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Communications in theoretical physics, ISSN 0253-6102, 08/2018, Volume 70, Issue 2
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 04/2016, Volume 273-275, pp. 2415 - 2417
Journal Article
by Flechl, M and Jeitler, M and Liko, D and Wulz, C.-E and Blekman, F and Magitteri, A and Alves, F.L and De Jesus Damiao, D and Bernardes, C.A and Mäenpää, T and Jarry, P and Amendola, C and Bernet, C and Finco, L and Lagarde, F and Mirabito, L and Schmidt, A and Geiser, A and Keaveney, J and Meyer, A.B and Myronenko, V and Raspereza, A and Van Onsem, G.P and Weber, M and Papadopoulos, I and Trocsanyi, Z.L and Komaragiri, J.R and Bhatnagar, V and Walia, G and Banerjee, S and Dube, S and Creanza, D and Radogna, R and Grandi, C and Brivio, F and Ghezzi, A and Buontempo, S and Ratti, S.P and Cartiglia, N and Cometti, S and Obertino, M.M and Pacher, L and Pastrone, N and Lee, J and Lee, K.S and Park, I.C and Dudenas, V and Juodagalvis, A and Heredia-De La Cruz, I and Reyes-Almanza, R and Oropeza Barrera, C and Bunkowski, K and Konecki, M and Varela, J and Smirnov, I and Pozdnyakov, I and Andreev, V and Shtol, D and Hernandez, J.M and Ball, A.H and Cerminara, G and Ngadiuba, J and Stakia, A and Reichmann, M and Amsler, C and De Cosa, A and Schweiger, K and Bat, A and Ozturk, S and Grynyov, B and Gastler, D and Sulak, L and Laird, E and Cittolin, S and Holzner, A and Padhi, S and Bhandari, R and Xie, S and Weinberg, M and Quach, D and Taylor, L and Carnes, A and Gerber, C.E and Penzo, A and Snyder, C and Khalil, S and Tapia Takaki, J.D and Maravin, Y and Wright, D and Roland, G and Teixeira De Lima, R and Odell, N and Hurtado Anampa, K and Elmer, P and Khatiwada, A and Geurts, F.J.M and Zhang, A and Melo, A and Buchanan, J and Duric, S and The CMS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2019, Volume 790, pp. 140 - 166
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 04/2016, Volume 273-275, pp. 2412 - 2414
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 10/2015, Volume 267-269, pp. 290 - 293
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 10/2015, Volume 267-269, pp. 305 - 311
Journal Article
Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical, ISSN 1751-8113, 10/2017, Volume 50, Issue 44
Journal Article
International journal of modern physics. A, Particles and fields, gravitation, cosmology, ISSN 0217-751X, 10/2012, Volume 27, Issue 26
Journal Article
by Chatrchyan, S and Tumasyan, A and Frühwirth, R and Liko, D and Van Onsem, G.P and Marage, P.E and Adler, V and Thyssen, F and Jez, P and Pin, A and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Nicolaou, C and Abdelalim, A.A and Rebane, L and Fedi, G and Rosowsky, A and Veelken, C and Wittmer, B and Papacz, P and Costanza, F and Dooling, S and Gunnellini, P and Krämer, M and Krücker, D and Meyer, A.B and Blobel, V and Görner, M and Sibille, J and Hoffmann, K.H and Komaragiri, J.R and Schilling, F.-P and Palinkas, J and Karancsi, J and Nishu, N and Mohanty, A.K and Abbrescia, M and Marcellini, S and Rossi, A.M and Lucchini, M.T and Galanti, M and Arneodo, M and Romero, A and Gobbo, B and Marone, M and Kim, M.S and Lee, J and Juodagalvis, A and Brona, G and Gallinaro, M and Perelygin, V and Petrushanko, S and Uzunian, A and Brun, H and Bonato, A and Camporesi, T and D'Alfonso, M and Glege, F and Gowdy, S and Hansen, M and Santanastasio, F and Lecomte, P and Nägeli, C and Taroni, S and Grundler, U and Lei, Y.J and Frazier, R and Gilbert, A and Karapostoli, G and Raymond, D.M and Jabeen, S and Segala, M and Smith, J and Squires, M and Farrell, C and Jarvis, C and Danielson, T and To, W and Teo, W.D and Weng, Y and Winn, D and Abdullin, S and Berryhill, J and Bhat, P.C and Sharma, S and Mitselmakher, G and Linn, S and Adams, T and Hagopian, V and Hofman, D.J and Perera, L and Chan, K.M and Lopez, A and Schnetzer, S and Gilmore, J and Dragoiu, C and Volobouev, I and Greene, S and Johns, W and Loveless, R and Savin, A and CMS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 06/2014, Volume 733, pp. 328 - 353
Journal Article
Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 01/2020, Volume 309-311, pp. 49 - 54
Journal Article
by Flechl, M and Waltenberger, W and Chekhovsky, V and Favart, L and Kalsi, A.K and Maerschalk, T and Chinellato, J and Marinov, A and Fang, W and Yuan, L and Kadastik, M and Malcles, J and Collard, C and Fontaine, J.-C and Gouzevitch, M and Kiesel, M.K and Stahl, A and Beernaert, K and Eckstein, D and Garay Garcia, J and Korol, I and Melzer-Pellmann, I.-A and Stadie, H and Quast, G and Anagnostou, G and Beri, S.B and Ranjan, K and Bhattacharya, S and Naseri, M and Zito, G and Potenza, R and Sguazzoni, G and Ciriolo, V and Pauwels, K and Ronchese, P and Zanetti, M and Montagna, P and Giannini, L and Grippo, M.T and Lomtadze, T and Rizzi, A and Argiro, S and Demaria, N and Obertino, M.M and Pacher, L and Belforte, S and Cossutti, F and Della Ricca, G and Kim, H and Nam, K and Yang, U.K and Yoo, H.D and De La Cruz-Burelo, E and Nemallapudi, M.V and Vorobyev, A and Rusinov, V and Alcaraz Maestre, J and Palencia Cortezon, E and Matorras, F and Vila, I and Botta, C and De Gruttola, M and Kornmayer, A and Milenovic, P and Silva, P and Bäni, L and Casal, B and Amsler, C and Del Burgo, R and Singh, G and Flacher, H and Smith, V.J and Tomalin, I.R and Buchmuller, O and Laner, C and Khan, A and Richardson, C and Narain, M and Ko, W and Branson, J.G and Letts, J and Ovcharova, A and Cumalat, J.P and Apollinari, G and Bhat, P.C and Konigsberg, J and Noonan, D and Jung, K and Wang, H and Mestvirishvili, A and Paus, C and Claes, D.R and Kravchenko, I and Nguyen, D and Marinelli, N and Olsen, J and Peng, C.C and Goulianos, K and Riley, G and Duric, S and The CMS Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 07/2018, Volume 782, pp. 440 - 467
Journal Article