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by Aoudjhane, M and Labopin, M and Gorin, N.C and Shimoni, A and Ruutu, T and Kolb, H.-J and Frassoni, F and Boiron, J.M and Yin, J.L and Finke, J and Shouten, H and Blaise, D and Falda, M and Fauser, A.A and Esteve, J and Polge, E and Slavin, S and Niederwieser, D and Nagler, A and Rocha, Vanderson and Galiene, P and Petrini, M and Schlimok, G and Buzyn, A and Ovali, E and Gratwohl, A and Willemze, R and Bunjes, D and Goldman, J.M and Jacobsen, N and Gluckman, E and Schanz, U and Boogaerts, M.A and Ljungman, P and Montserrat, E and Bron, D and Potter, M and Bacigalupo, A and Powles, R and Rio, B and Kanz, L and Goldstone, A.H and Remes, K and Greinix, H.T and Davies, J.M and Blaise, D and Falda, M and Mandelli, F and Cahn, J.Y and Ferrant, A and Brinch, L and Fernández-Ranada, J.M and Torres Gomez, A and Verdonck, L.F and Baccarani, M and Iriondo, A and Franklin, I and Rizzoli, V and Cornelissen, J.J and Van den Berg, H and Cordonnier, C and Harousseau, J.L and Barnard, D.L and Littlewood, T and Horst, H.A and McCann, S and Slavin, S and Schaefer, U.W and Sierra, J and Chapuis, B and Leblond, V and Guilhot, F and Lambertenghi Deliliers, G and Simonsson, B and Reiffers, J and Sotto, J.J and Gastl, G and Bay, J.O and Jackson, G.L and García-Conde, J and Lenhoff, S and Alessandrino, E.P and Majolino, I and Izzi, T and Brune, M and Pimentel, P and Siegert, W and Morra, E and Hertenstein, B and Hoelzer, D and Coser, P and Abecasis, M and Labar, B and Burnett, A.K and Bosi, A and Leone, G and Linkesch, W and Schwerdtfeger, R and Lauria, F and Acute Leukemia Working Party EBMT and Acute Leukemia Working Party (ALWP) of the European group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)
Leukemia, ISSN 0887-6924, 12/2005, Volume 19, Issue 12, pp. 2304 - 2312
Journal Article
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