and Duivenvoorden, J. F and Fine, P. V. A and Stevenson, P. R and Araujo-Murakami, A and Aymard C., G. A and Baraloto, C and do Amaral, D. D and Engel, J and Henkel, T. W and Maas, P and Petronelli, P and Revilla, J. D. Cardenas and Stropp, J and Daly, D and Gribel, R and Paredes, M. Ríos and Silveira, M and Thomas-Caesar, R and Baker, T. R and da Silva, N. F and Ferreira, L. V and Peres, C. A and Silman, M. R and Cerón, C and Valverde, F. C and Di Fiore, A and Jimenez, E. M and Mora, M. C. Peñuela and Toledo, M and Barbosa, E. M and Bonates, L. C. de Matos and Arboleda, N. C and Farias, E. de Sousa and Fuentes, A and Guillaumet, J.-L and Jørgensen, P. Møller and Malhi, Y and de Anade Miranda, I. P and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2017, Volume 355, Issue 6328, pp. 925 - 931
Journal Article
Tree Physiology, ISSN 0829-318X, 2018, Volume 38, Issue 9
In the initial version of this paper published online, Daniel Falster’s affiliation was incorrect. It read “Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, Biological... 
Leerstoelgroep Bosecologie en bosbeheer | Bosecologie en Bosbeheer | PE&RC | Forest Ecology and Forest Management
Journal Article
by Esquivel-Muelbert, Aiane and Baker, Timothy R and Dexter, Kyle G and Lewis, Simon L and Steege, ter, Hans and Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela and Monteagudo Mendoza, Abel and Brienen, Roel and Feldpausch, Ted R and Pitman, Nigel and Alonso, Alfonso and Heijden, van der, Geertje and Peña-Claros, Marielos and Ahuite, Manuel and Alexiaides, Miguel and Álvarez Dávila, Esteban and Murakami, Alejano Araujo and Arroyo, Luzmila and Aulestia, Milton and Balslev, Henrik and Barroso, Jorcely and Boot, Rene and Cano, Angela and Chama Moscoso, Victor and Comiskey, James A and Cornejo, Fernando and Dallmeier, Francisco and Daly, Douglas C and Dávila, Nallarett and Duivenvoorden, Joost F and Duque Montoya, Alvaro Javier and Erwin, Terry and Fiore, Di, Anthony and Fredericksen, Todd and Fuentes, Alfredo and García-Villacorta, Roosevelt and Gonzales, Therany and Guevara Andino, Juan Ernesto and Honorio Coronado, Euridice N and Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, Isau and Killeen, Timothy J and Malhi, Yadvinder and Mendoza, Casimiro and Mogollón, Hugo and Jørgensen, Peter Møller and Montero, Juan Carlos and Mostacedo, Bonifacio and Nauray, William and Neill, David and Vargas, Percy Núñez and Palacios, Sonia and Palacios Cuenca, Walter and Pallqui Camacho, Nadir Carolina and Peacock, Julie and Phillips, Juan Fernando and Pickavance, Georgia and Quesada, Carlos Alberto and Ramírez-Angulo, Hirma and Restrepo, Zorayda and Reynel Roiguez, Carlos and Paredes, Marcos Ríos and Sierra, Roigo and Silveira, Marcos and Stevenson, Pablo and Stropp, Juliana and Terborgh, John and Tirado, Milton and Toledo, Marisol and Torres-Lezama, Armando and Umaña, María Natalia and Urrego, Ligia Estela and Vasquez Martinez, Rodolfo and Gamarra, Luis Valenzuela and Vela, César I.A and Vilanova Torre, Emilio and Vos, Vincent and Hildebrand, von, Patricio and Vriesendorp, Corine and Wang, Ophelia and Young, Kenneth R and Zartman, Charles Eugene and Phillips, Oliver L
Ecography, ISSN 0906-7590, 2017, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp. 618 - 629
Within the tropics, the species richness of tree communities is strongly and positively associated with precipitation. Previous research has suggested that... 
Journal Article