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2014, Chu ban., ISBN 9789888202669, 427
by Wen, Jiaxing and Long, Xiangyun and Zheng, Xutao and An, Yu and Cai, Zhengyang and Cang, Jirong and Che, Yuepeng and Chen, Changyu and Chen, Liangjun and Chen, Qianjun and Chen, Ziyun and Cheng, Yingjie and Deng, Litao and Deng, Wei and Ding, Wenqing and Du, Hangci and Duan, Lian and Gan, Quan and Gao, Tai and Gao, Zhiying and Han, Wenbin and Han, Yiying and He, Xinbo and He, Xinhao and Hou, Long and Hu, Fan and Hu, Junling and Huang, Bo and Huang, Dongyang and Huang, Xuefeng and Jia, Shihai and Jiang, Yuchen and Jin, Yifei and Li, Ke and Li, Siyao and Li, Yurong and Liang, Jianwei and Liang, Yuanyuan and Lin, Wei and Liu, Chang and Liu, Gang and Liu, Mengyuan and Liu, Rui and Liu, Tianyu and Liu, Wanqiang and Lu, Di’an and Lu, Peiyibin and Lu, Zhiyong and Luo, Xiyu and Ma, Sizheng and Ma, Yuanhang and Mao, Xiaoqing and Mo, Yanshan and Nie, Qiyuan and Qu, Shuiyin and Shan, Xiaolong and Shi, Gengyuan and Song, Weiming and Sun, Zhigang and Tan, Xuelin and Tang, Songsong and Tao, Mingrui and Wang, Boqin and Wang, Yue and Wang, Zhiang and Wu, Qiaoya and Wu, Xuanyi and Xia, Yuehan and Xiao, Hengyuan and Xie, Wenjin and Xu, Dacheng and Xu, Rui and Xu, Weili and Yan, Longbiao and Yan, Shengyu and Yang, Dongxin and Yang, Hang and Yang, Haoguang and Yang, Yi-Si and Yang, Yifan and Yao, Lei and Yu, Huan and Yu, Yangyi and Zhang, Aiqiang and Zhang, Bingtao and Zhang, Lixuan and Zhang, Maoxing and Zhang, Shen and Zhang, Tianliang and Zhang, Yuchong and Zhao, Qianru and Zhao, Ruining and Zheng, Shiyu and Zhou, Xiaolong and Zhu, Runyu and Zou, Yu and An, Peng and Cai, Yifu and Chen, Hongbing and Dai, Zigao and ...
Experimental Astronomy, ISSN 0922-6435, 8/2019, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp. 77 - 95
Journal Article
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