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by Adams, D and Adey, D and Alekou, A and Apollonio, M and Asfandiyarov, R and Back, J and Barber, G and Barclay, P and de Bari, A and Bayes, R and Bayliss, V and Bertoni, R and Blackmore, V J and Blondel, A and Blot, S and Bogomilov, M and Bonesini, M and Booth, C N and Bowring, D and Boyd, S and Bradshaw, T W and Bravar, U and Bross, A D and Capponi, M and Carlisle, T and Cecchet, G and Charnley, G and Cobb, J H and Colling, D and Collomb, N and Coney, L and Cooke, P and Courthold, M and Cremaldi, L M and DeMello, A and Dick, A J and Dobbs, A and Dornan, P and Fayer, S and Filthaut, F and Fish, A and Fitzpatrick, T and Fletcher, R and Forrest, D and Francis, V and Freemire, B and Fry, L and Gallagher, A and Gamet, R and Gourlay, S and Grant, A and Graulich, J S and Griffiths, S and Hanlet, P and Hansen, O M and Hanson, G G and Harrison, P and Hart, T L and Hartnett, T and Hayler, T and Heidt, C and Hills, M and Hodgson, P and Hunt, C and Iaciofano, A and Ishimoto, S and Kafka, G and Kaplan, D M and Karadzhov, Y and Kim, Y K and Kolev, D and Kuno, Y and Kyberd, P and Lau, W and Leaver, J and Leonova, M and Li, D and Lintern, A and Littlefield, M and Long, K and Lucchini, G and Luo, T and Macwaters, C and Martlew, B and Martyniak, J and Middleton, S and Moretti, A and Moss, A and Muir, A and Mullacrane, I and Nebrensky, J J and Neuffer, D and Nichols, A and Nicholson, R and Nugent, J C and Onel, Y and Orestano, D and Overton, E and Owens, P and Palladino, V and ... and The MICE Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 10/2013, Volume 73, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article
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