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aluminium; asbestos; baking; ball; bar; basket; bath; boiler; books and comics; bottle; brush; carpet and flooring; cleaning products; clock; clothing; coal; color; construction; cooking; crockery; curtain; cutlery; dairy; dental care; dining; dining room; drink; driver; drug; dryer; duster; electric; electric iron; feather; fish and fishing; flowers; food; footwear; freezer; fruit; furniture; garbage disposal; garden; gas; gasoline; glassware; headwear and millinery; icebox; kitchen utensils; label; laundry; lavatory; livestock; manual tools; meat; medicine; metalware; nursery; oil; oil stove; outerwear; ovens and stoves; paint; personal care; petrol; pillow; plate; plumbing; preserves; radiator; refrigerator; safe; sanitary; shoe; silver and silverware; soft furnishings; spice; toaster; tool; trash; vacuum cleaner; vegetable; washing machine; water filter (1) 1
corona (1) 1
florence (1) 1
household goods and appliances (1) 1
kent (1) 1
lewis & conger (1) 1
new york (1) 1
sandwich (1) 1
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