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and chemical reagents directly onto my groin affected by a severe inverse psoriasis with a well detectable dermatological complication (1) 1
and specifically applying phytotherapeutic agent (1) 1
deoxyribonucleic acid--dna (1) 1
dermatology (1) 1
feronia elephantum (1) 1
in my view (1) 1
in the fact that i made this experimentations in corpore vili during a special period of the year (1) 1
like the bacterial intertrigo. the importance of the results resides (1) 1
limonia acidissima (1) 1
oxidation (1) 1
psoralens (1) 1
psoriasis (1) 1
sodium (1) 1
studies (1) 1
that might be reputed biological and natural at all (1) 1
the so called moult of mammals (1) 1
when usually psoriasis and each of every dermatosis and dermatitis which accompanies the psoriatic manifestation (1) 1
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