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by Bowlby, Reanne and Wang, Chen and Chen, Ting-Wen and Liu, Liang and Demchok, John A and Kasapi, Melpomeni and Yang, Liming and Gehlenborg, Nils and Dhankani, Varsha and Knijnenburg, Theo and Liu, Yuexin and Ling, Shiyun and de Bruijn, Ino and Gross, Benjamin E and Ladanyi, Marc and Sun, Yichao and Bowlby, Reanne and Dhalla, Noreen and Kasaian, Katayoon and Moore, Richard A and Sipahimalani, Payal and Beroukhim, Rameen and Gabriel, Stacey B and Danilova, Ludmila and Weisenberger, Daniel J and Fan, Cheng and Hoyle, Alan P and Covington, Kyle and Doddapaneni, HarshaVardhan and Drummond, Jennifer and Liu, Xiuping and Hess, Julian and Bailey, Matthew and Kandoth, Cyriac and Penny, Robert and Leraas, Kristen M and Zmuda, Erik and de Carvalho, Ana C and Hagedorn, Curt H and Eckman, John and Rabeno, Brenda and Bergeron, Alain and Desjardins, Laurence and Sastre, Xavier and Bigner, Darell and McLendon, Roger and Secord, Angeles and Force, Seth and Khuri, Fadlo and Olson, Jeffrey J and Finocchiaro, Gaetano and Perin, Alessandro and Stoehr, Christine and Wiznerowicz, Maciej and Baudin, Eric and Noushmehr, Houtan and Dottino, Peter R and Akeredolu, Teniola and Birrer, Michael and Copland, John A and Ho, Thai and Petersen, Gloria and Zhang, Lizhi and Esmaeli, Bita and Lazar, Alexander J and Meric-Bernstam, Funda and Sood, Anil and Carter, Candace and Mann, Graham and Shannon, Kerwin and Levine, Douglas A and Mirsaidi, Cyrus and Drwiega, Paul and Zaren, Howard and Hung, Nguyen Phi and Pinto, Peter A and Tcaciuc, Diana and Rassl, Doris M and McKercher, Ginette and Farver, Carol and Pennell, Nathan A and Schilero, Cathy and Smolenski, Kathy and Manikhas, George and Janssen, Klaus-Peter and Mandt, Randy and Nguyen, Phuong and Rai, Karan and Senecal, Kelly and Powers, James and Kelley, Robin K and Fehrenbach, Ashley and von Deimling, Andreas and Galbraith, Joseph and Boussioutas, Alex and Zuna, Rosemary and Dhir, Rajiv and Mora Pinero, Edna M and Carey, Thomas and Akbani, Rehan and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Cancer cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 04/2018, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp. 690 - 705.e9
Journal Article
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