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2010, 4th ed., ISBN 9780470131480, xxvi, 830
by Anzo, A and Antinori, F and Aprodu, V and Arefiev, A and Asryan, A and Badalà, A and Batigne, G and Becker, B and Benato, A and Bernard, C and Berst, J D and Bertelsen, H and Bhasin, A and Baskar, P and Bhati, A and Blanco, F and Blyth, S and Braun, M and Bruna, E and Cleymans, J and Costa, F and Groot, J de and Dinca, C and Efimov, L and Engster, C and Fedorov, O and Fragiacomo, E and Girard, M Fusco and Gagliardi, M and Lopez, A Garcia and Giolu, G and Gutierrez, C Gonzalez and Gregory, C and Grosso, R and Guarnaccia, C and Gulbrandsen, K and Gustafsson, H-A and Helstrup, H and Herghelegiu, A and Ianigro, J C and Jung, H and Kadija, K and Kaplin, V and Kliemant, M and Koshurnikov, E and Kotov, I and Kox, S and Kramer, F and Kurepin, A N and Kweon, M and Labbé, J-C and Laurenti, G and Li, Q and Lo, J and Lobanov, V and Mahajan, A and Malkiewicz, T and Marchini, S and Maslov, N I and Mastroserio, A and Michinelli, R and Miśkowiec, D and Morsch, A and Pastirčák, B and Pepato, A and Pereira, H and Pikna, M and Plumeri, S and Podesta, P and Renault, G and Riso, J and Rivetti, A and Rizzi, M and Sedykh, S and Sesselmann, T and Sharkov, E and Sharma, S and Shigaki, K and Shurygina, M and Siddi, E and Simon, R and Skaali, B and Soloviev, A and Soos, C and Stutzmann, J S and Tauro, A and Tsilis, E and Tuveri, M and Urbán, J and Brink, A Van Den and Vannucci, L and Vanuxem, J-P and Vascotto, A and Venaruzzo, M and Vranic, D and Wabnitz, C and Wheadon, R and Xu, C and Zalite, A and Zeter, V
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08002 - S08002
Journal Article
by Neukermans, L and Caudron, J and Makariev, M and Shen, X Y and Härkönen, J and Bard, J P and Chipaux, R and Locci, E and Chamont, D and Pukhaeva, N and Regnault, N and Blaes, R and Claus, G and Hoffer, M and Michel, J and Hove, P Van and Bonnevaux, A and Boudoul, G and Fay, J and Trocme, B and Fahrer, M and Markou, A and Zachariadou, A and Papadimitropoulos, C and Giordano, V and Giunta, M and Tuve, C and D'Alessandro, R and Genta, C and Pucci, C and Berti, L and Biasotto, M and Bacchetta, N and Bisello, D and Grelli, A and Rovelli, C and Romero, A and Ruspa, M and Ryu, M S and Knegjens, R and Turnau, J and Czyrkowski, H and Varela, J and Varner, G and Finger, M and Makarenkov, G and Azhgirey, I and Chikilev, O and Krychkine, V and Tyurin, N and Prilutskaya, Z and Vila, I and Barbero, M and Cornet, H and Lecoq, P and Mannelli, M and Meridiani, P and Perez, E and Sbrissa, E and Feichtinger, D and Horisberger, R and Faber, G and Petrov, G and Stoenchev, S and Hsiung, Y B and Gülmez, E and Camanzi, B and Murray, P and Clark, D E and Seez, C and Via, C Da and Reid, I and Wallny, R and Würthwein, F and Campagnari, C and Witherell, M and Vogel, H and Drell, B R and Elias, J E and Kossiakov, S and Lei, C M and Noeding, C and Tkaczyk, S and Wu, Y and Barannikova, O and Briggs, R and Kellogg, R G and Kunori, S and Lockner, E and Booke, M and Barberis, E and Swain, J and Bujak, A and Fahling, M and Hatakeyama, K and Nguyen, C N and Arenton, M W and Hirosky, R and Bellinger, J N and Lanaro, A and CMS Collaboration
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08004 - S08004
Journal Article
by Agostini, F and Alfonsi, M and Amaro, F.D and Amsler, C and Aprile, E and Arazi, L and Arneodo, F and Barrow, P and Baudis, L and Benabderrahmane, M.L and Beskers, B and Breur, P.A and Brown, A and Brown, E and Bruenner, S and Bruno, G and Budnik, R and Butikofer, L and Calven, J and Cardoso, J.M.R and Cichon, D and Coderre, D and Colijn, A.P and Conrad, J and Cussonneau, J.P and Decowski, M.P and Diglio, S and Drexlin, G and Duchovni, E and Erdal, E and Eurin, G and Ferella, A and Fieguth, A and Fulgione, W and Di Gangi, P and Galloway, M and Garbini, M and Geis, C and Glueck, F and Greene, Z and Grignon, C and Hasterok, C and Hannen, V and Hogenbirk, E and Hilk, D and Hils, C and James, A and Kazama, S and Kilminster, B and Kish, A and Krauss, L.M and Landsman, H and Lin, Q and Linde, F.L and Lindner, M and Undagoitia, Marrodan T and Masbou, J and Mayani, D and Messina, M and Molinario, A and Mora, K.D and Morteau, E and Murra, M and Naganoma, J and Ni, K and Oberlack, U and Pakarha, P and Pelssers, B and De Perio, P and Persiani, R and Piastra, F and Piro, M.C and Rauch, L and Reichard, S and Rupp, N and Dos Santos, J.M.F and Sartorelli, G and Scheibelhut, M and Schindler, S and Schumann, M and Schreiner, J and Lavina, L. Scotto and Selvi, M and Shagin, P and Simgen, H and Sissol, P and Von Sivers, M and Thers, D and Thurn, J and Tiseni, A and Trotta, R and Tunnell, C.D and Valerius, K and Vargas, M.A and Wang, H and Wei, Y and Weinheimer, C and Zhang, Y and Zhu, T and Zuber, K and DARWIN Collaboration
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 11/2016, Volume 2016, Issue 11, pp. 17 - 17
Journal Article