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2011, The left behind series, ISBN 9781414334905, Volume 1, 485
Airline captain Rayford Steele goes in search of his family and answers to how billions of people just disappeared off the face of the Earth. 
Illinois | Rapture (Christian eschatology) | Steele, Rayford (Fictitious character)
Albuquerque journal, ISSN 1526-5137, 03/2005
... and finally the appearance of Jesus. The series began with the rapture, introducing us to Captain Rayford Steele and Nicolae Carpathia... 
Steele, Rayford
Newspaper Article
Times (London, England : 1788), ISSN 0140-0460, 06/2000
The books adopt a literal interpretation of Revelation, which teaches that shortly before the Apocalypse Jesus will summon the faithful to Heaven for "the... 
Steele, Rayford | Sandford, John
Newspaper Article
Canada NewsWire, 09/2014
..., CITY OF ANGELS, THE CROODS) as Rayford Steele, as well as Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Nicky Whelan, Lea Thompson and Jordin Sparks. The movie is directed... 
Steele, Rayford | Jenkins, Jerry | LaHaye, Tim F | Lalonde, Paul | Cage, Nicolas
Newspaper Article
St. Petersburg times (Saint Petersburg, Fla. : 1921), 11/2000
[Rayford Steele] is no saint: He has been having an affair with Hattie Durham (Chelsea Noble, [Kirk Cameron]'s real-life wife). Left Behind treats the affair... 
Steele, Rayford | Williams, Buck | Barnes, Bruce | Dodd, Randy | Lalonde, Peter
Newspaper Article
Daily breeze (Torrance, Calif. : 1974), 02/2001
...? This is one of many points about which the script shows little curiosity. The Rapture hits as [Rayford Steele] is piloting a 747 at 37,000 feet... 
Steele, Rayford | Williams, Buck | Stephens, Janaya | Johnson, Brad | Cameron, Kirk
Newspaper Article
The Florida times-union, ISSN 0740-2325, 07/2000
The basis for the string of apocalyptic plot twists is Dispensationalism, an offshoot of Evangelical Protestant theology followed by many Evangelical... 
Steele, Rayford | Jenkins, Jerry | Garrett, Lynn | LaHaye, Tim F
Newspaper Article
Sun-sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 02/2001
Much of the film's special-effects budget seems to be spent in the opening minutes, when hordes of tanks and planes descend on Israel just as hero Buck... 
Steele, Rayford | Williams, Buck | Gilyard, Clarence | Cameron, Kirk
Newspaper Article
Sun-sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 06/2000
The book, The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession, by Tim F. LaHaye, a retired evangelical minister, and Jerry B. Jenkins, a professional writer, is the... 
Steele, Rayford | Jenkins, Jerry | Potter, Harry | LaHaye, Tim F
Newspaper Article
St. Petersburg times (Saint Petersburg, Fla. : 1921), 11/2001
... to find out what happened next in the lives of main characters Rayford Steele and Buck Williams and the sadistically evil Nicolae Carpathia. A 31-year-old financial... 
Malison, Susannah | Steele, Rayford | Jenkins, Jerry | Lingenfelter, Debbie | LaHaye, Tim F
Newspaper Article
Intelligencer journal, ISSN 0889-4140, 07/2000
...: What if, while flying in a 747 across the Atlantic, a pilot named, say, Captain Rayford Steele, suddenly discovers dozens of his passengers have vanished into thin air... 
Steele, Rayford | Jenkins, Jerry | Dunbar, Tim | LaHaye, Tim F | Hess, Rod
Newspaper Article
The Charleston daily mail (Charleston, W. Va. : 1920), 07/2000
The latest in a series of novels derived from the Bible's Book of Revelation, the book by retired evangelical minister Tim LaHaye and writer Jerry Jenkins has... 
Steele, Rayford | Nehmer, Linda | Jenkins, Jerry | Garrett, Lynn | LaHaye, Tim F
Newspaper Article
Gadsden Times, 10/2011
... Jarvis, Jay Rogers ATTALLA: Jodie Bleas, Meagan Duncan, Kevin Payne, Cody Rayford, Johnny Spikes BIRMINGHAM: David Dunn BOAZ: Stanley Ballenger, Zachary Duncan... 
Steele, Melissa
Newspaper Article
Northwest Florida daily news, ISSN 0898-168X, 08/1992
  Mr. Roberts was a native of Gilbert, La., and had been a resident of DeFuniak Springs since 1965. He was a member and deacon of the Southwide Baptist Church... 
Terrell, Nancy | Durden, Gary Allen | Bryan, Thomas A | Steele, Mildred Metcalf | Carter, Darryl Bruce
Newspaper Article
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