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settore ing-inf/07 - misure elettriche e elettroniche (79) 79
settore fis/01 - fisica sperimentale (65) 65
settore fis/04 - fisica nucleare e subnucleare (61) 61
science & technology (52) 52
physics (46) 46
subatomic physics (45) 45
subatomär fysik (45) 45
ciências físicas [ciências naturais] (35) 35
physical sciences (34) 34
experiment (33) 33
high energy physics - experiment (32) 32
physics, particles & fields (22) 22
high energy physics (20) 20
particle physics (20) 20
physics - high energy physics - experiment (19) 19
hadron-hadron scattering (18) 18
hadron-hadron collisions (17) 17
nuclear and high energy physics (16) 16
physics of elementary particles and fields (15) 15
astrophysics (14) 14
dk/atira/pure/researchoutput/pubmedpublicationtype/d016428 (14) 14
nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity (14) 14
物理学 (13) 13
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (12) 12
fysik (12) 12
natural sciences (12) 12
naturvetenskap (12) 12
nuclear experiment (12) 12
particle physics - experiment (11) 11
physik (11) 11
cern lhc coll (10) 10
experimental results (10) 10
hep (10) 10
physics and astronomy (10) 10
0202 atomic, molecular, nuclear, particle and plasma physics (9) 9
0206 quantum physics (9) 9
13000 gev-cms (9) 9
engineering; physics and astronomy (9) 9
nuclear & particles physics (9) 9
phenomenology (9) 9
astronomy & astrophysics (8) 8
engineering (8) 8
hadron-hadron scattering; nuclear and high energy physics (6) 6
hep-ex (6) 6
large hadron collider (6) 6
p p: colliding beams (6) 6
p p: scattering (6) 6
technology (6) 6
transverse momentum (6) 6
algorithms (5) 5
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (5) 5
elementary particles, quantum field theory (5) 5
lepton (5) 5
quantum field theories, string theory (5) 5
scattering [p p] (5) 5
channel cross section: branching ratio: upper limit (4) 4
colliding beams [p p] (4) 4
física (4) 4
measurement science and instrumentation (4) 4
nuclear energy (4) 4
nuclear physics, heavy ions, hadrons (4) 4
physics, nuclear (4) 4
supersymmetry (4) 4
[ phys.hexp ] physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (3) 3
analysis (3) 3
beyond standard model (3) 3
beyond standard model; hadron-hadron scattering; nuclear and high energy physics (3) 3
collisions (3) 3
computer science (3) 3
cross sections (3) 3
hadron (3) 3
high energy astrophysical phenomena (3) 3
instruments & instrumentation (3) 3
luminosity (3) 3
resonance: mass (3) 3
science & technology - other topics (3) 3
sensors (3) 3
astronomía (2) 2
benchmark (2) 2
biology and life sciences (2) 2
bottom: pair production (2) 2
ciencias físicas (2) 2
computer simulation (2) 2
confidence intervals (2) 2
costs (2) 2
dark matter (2) 2
data analysis method (2) 2
electrical transmission (2) 2
elementary particles (2) 2
energy & fuels (2) 2
engineering and technology (2) 2
engineering, multidisciplinary (2) 2
exotics (2) 2
hadron scattering (2) 2
higgs boson (2) 2
higgs particle: associated production (2) 2
higgs particle: doublet (2) 2
humans (2) 2
jet physics (2) 2
lhc (2) 2
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by Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A and Amelung, C and Angelozzi, I and Aoki, M and Atlay, N.B and Barisits, M.-S and Brenner, L and Briglin, D.L and Bristow, T.M and Carli, T and Caron, S and Chapman, J.D and Chow, Y.S and Cindro, V and Cole, B and Croft, V and Cukierman, A.R and Dallapiccola, C and Dandoy, J.R and Debbe, R and Demichev, M and Ecker, K.M and Falla, R.J and García Navarro, J.E and Garelli, N and Giulini, M and Gkaitatzis, S and Glasman, C and Goblirsch-Kolb, M and Gray, C and Grout, Z.J and Guo, W and Haley, J and Herwig, T.C and Hrabovsky, M and Ibragimov, I and Ikegami, Y and Ishitsuka, M and Iuppa, R and Kawamura, G and King, B.T and Kladiva, E and Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, T and Klein, M and Klingenberg, R and Kondo, T and Köneke, K and Korn, A and Lang, V.S and Lantzsch, K and Leone, S and Liu, J.K.K and Lo Sterzo, F and Lu, H and Madaffari, D and Manhaes De Andrade Filho, L and Mantifel, R and Mashinistov, R and Maslennikov, A.L and Mincer, A.I and Monden, R and Monk, J and Moore, R.W and Mornacchi, G and Moschovakos, P and Nagy, E and Nitta, T and Okawa, H and Pataraia, S and Penwell, J and Poley, A and Reale, M and Reece, R and Romano Saez, S.M and Rotaru, M and Sacerdoti, S and Sbrizzi, A and Schaile, D and Schier, S and Schulte, A and Sfyrla, A and Shaikh, N.W and Siragusa, G and Stockton, M.C and Tompkins, L and Tong, B and Torró Pastor, E and Trocmé, B and Tudorache, A and Valls Ferrer, J.A and Veloso, F and Viazlo, O and Vorobel, V and Wenig, S and Wilson, J.A and Wolf, T.M.H and Young, C and Zhang, J and Zhang, P and Zimmermann, C and ATLAS Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (United States) and Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States). Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States). National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 03/2018, Volume 97, Issue 5
Journal Article
by Abreu, R and Arce, A.T.H and Armbruster, A.J and Baroncelli, A and Bartos, P and Betancourt, C and Bianchi, R.M and Biesuz, N.V and Britzger, D and Calafiura, P and Cavasinni, V and Chavez Barajas, C.A and Cheatham, S and Chiarella, V and Conti, G and Costa, G and Costanzo, D and Dallapiccola, C and Dawson, I and Dingfelder, J and Fabbri, L and Farooque, T and Farrington, S.M and Favareto, A and Ferrari, A and Fischer, C and Gentile, S and Ghazlane, H and Gibbard, B and Gillberg, D and Giorgi, F.M and Gornicki, E and Guescini, F and Gul, U and Hauswald, L and Hawkings, R.J and Head, S.J and Hesketh, G.G and Hessey, N.P and Hillier, S.J and Hoenig, F and Igonkina, O and Iordanidou, K and Jinnouchi, O and Johnson, W.J and Kasahara, K and Kazama, S and Kobayashi, A and Li, Q and Long, J.D and Lou, X and Marzin, A and McCarn, A and Merola, L and Merritt, F.S and Montejo Berlingen, J and Mortensen, S.S and Nagai, K and Nagano, K and Namasivayam, H and Narrias Villar, D.I and Naryshkin, I and Nelson, A and Nicquevert, B and Norberg, S and Paige, F and Petrov, M and Pezoa, R and Picazio, A and Potter, C.T and Qian, J and Rahal, G and Reznicek, P and Robertson, S.H and Sandoval, C and Schaeffer, J and Schmieden, K and Schwartzman, A and Seixas, J.M and Sforza, F and Sjursen, T.B and Slater, M and Spiller, L.A and Starovoitov, P and Sykora, T and Taccini, C and Takai, H and Tarem, S and Trovatelli, M and Tsiareshka, P.V and Villaplana Perez, M and Vreeswijk, M and Wagner, P and Wardrope, D.R and Webb, S and Wynne, B.M and Zeitnitz, C and Zhang, H and Zhao, Y and Zhou, B and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 08/2016, Volume 2016, Issue 8
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Aliev, M and Alonso, F and Andreazza, A and Batley, J. R and Beauchemin, P. H and Beltramello, O and Noccioli, E. Benhar and Berlendis, S and Bilokon, H and Boutle, S. K and Brandt, A and Brenner, L and Brooks, T and Cattai, A and Chafaq, A and Chegwidden, A and Chekulaev, S. V and Citterio, M and Colasurdo, L and Cooke, M and Cuth, J and Doglioni, C and Fanti, M and Feigl, S and Castillo, L. R. Flores and Formica, A and Fracchia, S and Giuli, F and Giuliani, C and Gkaitatzis, S and Glatzer, J and Hansen, J. D and Haug, S and Hodgkinson, M. C and Hopkins, W. H and Ilic, N and Istin, S and Karpov, S. N and Kehoe, R and Kepka, O and Kersten, S and Kluit, P and Konstantinidis, N and Kruchonak, U and Lacey, J and Lafaye, R and Lanni, F and Le Dortz, O and Le Quilleuc, E. P and Lefebvre, B and Liu, H and Liu, L and Lokajicek, M and Lu, N and Luehring, F and Majersky, O and Meng, L and Mitsou, V. A and Moa, T and Montalbano, A and Mueller, R. S. P and Muskinja, M and Myska, M and Neumann, M and Otono, H and Owen, R. E and Palacino, G and Peng, H and Pezoa, R and Polesello, G and Pontecorvo, L and Prell, S and Prokoshin, F and Ragusa, F and Rocco, E and Rogan, C. S and Adam, E. Romero and Saha, P and Scheirich, D and Schmidt-Sommerfeld, K. R and Schwemling, Ph and Shojaii, S and Sopczak, A and Spalla, M and Strom, D. M and Swiatlowski, M and Tartarelli, G. F and Tsiareshka, P. V and Valery, L and Vermeulen, A. T and Viazlo, O and Wallangen, V and Watts, S and Wenaus, T and Winston, O. J and Yoshihara, K and Zanzi, D and Zhu, C. G and Zhuang, X and Atlas Collaboration and ATLAS Collaboration and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States). Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF)
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 02/2018, Volume 97, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A and Ahlen, S. P and Albert, J and Allport, P. P and Alonso, F and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Bates, R. L and Berta, P and Bold, T and Boonekamp, M and Bristow, T. M and Buttinger, W and Calafiura, P and Calvet, D and Ceradini, F and Cerda Alberich, L and Ciftci, A. K and Cottin, G and D'eramo, L and Davis, D. R and Davison, P and Dell'Acqua, A and Dunford, M and Eigen, G and Falciano, S and Favareto, A and Ferrer, A and Froidevaux, D and Gallop, B. J and Geisen, J and Gorini, E and Gorisek, A and Grimm, K and Guindon, S and Holmes, T. R and Hoya, J and Isacson, M. F and Jia, J and Kass, R. D and Kawamura, G and Khader, M and Kharlamova, T and Kido, S and Konoplich, R and Kruchonak, U and Krumnack, N and Leggett, C and Leite, M. A. L and Lionti, A. E and Liu, B and Lyubushkin, V and Maio, A and Mastrandrea, P and Meloni, F and Meoni, E and Mkrtchyan, T and Montalbano, A and Mueller, R. S. P and Myagkov, A. G and Myska, M and Nishu, N and Obermann, T and Otono, H and Owen, R. E and Palacino, G and Papageorgiou, K and Peng, H and Pezoa, R and Potter, C. J and Price, D and Readioff, N. P and Rezanova, O. L and Rinaldi, L and Romano, M and Rousseau, D and Ryzhov, A and Salazar Loyola, J. E and Sammel, D and Sapronov, A and Scarcella, M and Scheirich, D and Schmidt-Sommerfeld, K. R and Shojaii, S and Sopczak, A and Stanek, R. W and Suruliz, K and Teuscher, R. J and Tolley, E and Touchard, F and Tseng, J. C-L and Tu, Y and Vadla, K. O. H and Vari, R and Veeraraghavan, V and Vickey, T and Vranjes, N and Wenig, S and Zhou, M and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 12/2017, Volume 96, Issue 11
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Aloisio, A and Alonso, F and Antel, C and Beck, H. P and Bell, A. S and Noccioli, E. Benhar and Bentvelsen, S and Brandt, O and Brock, I and Buescher, D and Buttar, C. M and Carlino, G and Cattai, A and Chafaq, A and Chegwidden, A and Chekulaev, S. V and Chudoba, J and Collot, J and De Salvo, A and Deliot, F and Dell'Acqua, A and Enari, Y and Fakhrutdinov, R. M and Galea, C and Grinstein, S and Guindon, S and Hansen, J. D and Heinz, C and Herten, G and Huston, J and Introzzi, G and Jorge, P. M and Kendrick, J and Kido, S and Klimentov, A and Komar, A. A and Korolkov, I and Krieger, P and Lampl, W and Lanfermann, M. C and Lefebvre, B and Leite, M. A. L and Lemmer, B and Leveque, J and Lo, C. Y and Lobodzinska, E. M and Lytken, E and Madaffari, D and March, L and Martin, T. A and Milov, A and Mindur, B and Miucci, A and Molander, S and Monnier, E and Morettini, P and Neal, H. A and Ospanov, R and Padilla Aranda, C and Palazzo, S and Hernandez, D. Paredes and Pater, J. R and Petrolo, E and Picazio, A and Policicchio, A and Raddum, S and Raymond, M and Rosten, R and Rurikova, Z and Sakamoto, H and Sandaker, H and Sansoni, A and Sawyer, C and Schaefer, R and Scutti, F and Serfon, C and Sherwood, P and Simmons, B and Smakhtin, V and Smirnov, N and Snyder, I. M and Suruliz, K and Tannenwald, B. B and Teng, P. K and Torres, R. E. Ticse and Turra, R and Valery, L and Veloce, L. M and Vogel, M and Vrba, V and Wang, T and Washbrook, A and Weber, S. M and Young, C. J. S and Zabinski, B and Zaidan, R and Zambito, S and Zhang, H and Zimine, N. I and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 03/2018, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Coutinho, Y. Amaral and Amelung, C and Aoki, M and Atlay, N.B and Bellomo, M and Benjamin, D.P and Biesuz, N.V and Bocci, A and Britton, D and Budagov, I.A and Calandri, A and Carquin, E and Cavasinni, V and El Moursli, R. Cherkaoui and Cheu, E and Cheung, K and Collot, J and Colombo, T and Crescioli, F and Dang, N.P and Danninger, M and De, K and De Sanctis, U and Drechsler, E and Dudarev, A and El Kacimi, M and Enari, Y and Endner, O.C and Fournier, D and Gardner, R.W and Gibson, S.M and Gillberg, D and Giraud, P.F and Gkougkousis, E.L and Gregor, I.M and Groh, S and Guzik, M.P and Hanagaki, K and Hawkes, C.M and Heer, S and Hobbs, J and Iacobucci, G and Istin, S and Ji, H and Kind, O.M and Kucuk, H and Kurashige, H and Kurchaninov, L.L and Laporte, J.F and Leonidopoulos, C and Lytken, E and Malaescu, B and Marzin, A and Mättig, P and Meoni, E and Moles-Valls, R and Morvaj, L and Moss, J and Nakahama, Y and Damazio, D. Oliveira and Parsons, J.A and Peng, H and Perepelitsa, D.V and Petrucci, F and Poettgen, R and Potter, C.J and Rehnisch, L and Rieck, P and Rompotis, N and Rusakovich, N.A and Sadykov, R and Martinez, V. Sanchez and Schaepe, S and Schildgen, L.K and Schott, M and Schultens, M.J and Scuri, F and Shochet, M.J and Sinev, N.B and Sjölin, J and Smirnov, S. Yu and Stärz, S and Ströhmer, R and Tas, P and Thompson, P.D and Tojo, J and Trigger, I.M and Unno, Y and Vallier, A and van Woerden, M.C and Vrba, V and Wang, H and Wang, W and Weits, H and White, A and Winter, B.T and Zemla, A and Zhang, X and Zhou, M and Zobernig, G and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 09/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 9, p. 1
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Aliev, M and Alonso, F and Andreazza, A and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Beck, H. P and Bell, A. S and Noccioli, E. Benhar and Bentvelsen, S and Bisanz, T and Boveia, A and Buzykaev, A. R and Carquin, E and Chwastowski, J. J and Cindro, V and Clark, P. J and Collot, J and Connell, S. H and Cooke, M and Cowan, G and Crawley, S. J and Deigaard, I and Delporte, C and Diaconu, C and Dias, F. A and Dris, M and Enari, Y and Escalier, M and Falciano, S and Favareto, A and Giraud, P. F and Gottardo, C. A and Hamity, G. N and Harrison, P. F and Iconomidou-Fayard, L and Iltzsche, F and Janus, M and Kaji, T and Kamenshchikov, A and Kareem, M. J and Khader, M and Kido, S and Komar, A. A and Kopeliansky, R and Kramarenko, V. A and Kruchonak, U and Kupco, A and Lellouch, D and Li, L and Lohwasser, K and Lyubushkin, V and Magerl, V and Merritt, F. S and Mitsou, V. A and Murray, W. J and Nagano, K and Naryshkin, I and Neep, T. J and Nellist, C and Nemethy, P and Okumura, Y and Damazio, D. Oliveira and Oppen, H and Oren, Y and Otono, H and Ould-Saada, F and Palestini, S and Panitkin, S and Phillips, F. H and Potti, H and Prell, S and Radeka, V and Ragusa, F and Rosbach, K and Rozen, Y and Ruiz-Martinez, A and Loyola, J. E. Salazar and Sawyer, C and Schaffer, A. C and Schernau, M and Schott, M and Shabalina, E and Shehu, C. Y and Sidoti, A and Stelzer-Chilton, O and Sutton, M. R and Swift, S. P and Tapprogge, S and Teuscher, R. J and Uno, K and Vallier, A and Vandelli, W and Boeriu, O. E. Vickey and Vrba, V and Wahlberg, H and Weston, T. D and Yabsley, B and Zabinski, B and Zieminska, D and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 12/2017, Issue 12
Journal Article