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astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (181) 181
large-scale structure of universe (160) 160
redshift-space distortions (151) 151
redshift-space (106) 106
digital sky survey (101) 101
large-scale structure (86) 86
physics, particles & fields (86) 86
galaxies (85) 85
galaxy astrophysics (85) 85
cosmology: theory (76) 76
universe (68) 68
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cosmological parameters (61) 61
dark energy (60) 60
evolution (60) 60
cosmology (56) 56
cosmology: observations (53) 53
luminous red galaxies (53) 53
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physics - earth and planetary astrophysics (47) 47
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (47) 47
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (47) 47
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baryon acoustic-oscillations (41) 41
dark matter (41) 41
growth-rate (40) 40
density (37) 37
general relativity and quantum cosmology (37) 37
halo occupation distribution (37) 37
real-space (35) 35
dark-matter haloes (33) 33
galaxies: statistics (33) 33
power-spectrum (33) 33
statistics (33) 33
physics (32) 32
red shift (32) 32
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (31) 31
data release (31) 31
large‐scale structure of universe (31) 31
gravity (29) 29
oscillation spectroscopic survey (29) 29
fluctuations (27) 27
bias (25) 25
model (25) 25
acoustic-oscillations (24) 24
dark energy survey (24) 24
gravitation (24) 24
stars & galaxies (24) 24
astronomy (23) 23
cosmological constant (23) 23
cosmology : theory (23) 23
gravitational-instability (23) 23
n-body simulations (23) 23
constraints (22) 22
galaxies: clusters: general (22) 22
methods: statistical (22) 22
astro-ph.co (21) 21
matter (21) 21
methods: numerical (21) 21
perturbation-theory (21) 21
mathematical models (20) 20
redshift surveys (18) 18
cosmological parameters from lss (17) 17
probe wmap observations (17) 17
surveys (17) 17
3-point correlation-function (16) 16
analysis (16) 16
clusters (16) 16
cosmology and gravitation (16) 16
dark-matter (16) 16
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simulations (16) 16
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instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (15) 15
models (15) 15
oscillations (15) 15
peculiar velocities (15) 15
supernovae (15) 15
anisotropy (14) 14
galaxies: haloes (14) 14
luminosity (14) 14
methods: data analysis (14) 14
modified gravity (14) 14
primordial non-gaussianity (14) 14
analytic model (13) 13
catalogs (13) 13
mass (13) 13
methods: analytical (13) 13
sdss-iii (13) 13
cold dark-matter (12) 12
constant (12) 12
distortions (12) 12
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by Alam, Shadab and Ata, Metin and Bailey, Stephen and Beutler, Florian and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blazek, Jonathan A and Bolton, Adam S and Brownstein, Joel R and Burden, Angela and Chuang, Chia-Hsun and Comparat, Johan and Cuesta, Antonio J and Dawson, Kyle S and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Escoffier, Stephanie and Gil-Maŕin, Hector and Grieb, Jan Niklas and Hand, Nick and Ho, Shirley and Kinemuchi, Karen and Kirkby, David and Kitaura, Francisco and Malanushenko, Elena and Malanushenko, Viktor and Maraston, Claudia and McBride, Cameron K and Nichol, Robert C and Olmstead, Matthew D and Oravetz, Daniel and Padmanabhan, Nikhil and Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie and Pan, Kaike and Pellejero-Ibanez, Marcos and Percival, Will J and Petitjean, Patrick and Prada, Francisco and Price-Whelan, Adrian M and Reid, Beth A and Rodŕiguez-Torres, Sergio A and Roe, Natalie A and Ross, Ashley J and Ross, Nicholas P and Rossi, Graziano and Rubiño-Martin, Jose Alberto and Saito, Shun and Salazar-Albornoz, Salvador and Samushia, Lado and Śanchez, Ariel G and Satpathy, Siddharth and Schlegel, David J and Schneider, Donald P and Sćoccola, Claudia G and Seo, Hee-Jong and Sheldon, Erin S and Simmons, Audrey and Slosar, Anze and Strauss, Michael A and Swanson, Molly E. C and Thomas, Daniel and Tinker, Jeremy L and Tojeiro, Rita and Magaña, Mariana Vargas and Vazquez, Jose Alberto and Verde, Licia and Wake, David A and Wang, Yuting and Weinberg, David H and White, Martin and Wood-Vasey, W. Michael and Ỳeche, Christophe and Zehavi, Idit and Zhai, Zhongxu and Zhao, Gong-Bo and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 09/2017, Volume 470, Issue 3, pp. 2617 - 2652
Journal Article
by Ade, P.A.R and Aghanim, N and Arnaud, M and Ashdown, M and Aumont, J and Baccigalupi, C and Banday, A.J and Barreiro, R.B and Bartlett, J.G and Bartolo, N and Battaner, E and Battye, R and Benabed, K and Benoît, A and Benoit-Lévy, A and Bernard, J.-P and Bersanelli, M and Bielewicz, P and Bock, J.J and Bonaldi, A and Bonavera, L and Bond, J.R and Borrill, J and Bouchet, F.R and Boulanger, F and Bucher, M and Burigana, C and Butler, R.C and Calabrese, E and Cardoso, J.-F and Catalano, A and Challinor, A and Chamballu, A and Chary, R.-R and Chiang, H.C and Chluba, J and Christensen, P.R and Church, S and Clements, D.L and Colombi, S and Colombo, L.P.L and Combet, C and Coulais, A and Crill, B.P and Curto, A and Cuttaia, F and Danese, L and Davies, R.D and Davis, R.J and De Bernardis, P and De Rosa, A and De Zotti, G and Delabrouille, J and Désert, F.-X and Di Valentino, E and Dickinson, C and Diego, J.M and Dolag, K and Dole, H and Donzelli, S and Doré, O and Douspis, M and Ducout, A and Dunkley, J and Dupac, X and Efstathiou, G and Elsner, F and Enßlin, T.A and Eriksen, H.K and Farhang, M and Fergusson, J and Finelli, F and Forni, O and Frailis, M and Fraisse, A.A and Franceschi, E and Frejsel, A and Galeotta, S and Galli, S and Ganga, K and Gauthier, C and Gerbino, M and Ghosh, T and Giard, M and Giraud-Héraud, Y and Giusarma, E and Gjerløw, E and González-Nuevo, J and Górski, K.M and Gratton, S and Gregorio, A and Gruppuso, A and Gudmundsson, J.E and Hamann, J and Hansen, F.K and Hanson, D and Harrison, D.L and Helou, G and Henrot-Versillé, S and Hernández-Monteagudo, C and ... and Planck Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Nordiska institutet för teoretisk fysik (Nordita) and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 10/2016, Volume 594, p. A13
Journal Article
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, ISSN 0035-8711, 07/2012, Volume 423, Issue 4, pp. 3430 - 3444
We present a detailed analysis of redshift-space distortions in the two-point correlation function of the 6dF Galaxy Survey (6dFGS). The K-band selected... 
Journal Article
Physics of the Dark Universe, ISSN 2212-6864, 03/2018, Volume 19, pp. 109 - 123
We study the parity-odd part (that we shall call ) of the galaxy two-point correlation function that arises from wide-angle, velocity, Doppler lensing and... 
Journal Article
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2015, Volume 115, Issue 1
Spatial variations in the distribution of galaxy luminosities, estimated from redshifts as distance proxies, are correlated with the peculiar velocity field.... 
Journal Article
by Dawson, Kyle S and Kneib, Jean-Paul and Percival, Will J and Alam, Shadab and Albareti, Franco D and Anderson, Scott F and Armengaud, Eric and Aubourg, Éric and Bailey, Stephen and Bautista, Julian E and Berlind, Andreas A and Bershady, Matthew A and Beutler, Florian and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blanton, Michael R and Blomqvist, Michael and Bolton, Adam S and Bovy, Jo and Brandt, W.N and Brinkmann, Jon and Brownstein, Joel R and Burtin, Etienne and Busca, N.G and Cai, Zheng and Chuang, Chia-Hsun and Clerc, Nicolas and Comparat, Johan and Cope, Frances and Croft, Rupert A. C and Cruz-Gonzalez, Irene and Da Costa, Luiz N and Cousinou, Marie-Claude and Darling, Jeremy and De La MacOrra, Axel and De La Torre, Sylvain and Delubac, Timothée and Du Mas Des Bourboux, Hélion and Dwelly, Tom and Ealet, Anne and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Eracleous, Michael and Escoffier, S and Fan, Xiaohui and Finoguenov, Alexis and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Frinchaboy, Peter and Gaulme, Patrick and Georgakakis, Antonis and Green, Paul and Guo, Hong and Guy, Julien and Ho, Shirley and Holder, Diana and Huehnerhoff, Joe and Hutchinson, Timothy and Jing, Yipeng and Jullo, Eric and Kamble, Vikrant and Kinemuchi, Karen and Kirkby, David and Kitaura, Francisco-Shu and Klaene, Mark A and Laher, Russ R and Lang, Dustin and Laurent, Pierre and Goff, Jean-Marc Le and Li, Cheng and Liang, Yu and Lima, Marcos and Lin, Qiufan and Lin, Weipeng and Lin, Yen-Ting and Long, Daniel C and Lundgren, Britt and MacDonald, Nicholas and Maia, Marcio Antonio Geimba and Malanushenko, Elena and Malanushenko, Viktor and Mariappan, Vivek and McBride, Cameron K and McGreer, Ian D and Ménard, Brice and Merloni, Andrea and Meza, Andres and Montero-Dorta, Antonio D and Muna, Demitri and Myers, Adam D and Nandra, Kirpal and Naugle, Tracy and Newman, Jeffrey A and Noterdaeme, Pasquier and Nugent, Peter and Ogando, Ricardo and Olmstead, Matthew D and Oravetz, Audrey and Oravetz, Daniel J and Padmanabhan, Nikhil and Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie and Pan, Kaike and Parejko, John K and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 02/2016, Volume 151, Issue 2, p. 44
Journal Article
Journal Article