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physics of elementary particles and fields (1021) 1021
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hadrons (732) 732
physics (722) 722
bosons (720) 720
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charmonium (458) 458
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decay (414) 414
mathematical models (385) 385
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particle decay (339) 339
high energy physics - phenomenology (334) 334
astronomy & astrophysics (333) 333
particle interactions (330) 330
quarks (327) 327
phenomenology (323) 323
postulated particles (303) 303
experiment (302) 302
vector mesons (292) 292
composite models (281) 281
particle production (280) 280
quark model (279) 279
pseudoscalar mesons (260) 260
mass (223) 223
j psi-3097 mesons (219) 219
particle properties (213) 213
nuclear experiment (212) 212
gluons (196) 196
lattice (195) 195
functions (177) 177
bottomonium (167) 167
physics - high energy physics - phenomenology (167) 167
bound state (166) 166
nuclear theory (165) 165
physics, nuclear (159) 159
energy range (158) 158
basic interactions (157) 157
cross sections (145) 145
branching ratio (143) 143
perturbation theory (143) 143
spectra (142) 142
charm particles (136) 136
equations (136) 136
exact sciences and technology (130) 130
645400 - high energy physics- field theory (128) 128
potentials (128) 128
hadron-hadron interactions (122) 122
pions (121) 121
spin (114) 114
angular momentum (111) 111
wave functions (111) 111
high energy physics - experiment (106) 106
electromagnetic interactions (104) 104
energy levels (102) 102
leptons (102) 102
mass spectra (102) 102
radiative decay (102) 102
645204 - high energy physics- particle interactions & properties-theoretical- strong interactions & properties (101) 101
beauty particles (101) 101
color model (101) 101
annihilation (100) 100
photons (99) 99
electron-positron interactions (98) 98
matter (97) 97
heavy quarkonium (96) 96
lepton-lepton interactions (96) 96
massless particles (95) 95
collisions (94) 94
coupling constants (92) 92
baryons (91) 91
general (91) 91
strange particles (90) 90
nuclear physics and radiation physics (88) 88
baryon-baryon interactions (85) 85
matrix elements (82) 82
physics, multidisciplinary (81) 81
gev range (80) 80
spectroscopy (80) 80
partial waves (78) 78
particle physics (78) 78
storage rings (77) 77
charmed mesons (76) 76
resonance particles (76) 76
strange mesons (75) 75
invariance principles (74) 74
accelerators (73) 73
hadronic particle decay (73) 73
b mesons (72) 72
distribution (72) 72
particle identification (72) 72
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International journal of modern physics. A, Particles and fields, gravitation, cosmology, ISSN 0217-751X, 08/2006, Volume 21, Issue 19-20, pp. 3857 - 3915
Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 05/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 5
Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Alessio, F and Ali, S and Alves Jr, A.A and Andreassen, R and Andrews, J.E and Aquines Gutierrez, O and Artamonov, A and Aslanides, E and Bay, A and Van Beuzekom, M and Blanc, F and Blouw, J and Borghi, S and Bowcock, T.J.V and Brett, D and Camboni, A and Campana, P and Castillo Garcia, L and Closier, J and Comerma-Montells, A and Cowan, G.A and De Bonis, I and Dettori, F and Dijkstra, H and Dordei, F and Dosil Suárez, A and Durante, P and Egorychev, V and El Rifai, I and Falabella, A and Ferguson, D and Frank, M and Frosini, M and Galli, D and Garofoli, J and Gersabeck, E and Gershon, T and Ghez, Ph and Giubega, L and Gregson, S and Haefeli, G and Hall, S and Hamilton, B and Hulsbergen, W and Hynds, D and Jawahery, A and John, M and Jost, B and Karacson, M and Kenyon, I.R and Keune, A and Korolev, M and Kreps, M and Langenbruch, C and Lazzeroni, C and Lindner, R and Lopez-March, N and Lucchesi, D and Machefert, F and Maciuc, F and Mancinelli, G and Martinez Santos, D and Matteuzzi, C and McCarthy, J and Minard, M.-N and Mordà, A and Mountain, R and Mous, I and Naik, P and Niet, R and Nikitin, N and Nikodem, T and Patel, M and Perret, P and Pietrzyk, B and Raven, G and Richards, A and Rodrigues, E and Shcheglov, Y and Skwarnicki, T and Smith, J and Sokoloff, M.D and Soomro, F and Subbiah, V.K and Swientek, S and T'Jampens, S and Tolk, S and Vagnoni, V and Valenti, G and Van Dijk, M and Vollhardt, A and Vorobyev, V and Waldi, R and Wang, J and Whitehead, M and Wiechczynski, J and Williams, M.P and Witek, M and Xing, Z and Zvyagin, A
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 10/2013, Volume 2013, Issue 10
Journal Article
by Krammer, M and Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Schöfbeck, R and Van Spilbeeck, A and Castello, R and Ceard, L and Liao, J and Pol, M.E and Souza, M.H.G and Mundim, L and Novaes, S.F and Meng, X and Brom, J.-M and Fan, J and Mirabito, L and Beranek, S and Erdmann, M and Borras, K and Sahin, M.Ö and Blobel, V and Enderle, H and Dierlamm, A and Choudhary, B.C and Ranjan, K and Jain, Sh and Singh, A.P and Majumder, G and Banerjee, S and Fanfani, A and D'Alessandro, R and Fabbricatore, P and Casasso, S and Chang, S and Reucroft, S and Shah, M.A and Shoaib, M and Lychkovskaya, N and Stolin, V and Azarkin, M and Leonidov, A and Hernandez, J.M and Cuevas, J and Lopez Virto, A and Marco, J and Bianchi, G and Botta, C and Harris, P and Lourenço, C and Mulders, M and Veres, G.I and Deiters, K and Ingram, Q and Meister, D and Ferro, C and Chen, K.F and Majumder, D and Girgis, S and Sever, R and Ilic, J and Colling, D and Kenzie, M and Cole, J.E and Gardner, M and Rutherford, B and Tripathi, M and Schlein, P and Jandir, P and Long, O.R and Lebourgeois, M and Tadel, M and West, C and Alexander, J and Hopkins, W and Kreis, B and Sun, W and Newman-Holmes, C and Prokofyev, O and Spalding, W.J and Tran, N.V and Bourilkov, D and Dorney, B and Moon, D.H and Tonwar, S.C and Di Matteo, L and Goncharov, M and Klute, M and De Benedetti, A and Mans, J and Lazo-Flores, J and Alverson, G and Hughes, R and Hu, Z and Bodek, A and Petrillo, G and Schnetzer, S and Seitz, C and Johns, W and Arenton, M.W and Loveless, R
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Journal Article
by Chatrchyan, S and Tumasyan, A and Frühwirth, R and Liko, D and Wulz, C.-E and Villella, I and Caillol, C and Vanlaer, P and Pagano, D and Chinellato, J and Mundim, L and Padula, Sandra S and Genchev, V and Lehti, S and Tuovinen, E and Salerno, R and Drouhin, F and Mirabito, L and Tsamalaidze, Z and Raupach, F and Flügge, G and Kargoll, B and Borras, K and Mankel, R and Novgorodova, O and Schmidt, A and Zeise, M and Kesisoglou, S and Bhatnagar, V and Kailas, S and Gurtu, A and Kumar, S and Fahim, A and Barbagli, G and Dinardo, M.E and Zotto, P and Lariccia, P and Messineo, A and Solano, A and Jo, M and Goh, J and Kim, M.S and Qazi, S and Wrochna, G and Konoplyanikov, V and Krasnikov, N and Safronov, G and Semenov, S and Stolin, V and De La Cruz, B and Bianchi, G and Botta, C and Gill, K and Karavakis, E and Meschi, E and Vlimant, J.R and Renker, D and Nessi-Tedaldi, F and Chang, Y.H and Kayis Topaksu, A and Serin, M and Cockerill, D.J.A and Lyons, L and Chadwick, M and Teodorescu, L and Kukartsev, G and Conway, R and Barge, D and Bornheim, A and Di Marco, E and Xie, S and Calamba, A and Nicolas Kaufman, G and Patterson, J.R and Albrow, M and Remington, R and Whitbeck, A and Kenny III, R.P and Noonan, D and Ma, T and Ralph, D and Stephans, G.S.F and Rusack, R and Massironi, A and Schmitt, M and Won, S and Ling, T.Y and Winer, B.L and Werner, J.S and Benedetti, D and Merkel, P and Parashar, N and Garcia-Bellido, A and Robles, J and Eusebi, R and Khotilovich, V and Toback, D and Akchurin, N and Delannoy, A.G and Ledovskoy, A and CMS Collaboration
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Journal Article
by Alkhazov, G and Back, J.J and Battista, V and Blanc, F and Bondar, A and Bonivento, W and Bozzi, C and Campana, P and Capriotti, L and Castillo Garcia, L and Cid Vidal, X and Clarke, P.E.L and Closier, J and Coco, V and Contu, A and D’Ambrosio, C and Davis, A and Dean, C.-T and Derkach, D and Dorigo, M and Eisenhardt, S and Falabella, A and Farley, N and Fol, P and Forty, R and Frosini, M and Gallorini, S and Gandini, P and Harnew, S.T and Head, T and Hicheur, A and Hussain, N and John, M and Johnson, D and Jost, B and Kanso, W and Karacson, M and Kenyon, I.R and Kruse, F and Kudryavtsev, V and Latham, T and Lazzeroni, C and Lees, J.-P and Luppi, E and Maciuc, F and Maev, O and Martinez Vidal, F and Mathad, A and Mathe, Z and Matteuzzi, C and McNab, A and Meissner, M and Melnychuk, D and Merk, M and Michielin, E and Monteil, S and Mountain, R and Müller, D and Müller, K and Oblakowska-Mucha, A and Otalora Goicochea, J.M and Papanestis, A and Patrignani, C and Pescatore, L and Picatoste Olloqui, E and Pietrzyk, B and Poikela, T and Prisciandaro, J and Qian, W and Rachwal, B and Rama, M and Rodriguez Perez, P and Salustino Guimaraes, V and Satta, A and Schlupp, M and Shapkin, M and Siddi, B.G and Souza, D and Spradlin, P and Sridharan, S and Stefkova, S and Swientek, K and Tekampe, T and Tournefier, E and Tsaregorodtsev, A and Tsopelas, P and Vazquez Gomez, R and Vázquez Sierra, C and Vollhardt, A and Voß, C and Waldi, R and Wallace, C and Walsh, J and Websdale, D and Weiden, A and Wilson, F.F and Wotton, S.A and Wright, S and Yang, Z and Zhang, Y
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 11/2015, Volume 2015, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 34
Journal Article
by Adinolfi, M and Alves, A.A and An, L and Barter, W and Beliy, N and Bertholet, E and Betancourt, C and Bezshyiko, Ia and Borghi, S and Borisyak, M and Bowcock, T.J.V and Burr, C and Byczynski, W and Cai, H and Campora Perez, D.H and Carson, L and Charpentier, Ph and Chitic, S.-G and Coco, V and Contu, A and Costa Sobral, C.M and Di Canto, A and Dosil Suárez, A and Durham, J.M and Eitschberger, U and Ely, S and Esen, S and Fazzini, D and Ferreira Rodrigues, F and Firlej, M and Fontanelli, F and Gavardi, L and Girard, O.G and Graciani Diaz, R and Graugés, E and Greim, R and Haen, C and Heß, M and Kim, K.E and Klimkovich, T and Kolpin, M and Koppenburg, P and Kozeiha, M and Kress, F and Krokovny, P and Latham, T and Li, T and Lucchesi, D and Machefert, F and Majewski, M.W and Manca, G and Martin, M and Martinez Vidal, F and Maurin, B and Meadows, B and Melnychuk, D and Mitzel, D.S and Monroy, I.A and Morandin, M and Morgunova, O and Moron, J and Muheim, F and Nieswand, S and Obraztsov, V and Palutan, M and Patel, M and Patrignani, C and Petruzzo, M and Plews, J and Polycarpo, E and Punzi, G and Rama, M and dos Reis, A.C and Rodrigues, A.B and Rotondo, M and Ruiz Vidal, J and Saur, M and Schmelzer, T and Sciascia, B and Serra, N and Silva de Oliveira, L and Spradlin, P and Steinkamp, O and Stevens, H and Stramaglia, M.E and Szymanski, M and T’Jampens, S and Tellarini, G and Tomassetti, L and Tourinho Jadallah Aoude, R and Valassi, A and Vazquez Regueiro, P and Veltri, M and Vesterinen, M and Walsh, J and Weisser, C and Wicht, J and Williams, M and Zhang, Y and Zucchelli, S
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 10/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 27
Journal Article
by Ali, S and d’Argent, P and Artamonov, A and Aslanides, E and Balagura, V and Baranov, A and Barlow, R.J and Batozskaya, V and Beddow, J and Bellee, V and Belyaev, I and Bertolin, A and Bettler, M.O and Bifani, S and Blanc, F and Bondar, A and Bossu, F and Bowen, E and Cadeddu, S and Calvi, M and Campora Perez, D.H and Cassina, L and Chefdeville, M and Comerma-Montells, A and Cowan, G.A and Ekelhof, R and Fontana, M and Franco Lima, V and Frei, C and Gabriel, E and Gandelman, M and Golubkov, D and Griffith, P and Grillo, L and Gruber, L and Gushchin, E and Hadjivasiliou, C and Haines, S.C and Hancock, T.H and Hansmann-Menzemer, S and He, J and Hill, D and Hu, W and Jans, E and Jost, B and Kelsey, M and Khairullin, E and Langenbruch, C and Lefrançois, J and Lesiak, T and Li, Y and Lupato, A and Maddrell-Mander, S and Maguire, K and Maisuzenko, D and Majewski, M.W and Mancinelli, G and Marangotto, D and Martinelli, M and Massafferri, A and Mauri, A and Meaux, C and Milanes, D.A and Mitzel, D.S and Müller, D and Naik, P and Nandakumar, R and Nguyen, T.D and Panshin, G and Parker, W and Pastore, A and Patrignani, C and Pescatore, L and Petrolini, A and Pinci, D and Poli Lener, M and Polyakov, I and Quagliani, R and Rademacker, J.H and Ravonel Salzgeber, M and Reboud, M and Richards, S and Roiser, S and Romero Vidal, A and Ruiz Vidal, J and Schune, M.H and Seyfert, P and Shapkin, M and Shears, T and Coutinho, R. Silva and Soler, F.J.P and Souza De Paula, B and Stemmle, S and Tilley, M.J and Ustyuzhanin, A and Uwer, U and Vilasis-Cardona, X and Wark, H.M and Yang, Z and Zhang, L
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 07/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, pp. 1 - 27
Journal Article
by Alessio, F and Ali, S and Amhis, Y and Andreotti, M and Aquines Gutierrez, O and Aslanides, E and Badalov, A and Barlow, R.J and Benson, S and van Beuzekom, M and Bizzeti, A and Bondar, N and Borsato, M and van den Brand, J and Brett, D and Calabrese, R and Carbone, A and Charles, M and Chiapolini, N and Chrzaszcz, M and Ciba, K and Cliff, H.V and Cojocariu, L and Corti, G and D’Ambrosio, C and Davis, A and De Cian, M and Dettori, F and Dijkstra, H and Dovbnya, A and Dupertuis, F and Dzyuba, A and Evans, H.-M and Farley, N and Farry, S and Filippov, S and Fiore, M and Frank, M and Garra Tico, J and Grecu, A and Gregson, S and Harnew, N and Harnew, S.T and Head, T and Henrard, P and John, M and Khanji, B and Koopman, R.F and Kreplin, K and Kucharczyk, M and Kvaratskheliya, T and Lambert, R.W and Leverington, B and Likhomanenko, T and Martins Tostes, D and Matev, R and McCarthy, J and McSkelly, B and Minard, M.-N and Monteil, S and Moron, J and Nakada, T and Needham, M and Neubert, S and Nguyen, T.D and Papanestis, A and Perret, P and Polci, F and Raniuk, I and Rauschmayr, N and Ricciardi, S and Robbe, P and Rodriguez Perez, P and Ruf, T and Sanmartin Sedes, B and Santacesaria, R and Schmidt, B and Schneider, O and Schopper, A and Serrano, J and Shapkin, M and Shcheglov, Y and Smith, E and Spaan, B and Stagni, F and Steinkamp, O and Stoica, S and T’Jampens, S and Thomas, C and Thomas, E and Tsaregorodtsev, A and Ukleja, A and Veltri, M and Vilasis-Cardona, X and Wallace, C and Wandernoth, S and Wicht, J and Wiedner, D and Witek, M and Zangoli, M
The journal of high energy physics, 2014, Volume 2014, Issue 10
Journal Article