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trivikramabhaṭṭa, active 10th century. nalacampū (4) 4
nala in literature (3) 3
damayantī in literature (2) 2
nala (2) 2
damayantī (1) 1
guṇavinaya, active 1584-1619 criticism and interpretation (1) 1
metaphor in literature (1) 1
somadeva sūri, 10th cent. yaśastilakacampū (1) 1
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2007, 1. saṃskaraṇa., 272
Study of Nalacampū, Sanskrit work by Trivikramabhaṭṭa, 10th century Sanskrit author. 
Trivikramabhaṭṭa, active 10th century. Nalacampū | Nala (Hindu mythology) in literature | Damayantī (Hindu mythology) in literature | Metaphor in literature
2004, 1. saṃskaraṇa., xxi, 360
Comparative study of Nalacampū, verse work in mixed prose and verse on Nala and Damayantī, characters from Hindu mythology written by Trivikramabhaṭṭa, 10th... 
Damayantī (Hindu mythology) in literature | Somadeva Sūri, 10th cent. Yaśastilakacampū | Trivikramabhaṭṭa, active 10th century. Nalacampū | Nala (Hindu mythology) in literature
2003, 1. saṃskaraṇa., Maṇi pushpa, Volume 155, 16, 160
Study of Nalacampū poem (mixed prose and verse) of Trivikramabhaṭṭa, 10th cent. and its commentrator Guṇavinaya, fl. 1584-1619. 
Nala (Hindu mythology) | Trivikramabhaṭṭa, active 10th century. Nalacampū | Guṇavinaya, active 1584-1619 Criticism and interpretation | Damayantī (Hindu mythology)
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