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by Kanchi, Rupa S and Hegde, Apurva M and Lenoir, Walter and Liu, Wenbin and Liu, Yuexin and Shen, Hui and Rao, Arvind and Schultz, Andre and Li, Xubin and Sumazin, Pavel and Mestdagh, Pieter and Gunaratne, Preethi H and Yau, Christina and Bowlby, Reanne and Robertson, A. Gordon and Tiezzi, Daniel G and Godwin, Andrew K and Sood, Anil K and Adebamowo, Clement and Baggerly, Keith A and Chiu, Hua-Sheng and Liu, Liang and MacKenzie, Karen and Orsulic, Sandra and Roszik, Jason and Shelley, Carl Simon and Song, Qianqian and Vellano, Christopher P and Wentzensen, Nicolas and Weinstein, John N and Mills, Gordon B and Levine, Douglas A and Caesar-Johnson, Samantha J and Kasapi, Melpomeni and Ferguson, Martin L and Sofia, Heidi J and Tarnuzzer, Roy and Wang, Zhining and Zenklusen, Jean C and Chudamani, Sudha and Liu, Jia and Lolla, Laxmi and Naresh, Rashi and Pihl, Todd and Sun, Qiang and Wu, Ye and Cho, Juok and DeFreitas, Timothy and Frazer, Scott and Gehlenborg, Nils and Getz, Gad and Kim, Jaegil and Lawrence, Michael S and Lin, Pei and Noble, Michael S and Saksena, Gordon and Voet, Doug and Bernard, Brady and Chambwe, Nyasha and Dhankani, Varsha and Knijnenburg, Theo and Kramer, Roger and Miller, Michael and Reynolds, Sheila and Thorsson, Vesteinn and Broom, Bradley M and Ju, Zhenlin and Li, Jun and Ling, Shiyun and Lu, Yiling and Ryan, Michael and Zhang, Jiexin and Abeshouse, Adam and Armenia, Joshua and Chatila, Walid K and Gross, Benjamin E and Kundra, Ritika and La, Konnor and Luna, Augustin and Ochoa, Angelica and Phillips, Sarah M and Reznik, Ed and Sanchez-Vega, Francisco and Sander, Chris and Schultz, Nikolaus and Sheridan, Robert and Sumer, S. Onur and Taylor, Barry S and Wang, Jioajiao and Wong, Christopher K and Hayes, D. Neil and Parker, Joel S and Wilkerson, Matthew D and Ally, Adrian and Balasundaram, Miruna and Brooks, Denise and Chuah, Eric and Dhalla, Noreen and Lee, Darlene and Marra, Marco A and ... and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Cancer cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 04/2018, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp. 690 - 705.e9
Journal Article
2018, Volume 33, Issue 4
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