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by Collaboration, The ALICE and Aamodt, K and Quintana, A Abrahantes and Achenbach, R and Acounis, S and Adamová, D and Adler, C and Aggarwal, M and Agnese, F and Rinella, G Aglieri and Ahammed, Z and Ahmad, A and Ahmad, N and Ahmad, S and Akindinov, A and Akishin, P and Aleksandrov, D and Alessandro, B and Alfaro, R and Alfarone, G and Alici, A and Alme, J and Alt, T and Altinpinar, S and Amend, W and Andrei, C and Andres, Y and Andronic, A and Anelli, G and Anfreville, M and Angelov, V and Anzo, A and Anson, C and Anticić, T and Antonenko, V and Antonczyk, D and Antinori, F and Antinori, S and Antonioli, P and Aphecetche, L and Appelshäuser, H and Aprodu, V and Arba, M and Arcelli, S and Argentieri, A and Armesto, N and Arnaldi, R and Arefiev, A and Arsene, I and Asryan, A and Augustinus, A and Awes, T C and Äysto, J and Azmi, M Danish and Bablock, S and Badalà, A and Badyal, S K and Baechler, J and Bagnasco, S and Bailhache, R and Bala, R and Baldisseri, A and Baldit, A and Bán, J and Barbera, R and Barberis, P-L and Barbet, J M and Barnäfoldi, G and Barret, V and Bartke, J and Bartos, D and Basile, M and Basmanov, V and Bastid, N and Batigne, G and Batyunya, B and Baudot, J and Baumann, C and Bearden, I and Becker, B and Belikov, J and Bellwied, R and Belmont-Moreno, E and Belogianni, A and Belyaev, S and Benato, A and Beney, J L and Benhabib, L and Benotto, F and Beolé, S and Berceanu, I and Bercuci, A and Berdermann, E and Berdnikov, Y and Bernard, C and Berny, R and Berst, J D and Bertelsen, H and Betev, L and Bhasin, A and ...
Journal of Instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08002 - S08002
ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a general-purpose, heavy-ion detector at the CERN LHC which focuses on QCD, the strong-interaction sector of the... 
MICROSTRIP SENSORS | Timing detectors | ZERO DEGREE CALORIMETERS | Instrumentation for heavy-ion accelerators | Pattern recognition, cluster finding, calibration and fitting methods | Simulation methods and programs | Overall mechanics design | Data processing methods | Photon detectors for UV, visible and IR photons | Calorimeters | FRONT-END | Time projection chambers | Cherenkov and transition radiation | Gaseous detectors | Computing | Detector alignment and calibration methods | ONLINE PATTERN-RECOGNITION | DRIFT DETECTORS | Scintillators, scintillation and light emission processes | Instrumentation for particle accelerators and storage rings - high energy | Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics | Cherenkov detectors | Gamma detectors | Detector design and construction technologies and materials | Manufacturing | Solid state detectors | Data reduction methods | RESISTIVE PLATE CHAMBER | Particle tracking detectors | SILICON PIXEL DETECTOR | Detector grounding | Detector cooling and thermo-stabilization | Transition radiation detectors | Software architectures | Voltage distributions | MULTIGAP RPC | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | Liquid detectors | Particle identification methods | Analysis and statistical methods | GAS-MIXTURE | dE/dx detectors | Spectrometers | Special cables | AGING TESTS | Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
2012, ISBN 1439873127, cm.
by Collaboration, The LHCb and Jr, A Augusto Alves and Filho, L M Andrade and Barbosa, A F and Bediaga, I and Cernicchiaro, G and Guerrer, G and Jr, H P Lima and Machado, A A and Magnin, J and Marujo, F and Miranda, J M de and Reis, A and Santos, A and Toledo, A and Akiba, K and Amato, S and Paula, B de and Paula, L de and Silva, T da and Gandelman, M and Lopes, J H and Maréchal, B and Moraes, D and Polycarpo, E and Rodrigues, F and Ballansat, J and Bastian, Y and Boget, D and Bonis, I De and Coco, V and David, P Y and Decamp, D and Delebecque, P and Drancourt, C and Dumont-Dayot, N and Girard, C and Lieunard, B and Minard, M N and Pietrzyk, B and Rambure, T and Rospabe, G and T'Jampens, S and Ajaltouni, Z and Bohner, G and Bonnefoy, R and Borras, D and Carloganu, C and Chanal, H and Conte, E and Cornat, R and Crouau, M and Delage, E and Deschamps, O and Henrard, P and Jacquet, P and Lacan, C and Laubser, J and Lecoq, J and Lefèvre, R and Magne, M and Martemiyanov, M and Mercier, M-L and Monteil, S and Niess, V and Perret, P and Reinmuth, G and Robert, A and Suchorski, S and Arnaud, K and Aslanides, E and Babel, J and Benchouk, C and Cachemiche, J-P and Cogan, J and Derue, F and Dinkespiler, B and Duval, P-Y and Garonne, V and Favard, S and Gac, R Le and Leon, F and Leroy, O and Liotard, P-L and Marin, F and Menouni, M and Ollive, P and Poss, S and Roche, A and Sapunov, M and Tocco, L and Viaud, B and Tsaregorodtsev, A and Amhis, Y and Barrand, G and Barsuk, S and Beigbeder, C and Beneyton, R and Breton, D and Callot, O and ...
Journal of Instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08005 - S08005
Journal Article
Classical and Quantum Gravity, ISSN 0264-9381, 06/2012, Volume 29, Issue 12, pp. 124007 - 12
The construction of the Japanese second-generation gravitational-wave detector KAGRA (previously called LCGT) has been started. In the next 6-7 years, we will... 
QUANTUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | THERMAL NOISE | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Construction | Galaxies | Noise | Fluctuation | Ripples | Strategy | Underground | Quantum gravity
Journal Article
by Atlas Collaboration, Collaboration and Aad, G and Abbott, B and Abdallah, J and Abdinov, O and Abeloos, B and Aben, R and Abolins, M and AbouZeid, O.S and Abraham, N.L and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Abreu, R and Abulaiti, Y and Acharya, B.S and Adamczyk, L and Adams, D.L and Adelman, J and Adomeit, S and Adye, T and Affolder, A.A and Agatonovic-Jovin, T and Agricola, J and Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A and Ahlen, S.P and Ahmadov, F and Aielli, G and Akerstedt, H and Åkesson, T.P.A and Akimov, A.V and Alberghi, G.L and Albert, J and Albrand, S and Alconada Verzini, M.J and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, I.N and Alexa, C and Alexander, G and Alexopoulos, T and Alhroob, M and Aliev, M and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Alkire, S.P and Allbrooke, B.M.M and Allen, B.W and Allport, P.P and Aloisio, A and Alonso, A and Alonso, F and Alpigiani, C and Alstaty, M and Alvarez Gonzalez, B and Álvarez Piqueras, D and Alviggi, M.G and Amadio, B.T and Amako, K and Amaral Coutinho, Y and Amelung, C and Amidei, D and Amor Dos Santos, S.P and Amorim, A and Amoroso, S and Amundsen, G and Anastopoulos, C and Ancu, L.S and Andari, N and Andeen, T and Anders, C.F and Anders, G and Anders, J.K and Anderson, K.J and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Angelidakis, S and Angelozzi, I and Anger, P and Angerami, A and Anghinolfi, F and Anisenkov, A.V and Anjos, N and Annovi, A and Antonelli, M and Antonov, A and Antos, J and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Aperio Bella, L and Arabidze, G and Arai, Y and Araque, J.P and Arce, A.T.H and Arduh, F.A and Arguin, J.-F and Argyropoulos, S and Arik, M and Armbruster, A.J and Armitage, L.J and Arnaez, O and Arnold, H and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and eSSENCE: The e-Science Collaboration and Lund University and Partikelfysik and Lunds universitet and Particle Physics
European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 05/2016, Volume 76, Issue 5, p. 292
This article documents the performance of the ATLAS muon identification and reconstruction using the first LHC dataset recorded at s√ = 13 TeV in 2015. Using a... 
Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
1996, Cambridge monographs on particle physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology, ISBN 9780521552165, Volume 5, xiv, 455
by Aaij, R and Adeva, B and Adinol, M and Affolder, A and Ajaltouni, Z and Akar, S and Albrecht, J and Alessio, F and Alexander, M and Ali, S and Alkhazov, G and Alvarez Cartelle, P and Alves, A. A and Amato, S and Amerio, S and Amhis, Y and An, L and Anderlini, L and Anderson, J and Aneassen, R and Aneotti, M and Anews, J. E and Appleby, R. B and Gutierrez, O. Aquines and Archilli, F and Artamonov, A and Artuso, M and Aslanides, E and Auriemma, G and Baalouch, M and Bachmann, S and Back, J. J and Badalov, A and Baesso, C and Baldini, W and Barlow, R. J and Barschel, C and Barsuk, S and Barter, W and Batozskaya, V and Battista, V and Bay, A and Beaucourt, L and Beddow, J and Bedeschi, F and Bediaga, I and Belogurov, S and Belous, K and Belyaev, I and Ben-Haim, E and Bencivenni, G and Benson, S and Benton, J and Berezhnoy, A and Bernet, R and Bettler, M. -O and van Beuzekom, M and Bien, A and Bifani, S and Bird, T and Bizzeti, A and Bjornstad, P. M and Blake, T and Blanc, F and Blouw, J and Blusk, S and Bocci, V and Bondar, A and Bondar, N and Bonivento, W and Borghi, S and Borgia, A and Borsato, M and Bowcock, T. J. V and Bowen, E and Bozzi, C and Brambach, T and Bressieux, J and Brett, D and Britsch, M and Britton, T and Brodzicka, J and Brook, N. H and Brown, H and Bursche, A and Buytaert, J and Cadeddu, S and Calabrese, R and Calvi, M and Calvo Gomez, M and Campana, P and Perez, D. Campora and Carbone, A and Carboni, G and Cardinale, R and Cardini, A and Carson, L and Akiba, K. Carvalho and Casse, G and Cassina, L and ... and LHCb Collaboration and The LHCb Collaboration
International Journal of Modern Physics A, ISSN 0217-751X, 03/2015, Volume 30, Issue 7, p. 1530022
Journal Article
by Collaboration, The CMS and Chatrchyan, S and Hmayakyan, G and Khachatryan, V and Sirunyan, A M and Adam, W and Bauer, T and Bergauer, T and Bergauer, H and Dragicevic, M and Erö, J and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Ghete, V M and Glaser, P and Hartl, C and Hoermann, N and Hrubec, J and Hänsel, S and Jeitler, M and Kastner, K and Krammer, M and Abril, I Magrans de and Markytan, M and Mikulec, I and Neuherz, B and Nöbauer, T and Oberegger, M and Padrta, M and Pernicka, M and Porth, P and Rohringer, H and Schmid, S and Schreiner, T and Stark, R and Steininger, H and Strauss, J and Taurok, A and Uhl, D and Waltenberger, W and Walzel, G and Widl, E and Wulz, C-E and Petrov, V and Prosolovich, V and Chekhovsky, V and Dvornikov, O and Emeliantchik, I and Litomin, A and Makarenko, V and Marfin, I and Mossolov, V and Shumeiko, N and Solin, A and Stefanovitch, R and Gonzalez, J Suarez and Tikhonov, A and Fedorov, A and Korzhik, M and Missevitch, O and Zuyeuski, R and Beaumont, W and Cardaci, M and Langhe, E De and Wolf, E A De and Delmeire, E and Ochesanu, S and Tasevsky, M and Mechelen, P Van and D'Hondt, J and Weirdt, S De and Devroede, O and Goorens, R and Hannaert, S and Heyninck, J and Maes, J and Mozer, M U and Tavernier, S and Doninck, W Van and Lancker, L Van and Mulders, P Van and Villella, I and Wastiels, C and Yu, C and Bouhali, O and Charaf, O and Clerbaux, B and Harenne, P De and Lentdecker, G De and Dewulf, J P and Elgammal, S and Gindroz, R and Hammad, G H and Mahmoud, T and Neukermans, L and Pins, M and Pins, R and Rugovac, S and Stefanescu, J and Sundararajan, V and ... and CMS Collaboration
Journal of Instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08004 - S08004
The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector is described. The detector operates at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. It was conceived to study... 
Overall mechanics design | Data processing methods | Digital electronic circuits | Calorimeters | Electronic detector readout concepts | Calibration and fitting methods | Gaseous detectors | Computing | Data acquisition circuits | Detector alignment and calibration methods | Cluster finding | Front-end electronics for detector readout | Trigger concepts and systems | Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics | Gamma detectors | Control and monitor systems online | Detector design and construction technologies and materials | Manufacturing | Optical detector readout concepts | Data acquisition concepts | Data reduction methods | Solid state detectors | Particle tracking detectors | Online farms and online filtering | Modular electronics | Scintillation and light emission processes | Detector grounding | VLSI circuits | Instrumentation for particle accelerators and storage rings-high energy | Detector control systems | Detector cooling and thermo-stabilization | Pattern recognition | Software architectures | Voltage distributions | Scintillators | Analysis and statistical methods | Particle identification methods | Special cables | Spectrometers | Digital signal processing | Analogue electronic circuits | Pattern recognition, cluster finding, calibration and fitting methods | Instrumentation for particle accelerators and storage rings | RESISTIVE PLATE CHAMBERS | PROTON-INDUCED DAMAGE | SILICON SENSORS | PBWO4 SCINTILLATING CRYSTALS | CATHODE STRIP CHAMBERS | VACUUM PHOTOTRIODES | LEAD TUNGSTATE CRYSTALS | high energy | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | FRONT-END ELECTRONICS | LEVEL GLOBAL TRIGGER | Scintillators, scintillation and light emission processes | LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE | Instrumentation and Detectors | Physics
Journal Article
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 07/2013, Volume 716, pp. 78 - 85
The XMASS project aims to detect dark matter, pp and Be solar neutrinos, and neutrinoless double beta decay using ultra pure liquid xenon. The first phase of... 
Journal Article